Release notes of EzBioCloud database 2017.01

Version 2017.01

Updated on January 10, 2017


Item Value
Number of taxa  78695
Number of 16S sequences  62538
Number of qualified genomes  63112
Number of qualified genomes (type strains)  5359


Changed Taxa

Previous Name Current Name Status Rank
CP015136_c Vicinamibacter_c PHYLOTYPE Class
CP015136_o Vicinamibacter_o PHYLOTYPE Order
DQ811935_o Calorithrix_o PHYLOTYPE Order
AY281358_f Pyrinomonadaceae PHYLOTYPE Family
BAYV_f Iodidimonadaceae PHYLOTYPE Family
CP009312_f Lawsonella_f PHYLOTYPE Family
CP015136_f Vicinamibacter_f PHYLOTYPE Family
DQ123671_f Immundisolibacteraceae PHYLOTYPE Family
DQ811935_f Calorithrix_f PHYLOTYPE Family
EF454403_f Chitinivibrionaceae PHYLOTYPE Family
Egibaceraceae Egibacteraceae VALID_NAME Family
EU487971_f Sulfuriflexus_f PHYLOTYPE Family
EU735681_f Halofilum_f PHYLOTYPE Family
Fervidococcaceae Fervidicoccaceae VALID_NAME Family
Gemmata_f Gemmataceae PHYLOTYPE Family
LDWW_f Chitinispirillaceae PHYLOTYPE Family
LJIA_f Piscinibacterium_f PHYLOTYPE Family
Rhizomicrobium_f Micropepsaceae PHYLOTYPE Family
AB298726_g Falcatimonas PHYLOTYPE Genus
AB454049_g Halomicrobium PHYLOTYPE Genus
AB524073_g Actibacterium PHYLOTYPE Genus
AF445654_g Gloeomargarita PHYLOTYPE Genus
AJ133762_g Marimonas PHYLOTYPE Genus
AJ629069_g Breznakia PHYLOTYPE Genus
AJ863277_g Undibacterium PHYLOTYPE Genus
AY221602_g Raineyella PHYLOTYPE Genus
AY258094_g Silicimonas PHYLOTYPE Genus
Bacillus_g12 Salipaludibacillus PHYLOTYPE Genus
BAYV_g Iodidimonas PHYLOTYPE Genus
Blastobacter Pararhizobium VALID_NAME Genus
Clostridium_g2 Peptoclostridium PHYLOTYPE Genus
Clostridium_g30 Anaerocolumna PHYLOTYPE Genus
Clostridium_g4 Clostridioides PHYLOTYPE Genus
Coprococcus_g1 Frisingicoccus PHYLOTYPE Genus
CP007044_g Chania PHYLOTYPE Genus
CP009312_g Lawsonella PHYLOTYPE Genus
CP010554_g Rugosibacter PHYLOTYPE Genus
Desulfovibrio_g16 Pseudodesulfovibrio PHYLOTYPE Genus
Desulfovibrio_g3 Halodesulfovibrio PHYLOTYPE Genus
DQ123671_g Immundisolibacter PHYLOTYPE Genus
DQ395462_g Spongiimicrobium PHYLOTYPE Genus
DQ432517_g Halohasta PHYLOTYPE Genus
EF099352_g Enterorhabdus PHYLOTYPE Genus
EF404038_g Harryflintia PHYLOTYPE Genus
EF690571_g Haloterrigena PHYLOTYPE Genus
EU021293_g Pseudotenacibaculum PHYLOTYPE Genus
EU143366_g Aquaticitalea PHYLOTYPE Genus
EU373366_g Abyssicoccus PHYLOTYPE Genus
EU735681_g Halofilum PHYLOTYPE Genus
EU979113_g Arenimicrobium PHYLOTYPE Genus
Eubacterium_g1 Longicatena PHYLOTYPE Genus
Eubacterium_g15 Peptoanaerobacter PHYLOTYPE Genus
Fervidococcus Fervidicoccus VALID_NAME Genus
FN391243_g Halorubrum PHYLOTYPE Genus
GQ262723_g Soortia PHYLOTYPE Genus
GQ356941_g Anaeromicrobium PHYLOTYPE Genus
GU187040_g Vicinamibacter PHYLOTYPE Genus
Halosarcina Halogeometricum VALID_NAME Genus
HM124280_g Muribaculum PHYLOTYPE Genus
HM241101_g Brevitalea PHYLOTYPE Genus
HM559119_g Sphingobacterium PHYLOTYPE Genus
HQ857629_g Longibacter PHYLOTYPE Genus
JF806525_g Compostibacter PHYLOTYPE Genus
JF833688_g Panacibacter PHYLOTYPE Genus
JN178047_g Serpentinicella alkaliphila PHYLOTYPE Genus
JX133311_g Kroppenstedtia PHYLOTYPE Genus
LDWW_g Chitinispirillum PHYLOTYPE Genus
LJIA_g Piscinibacterium PHYLOTYPE Genus
LSGP_g Anaerosporomusa PHYLOTYPE Genus
Pacificamonas Pacificimonas VALID_NAME Genus
Spirochaeta_g3 Sediminispirochaeta PHYLOTYPE Genus
Verticia Verticiella VALID_NAME Genus
AANE_s Marinomonas blandensis PHYLOTYPE Species
AB021165_s Bacteroides caecimuris PHYLOTYPE Species
AB078038_s Fulvivirga lutimaris PHYLOTYPE Species
AB159206_s Iodidimonas muriae PHYLOTYPE Species
AB267718_s Mucilaginibacter pocheonensis PHYLOTYPE Species
AB298726_s Falcatimonas natans PHYLOTYPE Species
AB298755_s Anaerocolumna cellulosilytica PHYLOTYPE Species
AB298768_s Anaerotaenia torta PHYLOTYPE Species
AB454049_s Halomicrobium zhouii PHYLOTYPE Species
AB491831_s Lutimaribacter marinistellae PHYLOTYPE Species
AB524073_s Actibacterium ureilyticum PHYLOTYPE Species
AB638839_s Haloparvum sedimenti PHYLOTYPE Species
AB672312_s Ammoniphilus resinae PHYLOTYPE Species
ABBE_s Burkholderia ubonensis PHYLOTYPE Species
Achromobacter spiritinus Achromobacter marplatensis VALID_NAME Species
Acinetobacter pakistanensis Acinetobacter bohemicus VALID_NAME Species
Acinetobacter refrigeratorensis Acinetobacter refrigeratoris INVALID_NAME Species
Actinotalea suaedae Pseudactinotalea suaedae VALID_NAME Species
ACWW_s Ruthenibacterium lactatiformans PHYLOTYPE Species
ACZW_s Longicatena caecimuris PHYLOTYPE Species
Aeromonas sharmana Pseudaeromonas sharmana VALID_NAME Species
AF248960_s Phytoplasma hispanicum PHYLOTYPE Species
AF418961_s Formosimonas limnophila PHYLOTYPE Species
AJ251778_s Kroppenstedtia sanguinis PHYLOTYPE Species
AJ629069_s Breznakia pachnodae PHYLOTYPE Species
Alteromonas fuliginea Pseudoalteromonas fuliginea VALID_NAME Species
AM236152_s Arthrobacter ginkgonis PHYLOTYPE Species
AM696938_s Dankookia rubra PHYLOTYPE Species
AM697202_s Deinococcus ruber PHYLOTYPE Species
Amycolicicoccus subflavus Hoyosella subflava VALID_NAME Species
Anaerobacter polyendosporus Clostridium polyendosporum VALID_NAME Species
ANGS_s HG326877_s PHYLOTYPE Species
Arthrobacter albus Pseudoglutamicibacter albus VALID_NAME Species
Arthrobacter cryotolerans Paeniglutamicibacter cryotolerans VALID_NAME Species
Arthrobacter cumminsii Pseudoglutamicibacter cumminsii VALID_NAME Species
Arthrobacter gangotriensis Paeniglutamicibacter gangotriensis VALID_NAME Species
Arthrobacter kerguelensis Paeniglutamicibacter kerguelensis VALID_NAME Species
Arthrobacter psychrophenolicus Paeniglutamicibacter psychrophenolicus VALID_NAME Species
ASPS_s Paenibacillus silagei PHYLOTYPE Species
AY293404_s Brevundimonas balnearis PHYLOTYPE Species
AY382189_s Paenibacillus cisolokensis PHYLOTYPE Species
AY741686_s Desulfotomaculum profundi PHYLOTYPE Species
AY960574_s Frisingicoccus caecimuris PHYLOTYPE Species
AZUK_s Tolumonas lignilytica PHYLOTYPE Species
BA000012_s Mesorhizobium japonicum PHYLOTYPE Species
Bacillus agaradhaerens Salipaludibacillus agaradhaerens VALID_NAME Species
Bacillus iranensis Alteribacillus iranensis VALID_NAME Species
Bacillus isronensis Solibacillus isronensis VALID_NAME Species
Bacillus neizhouensis Salipaludibacillus neizhouensis VALID_NAME Species
BACY_s Chryseobacterium lineare PHYLOTYPE Species
BBXJ_s Pasteurella caecimuris PHYLOTYPE Species
Bifidobacterium tissieri Bifidobacterium tissierii VALID_NAME Species
Blastobacter capsulatus Pararhizobium capsulatum VALID_NAME Species
Brevibacterium halotolerans Bacillus axarquiensis VALID_NAME Species
Brevibacterium massiliense Brevibacterium ravenspurgense VALID_NAME Species
CAPF_s Enorma timonensis PHYLOTYPE Species
Catenovulum maritimus Catenovulum maritimum INVALID_NAME Species
CBYM_s Clostridium saudiense PHYLOTYPE Species
CCEZ_s Anaerosalibacter massiliensis PHYLOTYPE Species
CDOI_s Capnocytophaga canis PHYLOTYPE Species
CDSD_s Microvirga massiliensis PHYLOTYPE Species
CECI_s Risungbinella massiliensis PHYLOTYPE Species
Clostridium aminovalericum Anaerocolumna aminovalerica VALID_NAME Species
Clostridium caminithermale Paramaledivibacter caminithermalis VALID_NAME Species
Clostridium halophilum Maledivibacter halophilus VALID_NAME Species
Clostridium jejuense Anaerocolumna jejuensis VALID_NAME Species
Clostridium litorale Peptoclostridium litorale VALID_NAME Species
Clostridium mangenotii Clostridioides mangenotii VALID_NAME Species
Clostridium sticklandii Acetoanaerobium sticklandii VALID_NAME Species
Clostridium xylanovorans Anaerocolumna xylanovorans VALID_NAME Species
CP000249_s Frankia casuarinae PHYLOTYPE Species
CP007044_s Chania multitudinisentens PHYLOTYPE Species
CP007806_s Brevibacillus halotolerans PHYLOTYPE Species
CP009312_s Lawsonella clevelandensis PHYLOTYPE Species
CP010554_s Rugosibacter aromaticivorans PHYLOTYPE Species
CP012362_s Oblitimonas alkaliphila PHYLOTYPE Species
CP012373_s Beggiatoa leptomitoformis PHYLOTYPE Species
CP013213_s Erysipelothrix larvae PHYLOTYPE Species
CP015196_s Streptococcus marmotae PHYLOTYPE Species
Deinococcus soli2 Deinococcus soli VALID_NAME_WO_TYPE Species
Desulfovibrio acrylicus Halodesulfovibrio aestuarii VALID_NAME Species
Desulfovibrio aespoeensis Pseudodesulfovibrio aespoeensis VALID_NAME Species
Desulfovibrio desulfuricans_2 Halodesulfovibrio aestuarii PHYLOTYPE Species
Desulfovibrio marinisediminis Halodesulfovibrio marinisediminis VALID_NAME Species
Desulfovibrio oceani Halodesulfovibrio oceani VALID_NAME Species
Desulfovibrio piezophilus Pseudodesulfovibrio piezophilus VALID_NAME Species
Desulfovibrio portus Pseudodesulfovibrio portus VALID_NAME Species
Desulfovibrio profundus Pseudodesulfovibrio profundus VALID_NAME Species
Desulfurococcus fermentans Desulfurococcus amylolyticus VALID_NAME Species
Desulfurococcus kamchatkensis Desulfurococcus amylolyticus VALID_NAME Species
Desulfurococcus mobilis Desulfurococcus mucosus VALID_NAME Species
DQ116008_s Corticicoccus populi PHYLOTYPE Species
DQ123671_s Immundisolibacter cernigliae PHYLOTYPE Species
DQ205194_s Paludibacterium purpuratum PHYLOTYPE Species
DQ337587_s Arachidicoccus ginsenosidivorans PHYLOTYPE Species
DQ357760_s Arcticibacterium luteifluviistationis PHYLOTYPE Species
DQ532177_s Skermanella rosea PHYLOTYPE Species
EF099352_s Enterorhabdus muris PHYLOTYPE Species
EF188433_s Luteolibacter flavescens PHYLOTYPE Species
EF404038_s Harryflintia acetispora PHYLOTYPE Species
EF540511_s Arsenicitalea aurantiaca PHYLOTYPE Species
EF603685_s Acutalibacter muris PHYLOTYPE Species
EF603706_s Muribaculum intestinale PHYLOTYPE Species
Elizabethkingia endophytica Elizabethkingia anophelis VALID_NAME Species
Enterobacter oryzendophyticus Kosakonia oryzendophytica VALID_NAME Species
Enterobacter oryziphilus Kosakonia oryziphila VALID_NAME Species
EU012300_s Porphyromonas loveana PHYLOTYPE Species
EU143366_s Aquaticitalea lipolytica PHYLOTYPE Species
EU250954_s Desulfotomaculum ferrireducens PHYLOTYPE Species
EU250961_s Defluviitalea raffinosedens PHYLOTYPE Species
EU289491_s Jatrophihabitans huperziae PHYLOTYPE Species
EU305673_s Clostridium guangxiense PHYLOTYPE Species
EU373366_s Abyssicoccus albus PHYLOTYPE Species
EU567061_s Corynebacterium guangdongense PHYLOTYPE Species
EU801969_s Micropepsis pineolensis PHYLOTYPE Species
Eubacterium acidaminophilum Peptoclostridium acidaminophilum VALID_NAME Species
Eubacterium desmolans Agathobaculum desmolans VALID_NAME Species
FJ403082_s Bacterioplanoides pacificum PHYLOTYPE Species
FJ654262_s Dongia soli PHYLOTYPE Species
FJ672495_s Jeotgalibaca porci PHYLOTYPE Species
FJ716943_s Labilibacter aurantiacus PHYLOTYPE Species
Flavitalea soli Pseudoflavitalea soli VALID_NAME Species
FN178394_s Deinococcus persicinus PHYLOTYPE Species
FR775984_s Actinocrinis puniceicyclus PHYLOTYPE Species
Francisella guangzhouensis Allofrancisella guangzhouensis VALID_NAME Species
Frigoribacterium mesophilum Parafrigoribacterium mesophilum VALID_NAME Species
Gibbsiella papilionis Gibbsiella dentisursi VALID_NAME Species
GQ138500_s Desulfobulbus oligotrophicus PHYLOTYPE Species
GQ175342_s Jeotgalibaca arthritidis PHYLOTYPE Species
GQ339899_s Pseudobacter ginsenosidimutans PHYLOTYPE Species
GU061990_s Paraphotobacterium marinum PHYLOTYPE Species
GU113028_s Acidobacterium ailaaui PHYLOTYPE Species
GU120578_s Flavobacterium luticocti PHYLOTYPE Species
GU187040_s Vicinamibacter silvestris PHYLOTYPE Species
GU339184_s Pontibacter locisalis PHYLOTYPE Species
Hahella antarctica Allohahella antarctica VALID_NAME Species
Halopiger djelfamassiliensis Halopiger djelfimassiliensis INVALID_NAME Species
HE797840_s Niabella aquatica PHYLOTYPE Species
Herbaspirillum massiliense Noviherbaspirillum massiliense VALID_NAME Species
HM068370_s Spongiibacter taiwanensis PHYLOTYPE Species
HM124379_s Uliginosibacterium paludis PHYLOTYPE Species
HM142464_s Mesonia sediminis PHYLOTYPE Species
HM186483_s Paenibacillus eucommiae PHYLOTYPE Species
HM590833_s Mucilaginibacter psychrotolerans PHYLOTYPE Species
HM851284_s Aliidiomarina minuta PHYLOTYPE Species
HM856617_s Wenyingzhuangia aestuarii PHYLOTYPE Species
Hoeflea suaedae Pseudohoeflea suaedae VALID_NAME Species
HQ183790_s Herbivorax saccincola PHYLOTYPE Species
HQ395710_s Thermofilum uzonense PHYLOTYPE Species
HQ439504_s Thalassotalea montiporae PHYLOTYPE Species
HQ686271_s Chryseobacterium montanum PHYLOTYPE Species
HQ834530_s Allohahella marinimesophila PHYLOTYPE Species
JCKI_s Pedobacter petrophilus PHYLOTYPE Species
JDSQ_s Xylella taiwanensis PHYLOTYPE Species
JF211335_s Friedmanniella endophytica PHYLOTYPE Species
JF237857_s Sphingobacterium chuzhouense PHYLOTYPE Species
JF772477_s Flavobacterium tistrianum PHYLOTYPE Species
JF806525_s Compostibacter hankyongensis PHYLOTYPE Species
JH414580_s Peptoanaerobacter stomatis PHYLOTYPE Species
JN129285_s Lentibacillus populi PHYLOTYPE Species
JN232988_s Polaribacter lacunae PHYLOTYPE Species
JN233114_s Polaribacter marinaquae PHYLOTYPE Species
JN679215_s Terrimonas crocea PHYLOTYPE Species
JN683985_s Legionella thermalis PHYLOTYPE Species
JN811712_s Idiomarina tyrosinivorans PHYLOTYPE Species
JN941762_s Sphingobacterium cibi PHYLOTYPE Species
JNCP_s Flavobacterium gilvum PHYLOTYPE Species
JQ343056_s Polygonibacillus indicireducens PHYLOTYPE Species
JQ670729_s Anaeromicrobium sediminis PHYLOTYPE Species
JQ801018_s Halofilum ochraceum PHYLOTYPE Species
JROX_s Kocuria subflava PHYLOTYPE Species
JRWY_s Dickeya fangzhongdai PHYLOTYPE Species
JUTP_s Streptococcus gordonii PHYLOTYPE Species
JWHM_s Burkholderia concitans PHYLOTYPE Species
JX133311_s Kroppenstedtia pulmonis PHYLOTYPE Species
JX457312_s Breznakia blatticola PHYLOTYPE Species
JXYP_s Williamsia herbipolensis PHYLOTYPE Species
KB893676_s Frankia elaeagni PHYLOTYPE Species
KB897817_s Rhizobium altiplani PHYLOTYPE Species
KC430940_s Halopiger goleimassiliensis PHYLOTYPE Species
Klebsiella alba Klebsiella quasipneumoniae subsp. similipneumoniae VALID_NAME Species
LABL_s Bacillus wiedmannii PHYLOTYPE Species
LBHJ_s Silvibacterium bohemicum PHYLOTYPE Species
LDWW_s Chitinispirillum alkaliphilum PHYLOTYPE Species
LGTQ_s Jiulongibacter sediminis PHYLOTYPE Species
LGUD_s Oryzomicrobium terrae PHYLOTYPE Species
LJIA_s Piscinibacterium candidicorallinum PHYLOTYPE Species
LQXS_s Sphingobacterium populi PHYLOTYPE Species
LSGP_s Anaerosporomusa subterranea PHYLOTYPE Species
LSIJ_s Sphingomonas aquatica PHYLOTYPE Species
LSZO_s Ventosimonas gracilis PHYLOTYPE Species
Methylopila helvetica Albibacter helveticus VALID_NAME Species
Oceanitalea nanhaiensis Georgenia satyanarayanai VALID_NAME Species
PAC000182_s Agathobaculum butyriciproducens PHYLOTYPE Species
Paraburkholderia panaciterrae Paraburkholderia ginsengiterrae VALID_NAME Species
Promicromonospora flava Krasilnikoviella flava VALID_NAME Species
Propionibacterium acidipropionici Acidipropionibacterium acidipropionici VALID_NAME Species
Propionibacterium acnes Cutibacterium acnes VALID_NAME Species
Propionibacterium avidum Cutibacterium avidum VALID_NAME Species
Propionibacterium damnosum Acidipropionibacterium damnosum VALID_NAME Species
Propionibacterium granulosum Cutibacterium granulosum VALID_NAME Species
Propionibacterium jensenii Acidipropionibacterium jensenii VALID_NAME Species
Propionibacterium microaerophilum Acidipropionibacterium microaerophilum VALID_NAME Species
Propionibacterium olivae Acidipropionibacterium olivae VALID_NAME Species
Propionibacterium propionicum Pseudopropionibacterium propionicum VALID_NAME Species
Propionibacterium thoenii Acidipropionibacterium thoenii VALID_NAME Species
Pseudomonas alkylphenolia Pseudomonas alkylphenolica INVALID_NAME Species
Rhizobium borbori Allorhizobium borbori VALID_NAME Species
Rhizobium giardinii Pararhizobium giardinii VALID_NAME Species
Rhizobium herbae Pararhizobium herbae VALID_NAME Species
Rhizobium oryzae Allorhizobium oryzae VALID_NAME Species
Rhizobium paknamense Allorhizobium paknamense VALID_NAME Species
Rhizobium pseudoryzae Allorhizobium pseudoryzae VALID_NAME Species
Rhizobium sphaerophysae Pararhizobium sphaerophysae VALID_NAME Species
Rhizobium taibaishanense Allorhizobium taibaishanense VALID_NAME Species
Rhizobium undicola Allorhizobium undicola VALID_NAME Species
Rhizobium vitis Allorhizobium vitis VALID_NAME Species
Rickettsia amblyommii Rickettsia amblyommatis CANDIDATUS Species
Rickettsia asemboensis Rickettsia asembonensis CANDIDATUS Species
Saccharicrinis marinus Labilibacter marinus VALID_NAME Species
Sphaerochaeta multiformis Pleomorphochaeta multiformis VALID_NAME Species
Spirochaeta bajacaliforniensis Sediminispirochaeta bajacaliforniensis VALID_NAME Species
Spirochaeta sinaica Sediminispirochaeta sinaica VALID_NAME Species
Spirochaeta smaragdinae Sediminispirochaeta smaragdinae VALID_NAME Species
Streptococcus dentisani Streptococcus oralis subsp. dentisani VALID_NAME Species
Streptococcus oligofermentans Streptococcus cristatus VALID_NAME Species
Streptococcus tigurinus Streptococcus oralis subsp. tigurinus VALID_NAME Species
Streptomyces bambergiensis Streptomyces prasinus VALID_NAME Species
Streptomyces canchipurensis Streptomyces muensis VALID_NAME Species
Streptomyces cyanoalbus Streptomyces hirsutus VALID_NAME Species
Streptomyces emeiensis Streptomyces prasinopilosus VALID_NAME Species
Streptomyces endus Streptomyces hygroscopicus subsp. hygroscopicus VALID_NAME Species
Streptomyces sporocinereus Streptomyces hygroscopicus subsp. hygroscopicus VALID_NAME Species
Sulfuriferula plumbophilus Sulfuriferula plumbiphila VALID_NAME Species
U40230_s Caenibacillus caldisaponilyticus PHYLOTYPE Species
Vasilyevaea enhydra Devosia enhydra VALID_NAME Species
Vasilyevaea mishustinii Devosia mishustinii VALID_NAME Species
Verticia sediminum Verticiella sediminum VALID_NAME Species
Vibrio inhibens Vibrio jasicida VALID_NAME Species
Vibrio metecus Vibrio metoecus INVALID_NAME Species
X92365_s jgi.1096479_s PHYLOTYPE Species
Desulfovibrio desulfuricans subsp. aestuarii Halodesulfovibrio aestuarii VALID_NAME Subspecies
Desulfovibrio oceani subsp. galateae Halodesulfovibrio oceani subsp. galateae VALID_NAME Subspecies
Desulfovibrio oceani subsp. oceani Halodesulfovibrio oceani subsp. oceani VALID_NAME Subspecies
Propionibacterium acnes subsp. acnes Cutibacterium acnes VALID_NAME Subspecies
Propionibacterium acnes subsp. elongatum Cutibacterium acnes VALID_NAME Subspecies
Propionibacterium freudenreichii subsp. freudenreichii Propionibacterium freudenreichii VALID_NAME Subspecies
Propionibacterium freudenreichii subsp. shermanii Propionibacterium freudenreichii VALID_NAME Subspecies
Staphylococcus sciuri subsp. carnaticus Staphylococcus sciuri VALID_NAME Subspecies
Staphylococcus sciuri subsp. rodentium Staphylococcus sciuri VALID_NAME Subspecies
Staphylococcus sciuri subsp. sciuri Staphylococcus sciuri VALID_NAME Subspecies


Removed 16S rRNA Sequences

Sequence Accession Taxon Name
AANE01000011 AANE_s
AB006766 Pseudospirillum japonicum
AB010909 Williamsia maris
AB021165 AB021165_s
AB021367 Marinobacterium stanieri
AB032352 Acetobacter peroxydans
AB032501 Tenacibaculum mesophilum
AB042819 Thiothrix eikelboomii
AB047490 Cryptosporangium aurantiacum
AB058919 Reichenbachiella agariperforans
AB067734 Rhodococcus tukisamuensis
AB071953 Elizabethkingia miricola
AB075230 Flavobacterium limicola
AB078038 AB078038_s
AB078050 Flexibacter flexilis
AB078081 Marivirga sericea
AB080771 Arenibacter troitsensis
AB084261 Pseudozobellia thermophila
AB116148 Salegentibacter holothuriorum
AB120294 Hydrogenivirga caldilitoris
AB159206 AB159206_s
AB175663 Pseudovibrio ascidiaceicola
AB176954 Pseudomonas xanthomarina
AB180738 Flavobacterium granuli
AB183888 Flavobacterium frigidimaris
AB184869 Streptomyces bambergiensis
AB193101 Chryseobacterium shigense
AB196710 Micromonospora chaiyaphumensis
AB196712 Micromonospora marina
AB196783 Halolactibacillus halophilus
AB196784 Halolactibacillus miurensis
AB199884 Dinophysis mitra
AB199885 Dinophysis mitra
AB199886 Dinophysis mitra
AB199887 Dinophysis mitra
AB199888 Dinophysis mitra
AB201750 Anaerovirgula multivorans
AB233331 Staphylococcus sciuri subsp. carnaticus
AB233332 Staphylococcus sciuri subsp. rodentium
AB243849 Terribacillus halophilus
AB245479 Sulfurivirga caldicuralii
AB246747 Loktanella atrilutea
AB249964 Streptomyces glauciniger
AB255370 Sediminitomix flava
AB255401 Ruegeria mobilis
AB269261 Rhodococcus kyotonensis
AB270585 Robiginitalea myxolifaciens
AB275607 Micromonospora pattaloongensis
AB302379 Tropicimonas isoalkanivorans
AB362776 Filimonas lacunae
AB363004 Altererythrobacter ishigakiensis
AB435649 Oleibacter marinus
AB454049 AB454049_s
AB489220 Halostagnicola kamekurae
AB491831 AB491831_s
AB498818 Rhodopseudomonas pseudopalustris
AB518880 Litoreibacter janthinus
AB518881 Litoreibacter albidus
AB524073 AB524073_s
AB555562 Alkalibacterium subtropicum
AB574482 Parabacteroides chinchillae
AB576005 Poseidonocella pacifica
AB576006 Poseidonocella sedimentorum
AB576636 Pseudoalteromonas arabiensis
AB672312 AB672312_s
AB731660 Lactobacillus oryzae
AB777861 Propionibacterium acnes subsp. elongatum
AB787271 Bacteroides luti
AB795015 Flavobacterium urocaniciphilum
AB916465 Acinetobacter pakistanensis
AB921558 Mariniphaga anaerophila
ABBE01000728 ABBE_s
ACZT01000016 Vibrio metecus
ACZW01000054 ACZW_s
AF005188 Moraxella cuniculi
AF036954 Entomoplasma freundtii
AF041447 Mesorhizobium tianshanense
AF078760 Acidovorax konjaci
AF078761 Acidovorax citrulli
AF078762 Acidovorax cattleyae
AF078764 Acidovorax delafieldii
AF114797 Actinokineospora diospyrosa
AF123264 Thauera chlorobenzoica
AF126687 Clostridium fimetarium
AF138733 Thermoflavimicrobium dichotomicum
AF152109 Micromonospora matsumotoense
AF169245 Methanobacterium formicicum
AF174435 Lentzea californiensis
AF191734 Streptosporangium subroseum
AF193818 Bradyrhizobium yuanmingense
AF222022 Amycolatopsis rubida
AF223354 Amycolatopsis sacchari
AF223382 Geobacter thiogenes
AF227984 Desulfovibrio mexicanus
AF249749 Roseinatronobacter thiooxidans
AF276306 Geobacillus subterraneus subsp. subterraneus
AF329083 Thioalkalivibrio jannaschii
AF333760 Halobiforma haloterrestris
AF353160 Nitrosomonas europaea
AF412986 Mycoplasma mustelae
AF412989 Mycoplasma verecundum
AF416566 Rhodococcus maanshanensis
AF418178 Desulfobacterium vacuolatum
AF418961 AF418961_s
AF435077 Prauserella alba
AF465833 Albidovulum inexpectatum
AF466190 Prauserella halophila
AF506513 Ensifer americanus
AF524933 Desulfonauticus submarinus
AGIW01000001 Desulfurococcus fermentans
AJ001276 Rhodospira trueperi
AJ010478 Anoxybacillus pushchinoensis
AJ011919 Roseospirillum parvum
AJ012666 Dolosicoccus paucivorans
AJ227806 Maricaulis salignorans
AJ243202 Pasteurella skyensis
AJ250796 Bosea thiooxidans
AJ251778 AJ251778_s
AJ252830 Pseudonocardia thermophila
AJ271009 Chryseobacterium scophthalmum
AJ271010 Chryseobacterium joostei
AJ276512 Aerococcus sanguinicola
AJ276992 Clostridium uliginosum
AJ277381 Facklamia miroungae
AJ277897 Desulfomicrobium norvegicum
AJ277984 Psychrobacillus psychrodurans
AJ278341 Aerococcus urinaehominis
AJ294715 Asanoa ishikariensis
AJ298291 Lysobacter enzymogenes
AJ309324 Chryseobacterium defluvii
AJ310412 Agreia pratensis
AJ310417 Plantibacter flavus
AJ311174 Kibdelosporangium aridum subsp. aridum
AJ314919 Corynebacterium appendicis
AJ431731 Acidovorax valerianellae
AJ438157 Jannaschia helgolandensis
AJ438174 Pedobacter piscium
AJ440997 Loktanella salsilacus
AJ457206 Chryseobacterium daecheongense
AJ458462 Thermoleophilum album
AJ496284 Fibrobacter intestinalis
AJ505788 Pontibaca methylaminivorans
AJ534853 Chryseobacterium molle
AJ557886 Flavobacterium degerlachei
AJ557887 Flavobacterium frigoris
AJ557888 Flavobacterium micromati
AJ561121 Reinekea marinisedimentorum
AJ575264 Algoriphagus aquimarinus
AJ575265 Algoriphagus chordae
AJ575430 Cloacibacterium normanense
AJ582225 Loktanella fryxellensis
AJ608641 Algoriphagus ratkowskyi
AJ621053 Streptococcus phocae subsp. phocae
AJ626950 Micromonospora mirobrigensis
AJ627597 Yersinia aleksiciae
AJ717393 Algoriphagus alkaliphilus
AJ811961 Flavobacterium fryxellicola
AJ843077 Marinomonas aquimarina
AJ843132 Chryseobacterium taichungense
AJ854055 Rhodococcus triatomae
AJ877265 Yangia pacifica
AJ920290 Williamsia deligens
AM113977 Aquimarina intermedia
AM177392 Flavobacterium aquidurense
AM230486 Flavobacterium flevense
AM230490 Flavobacterium pectinovorum
AM230491 Flavobacterium saccharophilum
AM232806 Chryseobacterium ureilyticum
AM232809 Chryseobacterium pallidum
AM232810 Chryseobacterium gambrini
AM236152 AM236152_s
AM260555 Thermocrinis minervae
AM261868 Chryseobacterium hominis
AM268115 Halorubrum aquaticum
AM283464 Williamsia serinedens
AM286229 Lewinella agarilytica
AM399030 Cereibacter changlensis
AM403214 Defluviimonas denitrificans
AM404263 Aquisalimonas asiatica
AM408117 Rhodobacter vinaykumarii
AM410684 Rathayibacter iranicus
AM421024 Rhodobacter megalophilus
AM491370 Pedobacter metabolipauper
AM491371 Pedobacter hartonius
AM491372 Pedobacter steynii
AM497875 Maribacter polysiphoniae
AM696938 AM696938_s
AM697202 AM697202_s
AM746475 Ekhidna lutea
AM748926 Rhodobacter aestuarii
AM887757 Granulicella pectinivorans
AM887759 Granulicella rosea
AM983542 Loktanella pyoseonensis
AM992980 Promicromonospora flava
ANGS01000252 ANGS_s
ASPS01000117 ASPS_s
AY034029 Rhizobium loessense
AY180102 Sulfitobacter dubius
AY180103 Sulfitobacter delicatus
AY183356 Amycolatopsis pretoriensis
AY243096 Ulvibacter litoralis
AY264839 Algoriphagus halophilus
AY271624 Maribacter orientalis
AY271625 Maribacter aquivivus
AY271626 Maribacter ulvicola
AY273787 Actinomadura meyerae
AY293404 AY293404_s
AY298904 Ectothiorhodosinus mongolicus
AY319933 Tenuibacillus multivorans
AY366210 Mycoplasma testudineum
AY382189 AY382189_s
AY425985 Alicyclobacillus vulcanalis
AY442178 Thalassobius aestuarii
AY457067 Mycobacterium houstonense
AY468448 Chryseobacterium indoltheticum
AY485792 Marinilactibacillus piezotolerans
AY486423 Pseudovibrio denitrificans
AY500141 Asticcacaulis taihuensis
AY510707 Halorubrum xinjiangense
AY521223 Winogradskyella thalassocola
AY538168 Acholeplasma morum
AY544768 Aquimonas voraii
AY576655 Gillisia mitskevichiae
AY581114 Flavobacterium weaverense
AY581115 Flavobacterium segetis
AY621114 Campylobacter lari subsp. lari
AY639887 Citreicella thiooxidans
AY682199 Loktanella rosea
AY699794 Algoriphagus yeomjeoni
AY726605 Rhodococcus kroppenstedtii
AY738130 Rhizobium lusitanum
AY741686 AY741686_s
AY771762 Maribacter arcticus
AY876943 Streptomyces paucisporeus
AY883415 Chryseobacterium soldanellicola
AY883416 Chryseobacterium taeanense
AY906863 Maribius salinus
AY960574 AY960574_s
AY962292 Shimia marina
AY962295 Citreimonas salinaria
AZCV01000017 Lactobacillus amylotrophicus
BACY01000184 BACY_s
BBOY01000453 Streptomyces endus
BBXJ01000001 BBXJ_s
BCAN01000198 Streptomyces sporocinereus
CAJD01000026 Brevibacterium massiliense
CDSD01000352 CDSD_s
CECI01000008 CECI_s
CP001140 Desulfurococcus kamchatkensis
CP004409 Streptococcus oligofermentans
CP007806 CP007806_s
D13379 Halorubrum sodomense
D16428 Rhodobacter capsulatus
D30771 Acidocella aminolytica
D30776 Acidiphilium rubrum
D32238 Paracoccus alcaliphilus
D32240 Paracoccus aminovorans
D32242 Paracoccus thiocyanatus
D82046 Propionibacterium cyclohexanicum
D85474 Actinoplanes philippinensis
D85483 Glycomyces harbinensis
D85497 Streptoalloteichus hindustanus
D85831 Roseivivax halotolerans
D85834 Rubrimonas cliftonensis
D85836 Roseibium hamelinense
D86936 Microbispora rosea subsp. rosea
D87677 Aerococcus urinaeequi
DQ062743 Chitinophaga skermanii
DQ097527 Sulfitobacter litoralis
DQ100066 Mesorhizobium albiziae
DQ116008 DQ116008_s
DQ120726 Roseovarius pacificus
DQ123671 DQ123671_s
DQ145534 Geobacter argillaceus
DQ202310 Xenorhabdus japonica
DQ205194 DQ205194_s
DQ205450 Xenorhabdus koppenhoeferi
DQ211715 Xenorhabdus mauleonii
DQ234446 Mucilaginibacter lappiensis
DQ256409 Halobacterium jilantaiense
DQ256729 Chryseobacterium wanjuense
DQ280370 Albimonas donghaensis
DQ303186 Streptococcus equi subsp. equi
DQ337587 DQ337587_s
DQ339153 Pseudomonas delhiensis
DQ344498 Loktanella koreensis
DQ357760 DQ357760_s
DQ361033 Flaviramulus basaltis
DQ372986 Flavobacterium defluvii
DQ397336 Thalassococcus halodurans
DQ414419 Marinobacter gudaonensis
DQ421808 Halomonas gudaonensis
DQ423479 Zhouia amylolytica
DQ447774 Tetrasphaera remsis
DQ460469 Glycomyces sambucus
DQ462649 Streptomyces emeiensis
DQ473536 Herbiconiux ginsengi
DQ512861 Paracoccus sulfuroxidans
DQ514326 Maribius pelagius
DQ515963 Cryobacterium psychrotolerans
DQ517535 Thermophagus xiamenensis
DQ532177 DQ532177_s
DQ533556 Loktanella tamlensis
DQ643999 Jannaschia pohangensis
DQ659449 Lutimaribacter pacificus
DQ667965 Donghicola eburneus
DQ672723 Pontibacter akesuensis
DQ680836 Parapedobacter koreensis
DQ683726 Sulfitobacter marinus
DQ768116 Myxococcus xanthus
DQ768117 Myxococcus fulvus
DQ768127 Stigmatella aurantiaca
DQ768128 Stigmatella erecta
DQ888315 Kushneria avicenniae
DQ889723 Pedobacter terrae
DQ923133 Paracoccus saliphilus
DQ989633 Salinicoccus halodurans
EF017660 Dyadobacter koreensis
EF035074 Rhizobium multihospitium
EF059892 Cronobacter dublinensis subsp. dublinensis
EF061096 Rhizobium miluonense
EF099352 EF099352_s
EF100697 Pedobacter insulae
EF117253 Filomicrobium insigne
EF117329 Flavobacterium terrae
EF122436 Sphingobacterium composti2
EF126993 Flavobacterium cucumis
EF139186 Burkholderia caballeronis
EF143926 Saccharopolyspora jiangxiensis
EF154517 Klebsiella alba
EF188433 EF188433_s
EF202613 Loktanella maricola
EF204451 Chryseobacterium oranimense
EF217419 Hyunsoonleella jejuensis
EF404038 EF404038_s
EF424391 Sphingopyxis ummariensis
EF424395 Flavobacterium lindanitolerans
EF424397 Pseudoxanthomonas indica
EF424401 Pseudomonas panipatensis
EF424402 Novosphingobium panipatense
EF424403 Novosphingobium mathurense
EF433461 Devosia crocina
EF488486 Algoriphagus hitonicola
EF494193 Sphingopyxis indica
EF530202 Sphingomonas histidinilytica
EF540455 Pelagibacterium luteolum
EF540511 EF540511_s
EF591303 Chryseobacterium jejuense
EF603685 EF603685_s
EF603706 EF603706_s
EF612768 Insolitispirillum peregrinum subsp. integrum
EF623998 Croceicoccus marinus
EF626595 Streptomyces curacoi
EF685359 Chryseobacterium hungaricum
EU030686 Pedobacter nyackensis
EU030688 Pedobacter alluvionis
EU037903 Clostridium amylolyticum
EU109722 Mucilaginibacter oryzae
EU109724 Flavobacterium fluvii
EU143366 EU143366_s
EU156067 Jannaschia seohaensis
EU183317 Lishizhenia tianjinensis
EU194887 Methylophilus rhizosphaerae
EU196562 Micromonospora tulbaghiae
EU246691 Maribacter stanieri
EU247889 Thermus arciformis
EU250954 EU250954_s
EU250961 EU250961_s
EU287912 Jhaorihella thermophila
EU289491 EU289491_s
EU293413 Marinobacter zhejiangensis
EU303271 Solimonas aquatica
EU305673 EU305673_s
EU313812 Hydrocarboniphaga daqingensis
EU329845 Amycolatopsis marina
EU336939 Chryseobacterium oleae
EU336981 Lutimaribacter saemankumensis
EU360966 Chryseobacterium humi
EU373366 EU373366_s
EU438905 Geodermatophilus ruber
EU438907 Alloactinosynnema album
EU438909 Actinopolymorpha cephalotaxi
EU438912 Sinosporangium album
EU521690 Lacibacter cauensis
EU531457 Actinoplanes xinjiangensis
EU567061 EU567061_s
EU573966 Marinobacterium sediminicola
EU672801 Kosakonia arachidis
EU672802 Methylobacillus rhizosphaerae
EU672803 Flavobacterium glycines
EU672804 Mucilaginibacter gossypii
EU682683 Frateuria terrea
EU685336 Belliella pelovolcani
EU714259 Chitinophaga niabensis
EU727176 Microvirga guangxiensis
EU801969 EU801969_s
EU869190 Chryseobacterium piscicola
EU870859 Verrucosispora sediminis
EU873538 Edaphobacillus lindanitolerans
EU887285 Haladaptatus litoreus
EU888308 Delftia lacustris
EU912439 Methylobacterium pseudosasicola
EU912444 Methylobacterium phyllostachyos
EU912445 Methylobacterium gossipiicola
EU912469 Rhodanobacter glycinis
EU931577 Halogeometricum limi
EU931578 Haloplanus vescus
FJ155992 Asanoa hainanensis
FJ177421 Siphonobacter aquaeclarae
FJ179485 Hoyosella altamirensis
FJ196006 Roseicitreum antarcticum
FJ196030 Pseudorhodobacter antarcticus
FJ214659 Marinococcus luteus
FJ230833 Citreicella aestuarii
FJ230839 Marinobacterium lutimaris
FJ265707 Salinihabitans flavidus
FJ348469 Formosa spongicola
FJ348473 Spongiibacterium flavum
FJ357160 Salimicrobium flavidum
FJ360684 Meridianimaribacter flavus
FJ373058 Sphingobium faniae
FJ374173 Pseudoruegeria lutimaris
FJ377314 Pedobacter luteus
FJ386524 Terribacillus aidingensis
FJ403082 FJ403082_s
FJ403243 Roseovarius nanhaiticus
FJ404721 Pseudoalteromonas lipolytica
FJ405187 Leeuwenhoekiella palythoae
FJ418176 Aidingimonas halophila
FJ418910 Nonomuraea jiangxiensis
FJ423762 Nocardioides terrae
FJ423763 Micrococcus terreus
FJ436732 Lentibacter algarum
FJ444992 Prauserella salsuginis
FJ444993 Prauserella flava
FJ444994 Prauserella aidingensis
FJ444996 Prauserella marina
FJ455532 Dongia mobilis
FJ526746 Yuhushiella deserti
FJ527818 Acinetobacter kyonggiensis
FJ529696 Phycicoccus cremeus
FJ535354 Celeribacter neptunius
FJ593906 Paracoccus isoporae
FJ593908 Arcicella aurantiaca
FJ598048 Lutibacter maritimus
FJ599672 Acidovorax soli
FJ624399 Rhodothermus profundi
FJ638616 Hasllibacter halocynthiae
FJ654473 Erythrobacter nanhaisediminis
FJ672495 FJ672495_s
FJ713802 Neptunomonas antarctica
FJ716799 Bizionia echini
FJ716943 FJ716943_s
FJ750951 Chitinophaga eiseniae
FJ754320 Parapedobacter luteus
FJ754321 Parapedobacter composti
FJ834325 Sphingomonas rubra
FJ872535 Ruegeria marina
FJ875966 Roseivivax lentus
FJ882052 Planktotalea frisia
FJ886713 Olleya aquimaris
FJ889677 Pricia antarctica
FJ897782 Roseivivax roseus
FJ969841 Rhizobium pusense
FJ984869 Marinobacter daqiaonensis
FM205010 Virgibacillus salinus
FM864226 Thalassobacillus cyri
FM865977 Chitinophaga rupis
FN178394 FN178394_s
FN297836 Chryseobacterium treverense
FN376859 Natronorubrum sediminis
FN391025 Larkinella arboricola
FN400860 Mucilaginibacter frigoritolerans
FN554975 Chryseobacterium culicis
FN665656 Kroppenstedtia eburnea
FN687911 Vibrio inhibens
FN806773 Propionibacterium freudenreichii subsp. shermanii
FN908501 Sphingobacterium lactis
FR666706 Bryocella elongata
FR714910 Psychroflexus halocasei
FR714935 Salimicrobium salexigens
FR733676 Gemmobacter aquatilis
FR733692 Acetomicrobium flavidum
FR733704 Rhodovibrio sodomensis
FR733714 Nonlabens xylanidelens
FR749980 Caldicoprobacter faecalis
FR774778 Chryseolinea serpens
FR774916 Flavobacterium araucananum
FR774993 Bosea lathyri
FR774994 Bosea robiniae
FR832879 Ruegeria intermedia
GQ131579 Hymenobacter psychrophilus
GQ138500 GQ138500_s
GQ161991 Pseudomonas bauzanensis
GQ175342 GQ175342_s
GQ200190 Sunxiuqinia elliptica
GQ200200 Cohaesibacter marisflavi
GQ221761 Vasilyevaea enhydra
GQ232737 Litorimicrobium taeanense
GQ246953 Candidimonas bauzanensis
GQ262813 Microbulbifer yueqingensis
GQ282625 Haloplanus aerogenes
GQ342559 Spirosoma endophyticum
GQ383925 Algoriella xinjiangensis
GQ988780 Flavobacterium haoranii
GU061990 GU061990_s
GU072591 Algoriphagus faecimaris
GU086401 Lysobacter ruishenii
GU111566 Tessaracoccus oleiagri
GU113028 GU113028_s
GU117702 Ohtaekwangia koreensis
GU117703 Ohtaekwangia kribbensis
GU120578 GU120578_s
GU143096 Reichenbachiella faecimaris
GU166749 Lutibacter flavus
GU187040 GU187040_s
GU208826 Halolamina pelagica
GU253339 Myroides phaeus
GU295970 Flavobacterium dankookense
GU322907 Labrenzia suaedae
GU339184 GU339184_s
GU345045 Chryseobacterium chaponense
GU459068 Micromonospora humi
GU479394 Actinopolyspora xinjiangensis
GU997639 Nocardiopsis flavescens
GU997640 Mycobacterium litorale
HE585218 Pseudarcicella hirudinis
HE613447 Achromobacter spiritinus
HE614680 Cruoricaptor ignavus
HE797840 HE797840_s
HF536497 Pedobacter nutrimenti
HG738134 Chryseobacterium arachidis
HG738135 Chryseobacterium zeae
HG934297 Bacillus lonarensis
HM031972 Lutibacter oricola
HM038002 Anaerorhabdus furcosa
HM063952 Halomicrobium zhouii
HM068370 HM068370_s
HM107167 Bradyrhizobium arachidis
HM124379 HM124379_s
HM142464 HM142464_s
HM149323 Ectothiorhodospira magna
HM159118 Sphingomonas laterariae
HM186483 HM186483_s
HM475134 Algibacter pectinivorans
HM485318 Aequorivita viscosa
HM590833 HM590833_s
HM748766 Thalassobius maritimus
HM777012 Brevundimonas viscosa
HM856617 HM856617_s
HM997022 Celeribacter baekdonensis
HQ183790 HQ183790_s
HQ231274 Bradyrhizobium daqingense
HQ231463 Bradyrhizobium huanghuaihaiense
HQ284827 Rosenbergiella nectarea
HQ286278 Riemerella columbipharyngis
HQ395710 HQ395710_s
HQ433440 Ornithinibacillus halophilus
HQ433441 Marinobacter persicus
HQ433452 Bacillus iranensis
HQ433453 Alteribacillus bidgolensis
HQ436467 Flavobacterium urumqiense
HQ438078 Cupriavidus alkaliphilus
HQ438086 Cupriavidus plantarum
HQ439504 HQ439504_s
HQ449390 Sphingomonas indica
HQ596491 Extensimonas vulgaris
HQ615878 Roseivivax sediminis
HQ638978 Oceanitalea nanhaiensis
HQ641379 Belnapia rosea
HQ657321 Arthrobacter cupressi
HQ686271 HQ686271_s
HQ709061 Albidovulum xiamenense
HQ839786 Massilia lurida
HQ839787 Friedmanniella flava
HQ839788 Actinoplanes atraurantiacus
HQ845193 Cryobacterium luteum
HQ845195 Cryobacterium flavum
HQ852038 Ruegeria halocynthiae
HQ874629 Luteimonas cucumeris
HQ882803 Pedobacter ruber
HQ917055 Mycetocola miduiensis
JCKI01000008 JCKI_s
JF211335 JF211335_s
JF237857 JF237857_s
JF260872 Marivita hallyeonensis
JF421969 Halohasta litchfieldiae
JF714703 Roseovarius lutimaris
JF739858 Hydrotalea sandarakina
JF748735 Tropicimonas sediminicola
JF750424 Nocardioides szechwanensis
JF750425 Nocardioides psychrotolerans
JF772477 JF772477_s
JF820844 Winogradskyella jejuensis
JF935275 Kutzneria buriramensis
JN006758 Marininema mesophilum
JN021667 Litoreibacter meonggei
JN040280 Salegentibacter echinorum
JN129285 JN129285_s
JN166984 Muricauda antarctica
JN232988 JN232988_s
JN233114 JN233114_s
JN256679 Paenibacillus typhae
JN390676 Chryseobacterium frigidisoli
JN415769 Fontimonas thermophila
JN426847 Algoriphagus zhangzhouensis
JN560154 Streptomyces canchipurensis
JN561788 Pontibacter lucknowensis
JN605361 Limimonas halophila
JN620361 Gemmobacter megaterium
JN656711 Geodermatophilus nigrescens
JN664255 Acinetobacter puyangensis
JN674641 Sediminibacterium goheungense
JN679215 JN679215_s
JN683985 JN683985_s
JN687580 Devosia lucknowensis
JN811712 JN811712_s
JN837486 Albimonas pacifica
JN867053 Idiomarina indica
JN873147 Flavobacterium fontis
JN885197 Loktanella litorea
JN935021 Epibacterium ulvae
JN935269 Chryseobacterium carnipullorum
JQ073731 Nonomuraea solani
JQ073732 Xiangella phaseoli
JQ228532 Flavobacterium akiainvivens
JQ283114 Chryseobacterium taihuense
JQ327134 Olleya namhaensis
JQ343056 JQ343056_s
JQ346802 Jatrophihabitans endophyticus
JQ346806 Aureimonas phyllosphaerae
JQ390520 Roseovarius litoreus
JQ650257 Gibbsiella papilionis
JQ670729 JQ670729_s
JQ683777 Tangfeifania diversioriginum
JQ717375 Hydrobacter penzbergensis
JQ750619 Lihuaxuella thermophila
JQ771141 Acinetobacter boissieri
JQ801018 JQ801018_s
JQ806111 Pontibacter ramchanderi
JQ807811 Arenitalea lutea
JQ867183 Micromonospora avicenniae
JQ923475 Aliifodinibius roseus
JQ946365 Acidovorax wautersii
JQ948039 Wenyingzhuangia marina
JROX01000149 JROX_s
JRWY01000101 JRWY_s
JUTP01000132 JUTP_s
JWHM01000049 JWHM_s
JX010725 Streptomyces wuyuanensis
JX133311 JX133311_s
JX137279 Acinetobacter kookii
JX275858 Noviherbaspirillum suwonense
JX291104 Oceanicola litoreus
JX306766 Cribrihabitans marinus
JX402203 Acinetobacter apis
JX457312 JX457312_s
JX644172 Litoreibacter halocynthiae
JX680802 Jannaschia faecimaris
JX966231 Flavobacterium cutihirudinis
JX983191 Mangrovibacterium diazotrophicum
JX984981 Desulfonatronum zhilinae
KB897817 KB897817_s
KC005305 Fabibacter pacificus
KC018183 Halopenitus malekzadehii
KC196071 Shimia haliotis
KC307772 Niabella drilacis
KC430940 KC430940_s
KC469980 Pontibacter indicus
KC534172 Roseovarius azorensis
KC560016 Chryseobacterium takakiae
KC560020 Mucilaginibacter polytrichastri
KC560021 Cnuella takakiae
KC684888 Marininema halotolerans
KC900366 Roseovarius marisflavi
KC907713 Zunongwangia mangrovi
KC922450 Chitinophaga costaii
KF146343 Celeribacter marinus
KF150362 Chitinophaga jiangningensis
KF307638 Roseivivax marinus
KF356414 Salipiger nanhaiensis
KF437680 Vitellibacter soesokkakensis
KF483876 Mucilaginibacter pineti
KF601245 Cyclobacterium halophilum
KF652079 Chryseobacterium contaminans
KF723288 Pontibacter chinhatensis
KF748921 Wenxinia saemankumensis
KF836544 Octadecabacter temperatus
KF934397 Parafilimonas terrae
KF977839 Pseudopelagicola gijangensis
KF999960 Paraburkholderia panaciterrae
KJ101506 Parapedobacter indicus
KJ410763 Litoreibacter ascidiaceicola
KJ620985 Loktanella sediminum
KJ726770 Sphingopyxis flava
KM888877 Luteimonas tolerans
KP113704 Elizabethkingia endophytica
KP161655 Planctomicrobium piriforme
KP233894 Anaerobium acetethylicum
KP265297 Pontibacter ummariensis
KP715289 Methylocapsa palsarum
KP868755 Dethiosulfatarculus sandiegensis
KR611798 Acinetobacter albensis
L06171 Neisseria elongata subsp. elongata
L26102 Porphyromonas circumdentaria
L33694 Azoarcus tolulyticus
L34629 Eubacterium yurii subsp. yurii
L35505 Nitrosospira briensis
L37600 Staphylococcus haemolyticus
LABL01000035 LABL_s
LGEJ01000038 Asanoa ferruginea
LGUD01000026 LGUD_s
LIPS01000410 Streptomyces cyanoalbus
LJIA01000007 LJIA_s
LK021687 Belliella buryatensis
LK026324 Bacillus caseinilyticus
LN812019 Cellulosimicrobium aquatile
LPVF01000003 Brevibacterium halotolerans
LSIJ01000101 LSIJ_s
M36474 Desulfurococcus mobilis
M58771 Chryseobacterium balustinum
M58788 Flexibacter ruber
M62792 Flexibacter aurantiacus
M62799 Zobellia uliginosa
M92279 Salegentibacter salegens
PAC000182 PAC000182_s
S83623 Actinobaculum suis
U03022 Campylobacter helveticus
U09786 Mycoplasma agassizii
U32578 Desulfovibrio acrylicus
U40230 U40230_s
U60015 Prosthecobacter fusiformis
U62914 Gelidibacter algens
U64865 Desulfomicrobium apsheronum
U67944 Mycoplasma auris
U71078 Rhizobium hainanense
U86446 Halanaerobium kushneri
X60625 Paenibacillus macquariensis subsp. macquariensis
X68390 Ensifer saheli
X70961 Mycobacterium interjectum
X77435 Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis
X77448 Agromyces cerinus subsp. cerinus
X77676 Clostridium algidicarnis
X78315 Marinovum algicola
X82054 Corynebacterium afermentans subsp. afermentans
X85132 Syntrophus gentianae
X92365 X92365_s
X92601 Micromonospora halophytica
X92606 Micromonospora carbonacea
X93493 Halomonas pantelleriensis
X94201 Xanthobacter autotrophicus
X95461 Methylophaga sulfidovorans
X97889 Actinomadura madurae
Y07705 Paracoccus solventivorans
Y11551 Roseovarius tolerans
Y11552 Antarctobacter heliothermus
Y11571 Desulfosporosinus hippei
Y12364 Thiocapsa roseopersicina
Y12372 Thiocystis minor
Y13155 Sulfitobacter pontiacus
Y13827 Paracoccus alkenifer
Y14309 Hyphomicrobium facile subsp. facile
Y15626 Tindallia magadiensis
Y16425 Sulfitobacter brevis
Y16547 Granulicatella balaenopterae
Y18188 Clostridium cocleatum
Z21931 Francisella tularensis subsp. tularensis
Z32641 Legionella maceachernii


Added Taxa

Taxon Name Status Rank
Chitinispirillia VALID_NAME Class
EU245379_c PHYLOTYPE Class
JN468304_c PHYLOTYPE Class
Vicinamibacter_c PHYLOTYPE Class
Calorithrix_o PHYLOTYPE Order
Chitinispirillales VALID_NAME Order
Emcibacterales VALID_NAME Order
EU245379_o PHYLOTYPE Order
Haloferacales VALID_NAME Order
Immundisolibacterales VALID_NAME Order
Iodidimonadales VALID_NAME Order
Marinilabiliales VALID_NAME Order
Micropepsales VALID_NAME Order
Natrialbales VALID_NAME Order
Vicinamibacter_o PHYLOTYPE Order
Balneicellaceae VALID_NAME Family
Calorithrix_f PHYLOTYPE Family
Chitinispirillaceae VALID_NAME Family
Egibacteraceae VALID_NAME Family
Emcibacteraceae VALID_NAME Family
Fervidicoccaceae VALID_NAME Family
Gemmataceae VALID_NAME Family
Haloferacaceae VALID_NAME Family
Halofilum_f PHYLOTYPE Family
Immundisolibacteraceae VALID_NAME Family
Iodidimonadaceae VALID_NAME Family
Isosphaeraceae VALID_NAME Family
Lawsonella_f PHYLOTYPE Family
Marinifilaceae VALID_NAME Family
Micropepsaceae VALID_NAME Family
Natrialbaceae VALID_NAME Family
Piscinibacterium_f PHYLOTYPE Family
Soortiaceae VALID_NAME Family
Sulfuriflexus_f PHYLOTYPE Family
Ventosimonadaceae VALID_NAME Family
Vicinamibacter_f PHYLOTYPE Family
Abyssicoccus VALID_NAME Genus
Acidipropionibacterium VALID_NAME Genus
Actinocrinis VALID_NAME Genus
Actinocrispum VALID_NAME Genus
Actinorhabdospora VALID_NAME Genus
Acutalibacter VALID_NAME Genus
Agathobaculum VALID_NAME Genus
Albibacter VALID_NAME Genus
Algitalea VALID_NAME Genus
Aliidongia VALID_NAME Genus
Allofrancisella VALID_NAME Genus
Allohahella VALID_NAME Genus
Allorhizobium VALID_NAME Genus
Allostreptomyces VALID_NAME Genus
Anaerocolumna VALID_NAME Genus
Anaeromicrobium VALID_NAME Genus
Anaerosporomusa VALID_NAME Genus
Anaerotaenia VALID_NAME Genus
Ancylomarina VALID_NAME Genus
Aquaticitalea VALID_NAME Genus
Arcticibacterium VALID_NAME Genus
Arenimicrobium VALID_NAME Genus
Arsenicitalea VALID_NAME Genus
Arvibacter VALID_NAME Genus
Ascidiimonas VALID_NAME Genus
Bacterioplanoides VALID_NAME Genus
Balneicella VALID_NAME Genus
Brevitalea VALID_NAME Genus
Breznakia VALID_NAME Genus
Caenibacillus VALID_NAME Genus
Caenimicrobium VALID_NAME Genus
Calorithrix VALID_NAME Genus
Chania VALID_NAME Genus
Chenggangzhangella VALID_NAME Genus
Chitinispirillum VALID_NAME Genus
Clostridioides VALID_NAME Genus
Coetzeea VALID_NAME Genus
Compostibacter VALID_NAME Genus
Corticibacterium VALID_NAME Genus
Corticicoccus VALID_NAME Genus
Crenalkalicoccus VALID_NAME Genus
Cuneatibacter VALID_NAME Genus
Cutibacterium VALID_NAME Genus
Dankookia VALID_NAME Genus
Dissulfurirhabdus VALID_NAME Genus
Endothiovibrio VALID_NAME Genus
Falcatimonas VALID_NAME Genus
Fermentibacillus VALID_NAME Genus
Fimbriiglobus VALID_NAME Genus
FJ793198_g PHYLOTYPE Genus
Flintibacter VALID_NAME Genus
Formosimonas VALID_NAME Genus
Frisingicoccus VALID_NAME Genus
Gelatiniphilus VALID_NAME Genus
Gloeomargarita VALID_NAME Genus
Halobium VALID_NAME Genus
Halodesulfovibrio VALID_NAME Genus
Halofilum VALID_NAME Genus
Haloparvum VALID_NAME Genus
Haloprofundus VALID_NAME Genus
Halostella VALID_NAME Genus
Haoranjiania VALID_NAME Genus
Harryflintia VALID_NAME Genus
Herbihabitans VALID_NAME Genus
Herbivorax VALID_NAME Genus
Huakuichenia VALID_NAME Genus
Immundisolibacter VALID_NAME Genus
Iodidimonas VALID_NAME Genus
Irregularibacter VALID_NAME Genus
Jiulongibacter VALID_NAME Genus
JN537682_g PHYLOTYPE Genus
Krasilnikoviella VALID_NAME Genus
Labilibacter VALID_NAME Genus
Lawsonella VALID_NAME Genus
Lipingzhangella VALID_NAME Genus
Litorisediminivivens VALID_NAME Genus
Longibacter VALID_NAME Genus
Longicatena VALID_NAME Genus
Maledivibacter VALID_NAME Genus
Maliponia VALID_NAME Genus
Marimonas VALID_NAME Genus
Marinicrinis VALID_NAME Genus
Marinirhabdus VALID_NAME Genus
Marispirochaeta CANDIDATUS Genus
Microbaculum VALID_NAME Genus
Micropepsis VALID_NAME Genus
Motilimonas VALID_NAME Genus
Muribaculum VALID_NAME Genus
Muricomes VALID_NAME Genus
Oblitimonas VALID_NAME Genus
Oceanihabitans VALID_NAME Genus
Oharaeibacter VALID_NAME Genus
Oryzomicrobium VALID_NAME Genus
Paludifilum VALID_NAME Genus
Panacibacter VALID_NAME Genus
Parafrigoribacterium VALID_NAME Genus
Paramaledivibacter VALID_NAME Genus
Paraphotobacterium VALID_NAME Genus
Pararhizobium VALID_NAME Genus
Pelobium VALID_NAME Genus
Peptoanaerobacter VALID_NAME Genus
Peptoclostridium VALID_NAME Genus
Piscinibacterium VALID_NAME Genus
Planctobacterium VALID_NAME Genus
Pleomorphochaeta VALID_NAME Genus
Polygonibacillus VALID_NAME Genus
Populibacterium VALID_NAME Genus
Pseudactinotalea VALID_NAME Genus
Pseudaeromonas VALID_NAME Genus
Pseudobacter VALID_NAME Genus
Pseudodesulfovibrio VALID_NAME Genus
Pseudoflavitalea VALID_NAME Genus
Pseudoglutamicibacter VALID_NAME Genus
Pseudohoeflea VALID_NAME Genus
Pseudopropionibacterium VALID_NAME Genus
Pseudoroseicyclus VALID_NAME Genus
Pseudotenacibaculum VALID_NAME Genus
Psychromicrobium VALID_NAME Genus
Raineyella VALID_NAME Genus
Roseitalea VALID_NAME Genus
Ruficoccus VALID_NAME Genus
Rugosibacter VALID_NAME Genus
Ruthenibacterium VALID_NAME Genus
Salilacibacter VALID_NAME Genus
Salipaludibacillus VALID_NAME Genus
Sediminispirochaeta VALID_NAME Genus
Serpentinicella VALID_NAME Genus
Silicimonas VALID_NAME Genus
Silvibacterium VALID_NAME Genus
Solibacillus VALID_NAME Genus
Soortia VALID_NAME Genus
Spongiiferula VALID_NAME Genus
Spongiimicrobium VALID_NAME Genus
Sulfuriflexus VALID_NAME Genus
Taeania VALID_NAME Genus
Terracidiphilus VALID_NAME Genus
Thermodesulfitimonas VALID_NAME Genus
Varunaivibrio VALID_NAME Genus
Ventosimonas VALID_NAME Genus
Verticiella VALID_NAME Genus
Vicinamibacter VALID_NAME Genus
Wukongibacter VALID_NAME Genus
Abyssicoccus albus VALID_NAME Species
Acetoanaerobium sticklandii VALID_NAME Species
Acetobacter suratthaniensis VALID_NAME Species
Acetobacter thailandicus VALID_NAME Species
Achromobacter agilis VALID_NAME Species
Achromobacter aloeverae VALID_NAME Species
Achromobacter deleyi VALID_NAME Species
Achromobacter kerstersii VALID_NAME Species
Achromobacter pestifer VALID_NAME Species
Acidicapsa acidisoli VALID_NAME Species
Acidipropionibacterium acidipropionici VALID_NAME Species
Acidipropionibacterium damnosum VALID_NAME Species
Acidipropionibacterium jensenii VALID_NAME Species
Acidipropionibacterium microaerophilum VALID_NAME Species
Acidipropionibacterium olivae VALID_NAME Species
Acidipropionibacterium thoenii VALID_NAME Species
Acidobacterium ailaaui VALID_NAME Species
Acinetobacter celticus VALID_NAME Species
Acinetobacter lactucae VALID_NAME Species
Acinetobacter larvae VALID_NAME Species
Acinetobacter pragensis VALID_NAME Species
Acinetobacter refrigeratoris INVALID_NAME Species
Actibacterium ureilyticum VALID_NAME Species
Actinocorallia lasiicapitis VALID_NAME Species
Actinocrinis puniceicyclus VALID_NAME Species
Actinocrispum wychmicini VALID_NAME Species
Actinomadura adrarensis VALID_NAME Species
Actinomadura gamaensis VALID_NAME Species
Actinomadura montaniterrae VALID_NAME Species
Actinophytocola algeriensis VALID_NAME Species
Actinoplanes bogorensis VALID_NAME Species
Actinoplanes subglobosus VALID_NAME Species
Actinorhabdospora filicis VALID_NAME Species
Acutalibacter muris VALID_NAME Species
Aeromicrobium choanae VALID_NAME Species
Aeromonas rivipollensis VALID_NAME Species
Agarivorans aestuarii VALID_NAME Species
Agathobaculum butyriciproducens VALID_NAME Species
Agathobaculum desmolans VALID_NAME Species
Agromyces aureus VALID_NAME Species
Agromyces binzhouensis VALID_NAME Species
Akkermansia glycaniphila VALID_NAME Species
Albibacter helveticus VALID_NAME Species
Alcaligenes endophyticus VALID_NAME Species
Alcanivorax nanhaiticus VALID_NAME Species
Algibacter alginicilyticus VALID_NAME Species
Algitalea ulvae VALID_NAME Species
Algoriphagus aestuariicola VALID_NAME Species
Algoriphagus iocasae VALID_NAME Species
Algoriphagus litorisediminis VALID_NAME Species
Algoriphagus roseus VALID_NAME Species
Aliidiomarina minuta VALID_NAME Species
Aliidiomarina soli VALID_NAME Species
Aliidongia dinghuensis VALID_NAME Species
Aliifodinibius halophilus VALID_NAME Species
Allofrancisella frigidaquae VALID_NAME Species
Allofrancisella guangzhouensis VALID_NAME Species
Allofrancisella inopinata VALID_NAME Species
Allohahella antarctica VALID_NAME Species
Allohahella marinimesophila VALID_NAME Species
Allorhizobium borbori VALID_NAME Species
Allorhizobium oryzae VALID_NAME Species
Allorhizobium paknamense VALID_NAME Species
Allorhizobium pseudoryzae VALID_NAME Species
Allorhizobium taibaishanense VALID_NAME Species
Allorhizobium undicola VALID_NAME Species
Allorhizobium vitis VALID_NAME Species
Allostreptomyces psammosilenae VALID_NAME Species
Altererythrobacter aerius VALID_NAME Species
Altererythrobacter aurantiacus VALID_NAME Species
Altererythrobacter buctensis VALID_NAME Species
Altererythrobacter confluentis VALID_NAME Species
Altererythrobacter rigui VALID_NAME Species
Altererythrobacter salegens VALID_NAME Species
Altererythrobacter sediminis VALID_NAME Species
Altererythrobacter soli VALID_NAME Species
Alteribacillus alkaliphilus VALID_NAME Species
Alteribacillus iranensis VALID_NAME Species
Alteromonas lipolytica VALID_NAME Species
Ammoniphilus resinae VALID_NAME Species
Amycolatopsis albispora VALID_NAME Species
Amylibacter ulvae VALID_NAME Species
Anaerocolumna aminovalerica VALID_NAME Species
Anaerocolumna cellulosilytica VALID_NAME Species
Anaerocolumna jejuensis VALID_NAME Species
Anaerocolumna xylanovorans VALID_NAME Species
Anaeromicrobium sediminis VALID_NAME Species
Anaerosalibacter massiliensis VALID_NAME Species
Anaerosporomusa subterranea VALID_NAME Species
Anaerotaenia torta VALID_NAME Species
Ancylomarina subtilis VALID_NAME Species
Anoxybacillus geothermalis VALID_NAME Species
Aquaticitalea lipolytica VALID_NAME Species
Aquimarina aggregata VALID_NAME Species
Aquimarina versatilis VALID_NAME Species
Arachidicoccus ginsenosidivorans VALID_NAME Species
Arcticibacterium luteifluviistationis VALID_NAME Species
Arenimicrobium luteum VALID_NAME Species
Arsenicitalea aurantiaca VALID_NAME Species
Arthrobacter ginkgonis VALID_NAME Species
Arvibacter flaviflagrans VALID_NAME Species
Ascidiimonas aurantiaca VALID_NAME Species
Aurantimonas endophytica VALID_NAME Species
Aureimonas galii VALID_NAME Species
Aureimonas glaciei VALID_NAME Species
Aureimonas pseudogalii VALID_NAME Species
Aureisphaera salina VALID_NAME Species
Bacillus axarquiensis VALID_NAME Species
Bacillus capparidis VALID_NAME Species
Bacillus depressus VALID_NAME Species
Bacillus lindianensis VALID_NAME Species
Bacillus loiseleuriae VALID_NAME Species
Bacillus maritimus VALID_NAME Species
Bacillus nakamurai VALID_NAME Species
Bacillus oryzisoli VALID_NAME Species
Bacillus terrae VALID_NAME Species
Bacillus urumqiensis VALID_NAME Species
Bacillus wiedmannii VALID_NAME Species
Bacterioplanoides pacificum VALID_NAME Species
Bacteroides caecimuris VALID_NAME Species
Balneicella halophila VALID_NAME Species
Beggiatoa leptomitoformis VALID_NAME Species
Bergeyella porcorum VALID_NAME Species
Bifidobacterium tissierii VALID_NAME Species
Blastococcus capsensis VALID_NAME Species
Blautia caecimuris VALID_NAME Species
Bordetella pseudohinzii VALID_NAME Species
Borrelia mayonii VALID_NAME Species
Bowmanella dokdonensis VALID_NAME Species
Brachybacterium aquaticum VALID_NAME Species
Bradyrhizobium stylosanthis VALID_NAME Species
Brevibacillus halotolerans VALID_NAME Species
Brevibacterium sediminis VALID_NAME Species
Brevitalea aridisoli VALID_NAME Species
Brevitalea deliciosa VALID_NAME Species
Brevundimonas balnearis VALID_NAME Species
Brevundimonas canariensis VALID_NAME Species
Breznakia blatticola VALID_NAME Species
Breznakia pachnodae VALID_NAME Species
Burkholderia arationis VALID_NAME Species
Burkholderia arvi VALID_NAME Species
Burkholderia calidae VALID_NAME Species
Burkholderia catudaia VALID_NAME Species
Burkholderia concitans VALID_NAME Species
Burkholderia fortuita VALID_NAME Species
Burkholderia glebae VALID_NAME Species
Burkholderia hypogeia VALID_NAME Species
Burkholderia pedi VALID_NAME Species
Burkholderia peredens VALID_NAME Species
Burkholderia ptereochthonis VALID_NAME Species
Burkholderia temeraria VALID_NAME Species
Burkholderia turbans VALID_NAME Species
Butyricicoccus faecihominis VALID_NAME Species
Caenibacillus caldisaponilyticus VALID_NAME Species
Caenimicrobium hargitense VALID_NAME Species
Calorithrix insularis VALID_NAME Species
Campylobacter geochelonis VALID_NAME Species
Campylobacter hepaticus VALID_NAME Species
Capnocytophaga canis VALID_NAME Species
Carboxylicivirga flava VALID_NAME Species
Catellatospora paridis VALID_NAME Species
Catellatospora vulcania VALID_NAME Species
Catenovulum maritimum VALID_NAME Species
Celeribacter ethanolicus VALID_NAME Species
Cellulosimicrobium marinum VALID_NAME Species
Chania multitudinisentens VALID_NAME Species
Chelatococcus composti VALID_NAME Species
Chelatococcus reniformis VALID_NAME Species
Chenggangzhangella methanolivorans VALID_NAME Species
Chitinibacter fontanus VALID_NAME Species
Chitinispirillum alkaliphilum VALID_NAME Species
Chromobacterium alkanivorans VALID_NAME Species
Chromobacterium rhizoryzae VALID_NAME Species
Chryseobacterium cucumeris VALID_NAME Species
Chryseobacterium endophyticum VALID_NAME Species
Chryseobacterium lineare VALID_NAME Species
Chryseobacterium montanum VALID_NAME Species
Chryseobacterium nepalense VALID_NAME Species
Chryseomicrobium palamuruense VALID_NAME Species
Citrobacter europaeus VALID_NAME Species
Clostridioides mangenotii VALID_NAME Species
Clostridium guangxiense VALID_NAME Species
Clostridium neuense VALID_NAME Species
Clostridium polyendosporum VALID_NAME Species
Clostridium saudiense VALID_NAME Species
Coetzeea brasiliensis VALID_NAME Species
Cohnella lubricantis VALID_NAME Species
Colwellia marinimaniae VALID_NAME Species
Colwellia mytili VALID_NAME Species
Colwellia sediminilitoris VALID_NAME Species
Comamonas sediminis VALID_NAME Species
Compostibacter hankyongensis VALID_NAME Species
Corticibacterium populi VALID_NAME Species
Corticicoccus populi VALID_NAME Species
Corynebacterium crudilactis VALID_NAME Species
Corynebacterium faecale VALID_NAME Species
Corynebacterium guangdongense VALID_NAME Species
Corynebacterium lowii VALID_NAME Species
Corynebacterium oculi VALID_NAME Species
Corynebacterium pollutisoli VALID_NAME Species
Corynebacterium uropygiale VALID_NAME Species
Crenalkalicoccus roseus VALID_NAME Species
Cribrihabitans pelagius VALID_NAME Species
Croceicoccus mobilis VALID_NAME Species
Croceicoccus pelagius VALID_NAME Species
Cuneatibacter caecimuris VALID_NAME Species
Cutibacterium acnes VALID_NAME Species
Cutibacterium avidum VALID_NAME Species
Cutibacterium granulosum VALID_NAME Species
Dactylosporangium solaniradicis VALID_NAME Species
Dankookia rubra VALID_NAME Species
Defluviitalea raffinosedens VALID_NAME Species
Deinococcus arenae VALID_NAME Species
Deinococcus budaensis VALID_NAME Species
Deinococcus persicinus VALID_NAME Species
Deinococcus ruber VALID_NAME Species
Deinococcus saudiensis VALID_NAME Species
Deinococcus seoulensis VALID_NAME Species
Deinococcus soli3 INVALID_NAME Species
Demequina litorisediminis VALID_NAME Species
Dermabacter jinjuensis VALID_NAME Species
Desulfitispora elongata VALID_NAME Species
Desulfobulbus oligotrophicus VALID_NAME Species
Desulfonatronospira sulfatiphila VALID_NAME Species
Desulfotomaculum aquiferis VALID_NAME Species
Desulfotomaculum ferrireducens VALID_NAME Species
Desulfotomaculum profundi VALID_NAME Species
Desulfuribacillus stibiiarsenatis VALID_NAME Species
Devosia confluentis VALID_NAME Species
Devosia elaeis VALID_NAME Species
Devosia enhydra VALID_NAME Species
Devosia mishustinii VALID_NAME Species
Dickeya fangzhongdai VALID_NAME Species
Dissulfurirhabdus thermomarina VALID_NAME Species
Domibacillus antri VALID_NAME Species
Dongia soli VALID_NAME Species
Dyadobacter endophyticus VALID_NAME Species
Dyella acidisoli VALID_NAME Species
Dyella flagellata VALID_NAME Species
Dyella humi VALID_NAME Species
Dyella nitratireducens VALID_NAME Species
Echinicola rosea VALID_NAME Species
Echinicola strongylocentroti VALID_NAME Species
Emticicia fontis VALID_NAME Species
Emticicia paludis VALID_NAME Species
Endothiovibrio diazotrophicus VALID_NAME Species
Endozoicomonas arenosclerae VALID_NAME Species
Endozoicomonas ascidiicola VALID_NAME Species
Enorma timonensis VALID_NAME Species
Ensifer alkalisoli VALID_NAME Species
Ensifer glycinis VALID_NAME Species
Enterobacter tabaci VALID_NAME Species
Enterococcus saigonensis VALID_NAME Species
Enterorhabdus muris VALID_NAME Species
Erwinia teleogrylli VALID_NAME Species
Erysipelothrix larvae VALID_NAME Species
Euzebyella marina VALID_NAME Species
Falcatimonas natans VALID_NAME Species
Fermentibacillus polygoni VALID_NAME Species
Fervidobacterium thailandense VALID_NAME Species
Fictibacillus halophilus VALID_NAME Species
Filimonas aurantiibacter VALID_NAME Species
Filimonas zeae VALID_NAME Species
Fimbriiglobus ruber VALID_NAME Species
Flavihumibacter sediminis VALID_NAME Species
Flavihumibacter stibioxidans VALID_NAME Species
Flavisolibacter tropicus VALID_NAME Species
Flavobacterium aquicola VALID_NAME Species
Flavobacterium cloacae VALID_NAME Species
Flavobacterium crassostreae VALID_NAME Species
Flavobacterium eburneum VALID_NAME Species
Flavobacterium fulvum VALID_NAME Species
Flavobacterium gilvum VALID_NAME Species
Flavobacterium hibisci VALID_NAME Species
Flavobacterium humicola VALID_NAME Species
Flavobacterium inkyongense VALID_NAME Species
Flavobacterium jejuense VALID_NAME Species
Flavobacterium luticocti VALID_NAME Species
Flavobacterium orientale VALID_NAME Species
Flavobacterium pedocola VALID_NAME Species
Flavobacterium terriphilum VALID_NAME Species
Flavobacterium tistrianum VALID_NAME Species
Flavobacterium tyrosinilyticum VALID_NAME Species
Flavobacterium verecundum VALID_NAME Species
Flectobacillus fontis VALID_NAME Species
Flexivirga endophytica VALID_NAME Species
Flexivirga lutea VALID_NAME Species
Flexivirga oryzae VALID_NAME Species
Flintibacter butyricus VALID_NAME Species
Formosimonas limnophila VALID_NAME Species
Frankia casuarinae VALID_NAME Species
Frankia elaeagni VALID_NAME Species
Friedmanniella endophytica VALID_NAME Species
Frigoribacterium salinisoli VALID_NAME Species
Frisingicoccus caecimuris VALID_NAME Species
Fulvivirga lutimaris VALID_NAME Species
Gelatiniphilus marinus VALID_NAME Species
Geodermatophilus pulveris VALID_NAME Species
Gilvimarinus japonicus VALID_NAME Species
Gloeomargarita lithophora VALID_NAME Species
Glycomyces lacisalsi VALID_NAME Species
Gordonia didemni VALID_NAME Species
Gordonia hongkongensis VALID_NAME Species
Gramella sediminilitoris VALID_NAME Species
Halobacillus salicampi VALID_NAME Species
Halobium palmae VALID_NAME Species
Halodesulfovibrio aestuarii VALID_NAME Species
Halodesulfovibrio marinisediminis VALID_NAME Species
Halodesulfovibrio oceani VALID_NAME Species
Halodesulfovibrio spirochaetisodalis VALID_NAME Species
Halofilum ochraceum VALID_NAME Species
Halolamina litorea VALID_NAME Species
Halomarina salina VALID_NAME Species
Halomonas lutescens VALID_NAME Species
Halomonas sediminicola VALID_NAME Species
Haloparvum alkalitolerans VALID_NAME Species
Haloparvum sedimenti VALID_NAME Species
Halopiger djelfimassiliensis VALID_NAME Species
Halopiger goleimassiliensis VALID_NAME Species
Halopiger thermotolerans VALID_NAME Species
Haloprofundus marisrubri VALID_NAME Species
Halorhabdus rudnickae VALID_NAME Species
Halorubrum pallidum VALID_NAME Species
Halostella salina VALID_NAME Species
Haoranjiania flava VALID_NAME Species
Harryflintia acetispora VALID_NAME Species
Helicobacter apri VALID_NAME Species
Helicobacter canicola VALID_NAME Species
Herbihabitans rhizosphaerae VALID_NAME Species
Herbinix luporum VALID_NAME Species
Herbivorax saccincola VALID_NAME Species
HG326877_s PHYLOTYPE Species
Hoyosella rhizosphaerae VALID_NAME Species
Hoyosella subflava VALID_NAME Species
Huakuichenia soli VALID_NAME Species
Humibacter aquilariae VALID_NAME Species
Humibacter soli VALID_NAME Species
Hymenobacter coalescens VALID_NAME Species
Hymenobacter glacieicola VALID_NAME Species
Hymenobacter marinus VALID_NAME Species
Hymenobacter nivis VALID_NAME Species
Hymenobacter rubidus VALID_NAME Species
Hymenobacter rutilus VALID_NAME Species
Hymenobacter sedentarius VALID_NAME Species
Hymenobacter seoulensis VALID_NAME Species
Hyunsoonleella rubra VALID_NAME Species
Idiomarina tyrosinivorans VALID_NAME Species
Immundisolibacter cernigliae VALID_NAME Species
Iodidimonas muriae VALID_NAME Species
Irregularibacter muris VALID_NAME Species
Isoptericola cucumis VALID_NAME Species
Jatrophihabitans huperziae VALID_NAME Species
Jeotgalibaca arthritidis VALID_NAME Species
Jeotgalibaca porci VALID_NAME Species
Jeotgalibacillus alkaliphilus VALID_NAME Species
Jeotgalibacillus terrae VALID_NAME Species
Jeotgalicoccus schoeneichii VALID_NAME Species
jgi.1068000_s PHYLOTYPE Species
jgi.1096475_s PHYLOTYPE Species
jgi.1096479_s PHYLOTYPE Species
jgi.1118338_s PHYLOTYPE Species
jgi.1118340_s PHYLOTYPE Species
JH815225_s PHYLOTYPE Species
Jiulongibacter sediminis VALID_NAME Species
Kibdelosporangium banguiense VALID_NAME Species
Kibdelosporangium metalli VALID_NAME Species
Kocuria oceani VALID_NAME Species
Kocuria pelophila VALID_NAME Species
Kocuria subflava VALID_NAME Species
Kordia ulvae VALID_NAME Species
Kosakonia oryzendophytica VALID_NAME Species
Kosakonia oryziphila VALID_NAME Species
Krasilnikoviella flava VALID_NAME Species
Krasilnikoviella muralis VALID_NAME Species
Kribbella deserti VALID_NAME Species
Kribbella pittospori VALID_NAME Species
Kroppenstedtia pulmonis VALID_NAME Species
Kroppenstedtia sanguinis VALID_NAME Species
Labilibacter aurantiacus VALID_NAME Species
Labilibacter marinus VALID_NAME Species
Labrenzia salina VALID_NAME Species
Lacibacter nakdongensis VALID_NAME Species
Lacinutrix cladophorae VALID_NAME Species
Lactobacillus colini VALID_NAME Species
Lactobacillus ixorae VALID_NAME Species
Larsenimonas suaedae VALID_NAME Species
Lawsonella clevelandensis VALID_NAME Species
Legionella saoudiensis VALID_NAME Species
Legionella thermalis VALID_NAME Species
Lentibacillus kimchii VALID_NAME Species
Lentibacillus populi VALID_NAME Species
Leucobacter populi VALID_NAME Species
Lewinella aquimaris VALID_NAME Species
Lipingzhangella halophila VALID_NAME Species
Litorisediminivivens gilvus VALID_NAME Species
Loktanella marina VALID_NAME Species
Longibacter salinarum VALID_NAME Species
Longicatena caecimuris VALID_NAME Species
Lunatimonas salinarum VALID_NAME Species
Luteimonas arsenica VALID_NAME Species
Luteimonas padinae VALID_NAME Species
Luteolibacter flavescens VALID_NAME Species
Lutibacter litorisediminis VALID_NAME Species
Lutibacter profundi VALID_NAME Species
Lutimaribacter marinistellae VALID_NAME Species
Lysinibacillus alkalisoli VALID_NAME Species
Lysobacter cavernae VALID_NAME Species
Lysobacter erysipheiresistens VALID_NAME Species
Lysobacter firmicutimachus VALID_NAME Species
Lysobacter humi VALID_NAME Species
Lysobacter maris VALID_NAME Species
Lysobacter rhizophilus VALID_NAME Species
Macrococcus canis VALID_NAME Species
Maledivibacter halophilus VALID_NAME Species
Maliponia aquimaris VALID_NAME Species
Maribacter arenosus VALID_NAME Species
Maribacter litorisediminis VALID_NAME Species
Marimonas arenosa VALID_NAME Species
Marinicella pacifica VALID_NAME Species
Marinicrinis sediminis VALID_NAME Species
Marinifilum albidiflavum VALID_NAME Species
Marinirhabdus gelatinilytica VALID_NAME Species
Marinitoga arctica VALID_NAME Species
Marinobacter halotolerans VALID_NAME Species
Marinobacter salinus VALID_NAME Species
Marinobacterium zhoushanense VALID_NAME Species
Marinomonas atlantica VALID_NAME Species
Marinomonas blandensis VALID_NAME Species
Marinomonas gallaica VALID_NAME Species
Marispirochaeta associata CANDIDATUS Species
Martelella limonii VALID_NAME Species
Martelella suaedae VALID_NAME Species
Massilia pinisoli VALID_NAME Species
Massilia psychrophila VALID_NAME Species
Mesonia sediminis VALID_NAME Species
Mesorhizobium japonicum VALID_NAME Species
Mesorhizobium sediminum VALID_NAME Species
Methanomicrobium antiquum VALID_NAME Species
Methylobacillus methanolivorans VALID_NAME Species
Methylovulum psychrotolerans VALID_NAME Species
Microbacterium aureliae VALID_NAME Species
Microbacterium diaminobutyricum VALID_NAME Species
Microbacterium faecale VALID_NAME Species
Microbacterium gilvum VALID_NAME Species
Microbacterium sorbitolivorans VALID_NAME Species
Microbaculum marinum VALID_NAME Species
Microbispora camponoti VALID_NAME Species
Microbulbifer echini VALID_NAME Species
Microlunatus nigridraconis VALID_NAME Species
Micromonospora mangrovi VALID_NAME Species
Micromonospora noduli VALID_NAME Species
Micromonospora parathelypteridis VALID_NAME Species
Micromonospora profundi VALID_NAME Species
Micromonospora sediminis VALID_NAME Species
Micromonospora soli VALID_NAME Species
Micromonospora ureilytica VALID_NAME Species
Micromonospora vinacea VALID_NAME Species
Micropepsis pineolensis VALID_NAME Species
Microvirga massiliensis VALID_NAME Species
Microvirga ossetica VALID_NAME Species
Microvirga soli VALID_NAME Species
Microvirgula curvata VALID_NAME Species
Moheibacter stercoris VALID_NAME Species
Motilimonas eburnea VALID_NAME Species
Mucilaginibacter antarcticus VALID_NAME Species
Mucilaginibacter fluminis VALID_NAME Species
Mucilaginibacter pedocola VALID_NAME Species
Mucilaginibacter phyllosphaerae VALID_NAME Species
Mucilaginibacter pocheonensis VALID_NAME Species
Mucilaginibacter psychrotolerans VALID_NAME Species
Mucilaginibacter puniceus VALID_NAME Species
Mumia xiangluensis VALID_NAME Species
Muribaculum intestinale VALID_NAME Species
Muricomes intestini VALID_NAME Species
Mycobacterium arcueilense VALID_NAME Species
Mycobacterium helvum VALID_NAME Species
Mycobacterium lutetiense VALID_NAME Species
Mycobacterium malmesburyense VALID_NAME Species
Mycobacterium montmartrense VALID_NAME Species
Mycobacterium oryzae VALID_NAME Species
Mycobacterium paraintracellulare VALID_NAME Species
Mycobacterium paraterrae VALID_NAME Species
Mycobacterium sarraceniae VALID_NAME Species
Mycoplasma ciconiae VALID_NAME Species
Nakamurella silvestris VALID_NAME Species
Neisseria musculi VALID_NAME Species
Neoehrlichia arcana CANDIDATUS Species
Neoehrlichia australis CANDIDATUS Species
Niabella aquatica VALID_NAME Species
Niabella hibiscisoli VALID_NAME Species
Niabella pedocola VALID_NAME Species
Niastella hibisci VALID_NAME Species
Nitratireductor lacus VALID_NAME Species
Nocardia jiangsuensis VALID_NAME Species
Nocardia shinanonensis VALID_NAME Species
Nocardia xestospongiae VALID_NAME Species
Nocardia zapadnayensis VALID_NAME Species
Nocardioides baekrokdamisoli VALID_NAME Species
Nocardioides cavernae VALID_NAME Species
Nocardioides flavus VALID_NAME Species
Nocardioides intraradicalis VALID_NAME Species
Nocardioides massiliensis VALID_NAME Species
Nocardioides pakistanensis VALID_NAME Species
Nocardiopsis akesuensis VALID_NAME Species
Nocardiopsis mwathae VALID_NAME Species
Nocardiopsis rhizosphaerae VALID_NAME Species
Nocardiopsis sediminis VALID_NAME Species
Nonlabens halophilus VALID_NAME Species
Nonomuraea purpurea VALID_NAME Species
Nonomuraea zeae VALID_NAME Species
Noviherbaspirillum agri VALID_NAME Species
Noviherbaspirillum massiliense VALID_NAME Species
Novosphingobium bradum VALID_NAME Species
Novosphingobium flavum VALID_NAME Species
Novosphingobium guangzhouense VALID_NAME Species
Novosphingobium lotistagni VALID_NAME Species
Novosphingobium naphthae VALID_NAME Species
Oblitimonas alkaliphila VALID_NAME Species
Oceanihabitans sediminis VALID_NAME Species
Oceanobacillus longus VALID_NAME Species
Ochrobactrum endophyticum VALID_NAME Species
Octadecabacter ponticola VALID_NAME Species
Oharaeibacter diazotrophicus VALID_NAME Species
Olivibacter composti VALID_NAME Species
Oryzomicrobium terrae VALID_NAME Species
Paenibacillus aceris VALID_NAME Species
Paenibacillus aceti VALID_NAME Species
Paenibacillus arachidis VALID_NAME Species
Paenibacillus cisolokensis VALID_NAME Species
Paenibacillus cucumis VALID_NAME Species
Paenibacillus eucommiae VALID_NAME Species
Paenibacillus hispanicus VALID_NAME Species
Paenibacillus liaoningensis VALID_NAME Species
Paenibacillus methanolicus VALID_NAME Species
Paenibacillus oryzae VALID_NAME Species
Paenibacillus qinlingensis VALID_NAME Species
Paenibacillus salinicaeni VALID_NAME Species
Paenibacillus segetis VALID_NAME Species
Paenibacillus silagei VALID_NAME Species
Paenibacillus silvae VALID_NAME Species
Paenibacillus sinopodophylli VALID_NAME Species
Paenibacillus solani VALID_NAME Species
Paeniglutamicibacter cryotolerans VALID_NAME Species
Paeniglutamicibacter gangotriensis VALID_NAME Species
Paeniglutamicibacter kerguelensis VALID_NAME Species
Paeniglutamicibacter psychrophenolicus VALID_NAME Species
Paludibacterium purpuratum VALID_NAME Species
Paludifilum halophilum VALID_NAME Species
Panacibacter ginsenosidivorans VALID_NAME Species
Pandoraea terrae VALID_NAME Species
Paraburkholderia caffeinilytica VALID_NAME Species
Paraburkholderia pallidirosea VALID_NAME Species
Paraburkholderia piptadeniae VALID_NAME Species
Paraburkholderia ribeironis VALID_NAME Species
Paracoccus acridae VALID_NAME Species
Paracoccus aestuariivivens VALID_NAME Species
Paracoccus cavernae VALID_NAME Species
Paracoccus contaminans VALID_NAME Species
Parafrigoribacterium mesophilum VALID_NAME Species
Paramaledivibacter caminithermalis VALID_NAME Species
Paraphotobacterium marinum VALID_NAME Species
Pararhizobium capsulatum VALID_NAME Species
Pararhizobium giardinii VALID_NAME Species
Pararhizobium herbae VALID_NAME Species
Pararhizobium sphaerophysae VALID_NAME Species
Parvularcula flava VALID_NAME Species
Pasteurella caecimuris VALID_NAME Species
Patulibacter brassicae VALID_NAME Species
Pectobacterium parmentieri VALID_NAME Species
Pedobacter humi VALID_NAME Species
Pedobacter humicola VALID_NAME Species
Pedobacter jamesrossensis VALID_NAME Species
Pedobacter lithocola VALID_NAME Species
Pedobacter lycopersici VALID_NAME Species
Pedobacter mendelii VALID_NAME Species
Pedobacter petrophilus VALID_NAME Species
Pedobacter psychrotolerans VALID_NAME Species
Pedobacter vanadiisoli VALID_NAME Species
Pedobacter zeae VALID_NAME Species
Pelobium manganitolerans VALID_NAME Species
Peptoanaerobacter stomatis VALID_NAME Species
Peptoclostridium acidaminophilum VALID_NAME Species
Peptoclostridium litorale VALID_NAME Species
Peptococcus simiae VALID_NAME Species
Phenylobacterium aquaticum VALID_NAME Species
Phenylobacterium panacis VALID_NAME Species
Phycicoccus ginsengisoli VALID_NAME Species
Phytohabitans kaempferiae VALID_NAME Species
Phytomonospora cypria VALID_NAME Species
Phytoplasma hispanicum CANDIDATUS Species
Phytoplasma meliae CANDIDATUS Species
Piscinibacter defluvii VALID_NAME Species
Piscinibacterium candidicorallinum VALID_NAME Species
Planctobacterium marinum VALID_NAME Species
Planococcus versutus VALID_NAME Species
Planomonospora corallina VALID_NAME Species
Plantactinospora soyae VALID_NAME Species
Pleomorphochaeta caudata VALID_NAME Species
Pleomorphochaeta multiformis VALID_NAME Species
Polaribacter haliotis VALID_NAME Species
Polaribacter lacunae VALID_NAME Species
Polaribacter marinaquae VALID_NAME Species
Polaribacter vadi VALID_NAME Species
Polaromonas eurypsychrophila VALID_NAME Species
Polygonibacillus indicireducens VALID_NAME Species
Polymorphobacter glacialis VALID_NAME Species
Polynucleobacter wuianus VALID_NAME Species
Pontibacillus salipaludis VALID_NAME Species
Pontibacter aydingkolensis VALID_NAME Species
Pontibacter litorisediminis VALID_NAME Species
Pontibacter locisalis VALID_NAME Species
Pontibacter mucosus VALID_NAME Species
Pontibacter rugosus VALID_NAME Species
Pontibacter virosus VALID_NAME Species
Populibacterium corticicola VALID_NAME Species
Porphyromonas loveana VALID_NAME Species
Prevotella colorans VALID_NAME Species
Primorskyibacter aestuariivivens VALID_NAME Species
Promicromonospora kermanensis VALID_NAME Species
Propionibacterium namnetense VALID_NAME Species
Proteus cibarius VALID_NAME Species
Pseudactinotalea suaedae VALID_NAME Species
Pseudactinotalea terrae VALID_NAME Species
Pseudaeromonas pectinilytica VALID_NAME Species
Pseudaeromonas sharmana VALID_NAME Species
Pseudoalteromonas fenneropenaei VALID_NAME Species
Pseudoalteromonas fuliginea VALID_NAME Species
Pseudoalteromonas gelatinilytica VALID_NAME Species
Pseudoalteromonas neustonica VALID_NAME Species
Pseudoalteromonas profundi VALID_NAME Species
Pseudobacter ginsenosidimutans VALID_NAME Species
Pseudodesulfovibrio aespoeensis VALID_NAME Species
Pseudodesulfovibrio indicus VALID_NAME Species
Pseudodesulfovibrio piezophilus VALID_NAME Species
Pseudodesulfovibrio portus VALID_NAME Species
Pseudodesulfovibrio profundus VALID_NAME Species
Pseudoduganella danionis VALID_NAME Species
Pseudoflavitalea rhizosphaerae VALID_NAME Species
Pseudoflavitalea soli VALID_NAME Species
Pseudoglutamicibacter albus VALID_NAME Species
Pseudoglutamicibacter cumminsii VALID_NAME Species
Pseudogracilibacillus marinus VALID_NAME Species
Pseudohoeflea suaedae VALID_NAME Species
Pseudohongiella nitratireducens VALID_NAME Species
Pseudomonas alkylphenolica VALID_NAME Species
Pseudomonas oceani VALID_NAME Species
Pseudomonas turukhanskensis VALID_NAME Species
Pseudopropionibacterium propionicum VALID_NAME Species
Pseudorhodobacter aquaticus VALID_NAME Species
Pseudorhodobacter sinensis VALID_NAME Species
Pseudoroseicyclus aestuarii VALID_NAME Species
Pseudoruegeria aestuarii VALID_NAME Species
Pseudotenacibaculum haliotis VALID_NAME Species
Pseudoxanthomonas helianthi VALID_NAME Species
Psychrobacter pocilloporae VALID_NAME Species
Psychroflexus aestuariivivens VALID_NAME Species
Psychroflexus saliphilus VALID_NAME Species
Psychromicrobium silvestre VALID_NAME Species
Pullulanibacillus camelliae VALID_NAME Species
Pyrococcus kukulkanii VALID_NAME Species
Pyrodictium delaneyi VALID_NAME Species
Racemicystis crocea VALID_NAME Species
Racemicystis persica VALID_NAME Species
Raineyella antarctica VALID_NAME Species
Rhizobium altiplani VALID_NAME Species
Rhizobium azooxidifex VALID_NAME Species
Rhizobium favelukesii VALID_NAME Species
Rhizobium gei VALID_NAME Species
Rhizobium oryziradicis VALID_NAME Species
Rhizorhabdus dicambivorans VALID_NAME Species
Rhodobacter sediminis VALID_NAME Species
Rhodococcus humicola VALID_NAME Species
Rhodococcus pedocola VALID_NAME Species
Rhodococcus sovatensis VALID_NAME Species
Rhodovulum algae VALID_NAME Species
Rickettsia amblyommatis VALID_NAME Species
Rickettsia asembonensis VALID_NAME Species
Risungbinella massiliensis VALID_NAME Species
Roseitalea porphyridii VALID_NAME Species
Roseivirga maritima VALID_NAME Species
Roseomonas arcticisoli VALID_NAME Species
Roseomonas nepalensis VALID_NAME Species
Roseomonas rubra VALID_NAME Species
Roseovarius aestuariivivens VALID_NAME Species
Roseovarius confluentis VALID_NAME Species
Rothia aerolata VALID_NAME Species
Rubrivirga profundi VALID_NAME Species
Rufibacter quisquiliarum VALID_NAME Species
Rufibacter ruber VALID_NAME Species
Ruficoccus amylovorans VALID_NAME Species
Rugosibacter aromaticivorans VALID_NAME Species
Runella palustris VALID_NAME Species
Ruthenibacterium lactatiformans VALID_NAME Species
Saccharibacillus endophyticus VALID_NAME Species
Saccharibacillus qingshengii VALID_NAME Species
Saccharomonospora xiaoerkulensis VALID_NAME Species
Saccharothrix isguenensis VALID_NAME Species
Salilacibacter albus VALID_NAME Species
Salinicoccus amylolyticus VALID_NAME Species
Salinigranum salinum VALID_NAME Species
Salipaludibacillus agaradhaerens VALID_NAME Species
Salipaludibacillus aurantiacus VALID_NAME Species
Salipaludibacillus neizhouensis VALID_NAME Species
Scopulibacillus daqui VALID_NAME Species
Sedimentitalea todarodis VALID_NAME Species
Sediminibacterium aquarii VALID_NAME Species
Sediminispirochaeta bajacaliforniensis VALID_NAME Species
Sediminispirochaeta sinaica VALID_NAME Species
Sediminispirochaeta smaragdinae VALID_NAME Species
Seohaeicola zhoushanensis VALID_NAME Species
Serpentinicella alkaliphila VALID_NAME Species
Shewanella algicola VALID_NAME Species
Shewanella gelidii VALID_NAME Species
Shewanella inventionis VALID_NAME Species
Shinella curvata VALID_NAME Species
Silicimonas algicola VALID_NAME Species
Silvibacterium bohemicum VALID_NAME Species
Skermanella rosea VALID_NAME Species
Solibacillus isronensis VALID_NAME Species
Soortia roseihalophila VALID_NAME Species
Sphingoaurantiacus capsulatus VALID_NAME Species
Sphingobacterium chuzhouense VALID_NAME Species
Sphingobacterium cibi VALID_NAME Species
Sphingobacterium jejuense VALID_NAME Species
Sphingobacterium populi VALID_NAME Species
Sphingobacterium zeae VALID_NAME Species
Sphingobium hydrophobicum VALID_NAME Species
Sphingomonas aquatica VALID_NAME Species
Sphingomonas faucium VALID_NAME Species
Sphingomonas lutea VALID_NAME Species
Sphingomonas naphthae VALID_NAME Species
Sphingomonas piscinae VALID_NAME Species
Sphingomonas prati VALID_NAME Species
Sphingomonas qilianensis VALID_NAME Species
Sphingomonas zeicaulis VALID_NAME Species
Spiribacter roseus VALID_NAME Species
Spirosoma aerophilum VALID_NAME Species
Spirosoma pulveris VALID_NAME Species
Spirosoma soli VALID_NAME Species
Spirosoma swuense VALID_NAME Species
Spongiibacter taiwanensis VALID_NAME Species
Spongiiferula fulva VALID_NAME Species
Spongiimicrobium salis VALID_NAME Species
Sporolactobacillus pectinivorans VALID_NAME Species
Sporosalibacterium tautonense VALID_NAME Species
Streptococcus dentiloxodontae VALID_NAME Species
Streptococcus halotolerans VALID_NAME Species
Streptococcus himalayensis VALID_NAME Species
Streptococcus marmotae VALID_NAME Species
Streptococcus pantholopis VALID_NAME Species
Streptomonospora tuzyakensis VALID_NAME Species
Streptomyces adustus VALID_NAME Species
Streptomyces bryophytorum VALID_NAME Species
Streptomyces camponoticapitis VALID_NAME Species
Streptomyces canalis VALID_NAME Species
Streptomyces capparidis VALID_NAME Species
Streptomyces chitinivorans VALID_NAME Species
Streptomyces formicae VALID_NAME Species
Streptomyces fuscichromogenes VALID_NAME Species
Streptomyces hyaluromycini VALID_NAME Species
Streptomyces indoligenes VALID_NAME Species
Streptomyces kronopolitis VALID_NAME Species
Streptomyces krungchingensis VALID_NAME Species
Streptomyces lacrimifluminis VALID_NAME Species
Streptomyces litoralis VALID_NAME Species
Streptomyces lonarensis VALID_NAME Species
Streptomyces luteus VALID_NAME Species
Streptomyces ovatisporus VALID_NAME Species
Streptomyces palmae VALID_NAME Species
Streptomyces phyllanthi VALID_NAME Species
Streptomyces pini VALID_NAME Species
Streptomyces rhizosphaerihabitans VALID_NAME Species
Streptomyces tremellae VALID_NAME Species
Streptomyces verrucosisporus VALID_NAME Species
Streptosporangium becharense VALID_NAME Species
Streptosporangium corydalis VALID_NAME Species
Streptosporangium fenghuangense VALID_NAME Species
Streptosporangium jiaoheense VALID_NAME Species
Streptosporangium lutulentum VALID_NAME Species
Streptosporangium taraxaci VALID_NAME Species
Sulfitobacter faviae VALID_NAME Species
Sulfuriferula plumbiphila VALID_NAME Species
Sulfuriflexus mobilis VALID_NAME Species
Sulfurovum riftiae VALID_NAME Species
Taeania maliponensis VALID_NAME Species
Taibaiella soli VALID_NAME Species
Tanticharoenia aidae VALID_NAME Species
Tenacibaculum sediminilitoris VALID_NAME Species
Tepidibacillus decaturensis VALID_NAME Species
Tepidibacillus infernus VALID_NAME Species
Terrimonas crocea VALID_NAME Species
Terrimonas rhizosphaerae VALID_NAME Species
Tersicoccus solisilvae VALID_NAME Species
Thalassobaculum fulvum VALID_NAME Species
Thalassospira australica VALID_NAME Species
Thalassospira indica VALID_NAME Species
Thalassotalea euphylliae VALID_NAME Species
Thalassotalea montiporae VALID_NAME Species
Thermodesulfatator autotrophicus VALID_NAME Species
Thermodesulfitimonas autotrophica VALID_NAME Species
Thermodesulfobium acidiphilum VALID_NAME Species
Thermofilum uzonense VALID_NAME Species
Thermosporothrix narukonensis VALID_NAME Species
Thiomicrospira hydrogeniphila VALID_NAME Species
Tolumonas lignilytica VALID_NAME Species
Trichococcus ilyis VALID_NAME Species
Tropicimonas arenosa VALID_NAME Species
Tsukamurella serpentis VALID_NAME Species
Tumebacillus soli VALID_NAME Species
Uliginosibacterium paludis VALID_NAME Species
Undibacterium arcticum VALID_NAME Species
Undibacterium danionis VALID_NAME Species
Variovorax humicola VALID_NAME Species
Varunaivibrio sulfuroxidans VALID_NAME Species
Ventosimonas gracilis VALID_NAME Species
Verrucosispora sonchi VALID_NAME Species
Verticiella sediminum VALID_NAME Species
Vibrio algivorus VALID_NAME Species
Vibrio europaeus VALID_NAME Species
Vicinamibacter silvestris VALID_NAME Species
Virgibacillus jeotgali VALID_NAME Species
Vitellibacter aquimaris VALID_NAME Species
Wenyingzhuangia aestuarii VALID_NAME Species
Wenyingzhuangia fucanilytica VALID_NAME Species
Wenzhouxiangella sediminis VALID_NAME Species
Williamsia herbipolensis VALID_NAME Species
Winogradskyella sediminis VALID_NAME Species
Wukongibacter baidiensis VALID_NAME Species
Xylella taiwanensis VALID_NAME Species
Yimella radicis VALID_NAME Species
Zeaxanthinibacter aestuarii VALID_NAME Species
Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. capsici VALID_NAME Subspecies
Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. hormaechei VALID_NAME Subspecies
Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. oharae VALID_NAME Subspecies
Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. steigerwaltii VALID_NAME Subspecies
Halodesulfovibrio oceani subsp. galateae VALID_NAME Subspecies
Halodesulfovibrio oceani subsp. oceani VALID_NAME Subspecies
Lactococcus garvieae subsp. bovis VALID_NAME Subspecies
Lactococcus garvieae subsp. garvieae VALID_NAME Subspecies
Streptococcus oralis subsp. dentisani VALID_NAME Subspecies
Streptococcus oralis subsp. oralis VALID_NAME Subspecies
Streptococcus oralis subsp. tigurinus VALID_NAME Subspecies
Vibrio tapetis subsp. quintayensis VALID_NAME Subspecies


Added 16S rRNA Sequences

Sequence Accession Taxon Name
AB370246 Methanomicrobium antiquum
AB738044 Actinocrispum wychmicini
AB828596 Streptococcus dentiloxodontae
AB840588 Streptomyces hyaluromycini
AB844674 Halopiger thermotolerans
AB889541 Micromonospora sediminis
AB899895 Legionella thermalis
AB900623 Thermosporothrix narukonensis
AB905612 Pseudoxanthomonas helianthi
AB937774 Acetobacter suratthaniensis
AB937775 Acetobacter thailandicus
AB971664 Colwellia marinimaniae
AB971837 Halomonas sediminicola
AB971839 Halobacillus salicampi
AB973878 Nocardia xestospongiae
AB981051 Micromonospora soli
AF152108 Asanoa ferruginea
AM236149 Lactobacillus amylotrophicus
AY792622 Vibrio europaeus
AZAC01000010 Dethiosulfatarculus sandiegensis
BANC01000136 Acidocella aminolytica
BBAZ01000072 Lactobacillus oryzae
BDDS01000056 Pseudoalteromonas neustonica
CCXJ01000100 Nocardioides massiliensis
CH672431 Marinomonas blandensis
CL_CP016616 Microvirga ossetica
CL_ERR1121178 Neisseria musculi
CP009961 Thermofilum uzonense
CP010115 Francisella tularensis subsp. tularensis
CP010835 Pyrococcus kukulkanii
CP011975 Yersinia aleksiciae
CP012266 Cronobacter dublinensis subsp. dublinensis
CP012371 Nitrosospira briensis
CP012573 Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. capsici
CP013011 Pyrodictium delaneyi
CP013909 Hymenobacter sedentarius
CP014160 Aerococcus sanguinicola
CP014162 Aerococcus urinaeequi
CP014163 Aerococcus urinaehominis
CP014206 Pseudodesulfovibrio indicus
CP014342 Geobacillus subterraneus subsp. subterraneus
CP014671 Immundisolibacter cernigliae
CP014699 Streptococcus pantholopis
CP014835 Streptococcus halotolerans
CP015622 Corynebacterium crudilactis
CP015922 Polynucleobacter wuianus
CP016540 Planococcus versutus
CP016895 Acinetobacter larvae
CP016953 Streptococcus himalayensis
CP017179 Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. steigerwaltii
CP017180 Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. oharae
CP017675 Gloeomargarita lithophora
CP017688 Flavobacterium crassostreae
CYGX01000033 Paraburkholderia ribeironis
CYGY01000110 Paraburkholderia piptadeniae
DQ664246 Emticicia fontis
EU370955 Arachidicoccus ginsenosidivorans
EU440798 Thalassospira indica
EU912465 Paenibacillus methanolicus
EU912466 Streptomyces pini
EU919229 Mycobacterium paraterrae
FCNV01000034 Burkholderia concitans
FCNX01000042 Burkholderia fortuita
FCOA01000075 Burkholderia hypogeia
FCOB01000074 Burkholderia ptereochthonis
FCOD01000076 Burkholderia turbans
FCOE01000091 Burkholderia pedi
FCOF01000102 Burkholderia catudaia
FCOG01000237 Burkholderia arationis
FCOH01000055 Burkholderia peredens
FCOI01000076 Burkholderia temeraria
FCOJ01000126 Burkholderia glebae
FCOM01000208 Burkholderia arvi
FCOX02000168 Burkholderia calidae
FIZP01000025 Campylobacter geochelonis
FJ347761 Thalassotalea montiporae
FJ374769 Trichococcus ilyis
FJ463811 Larsenimonas suaedae
FJ526380 Wenyingzhuangia fucanilytica
FJ527421 Jeotgalibacillus terrae
FJ772030 Terrimonas rhizosphaerae
FJ796245 Proteus cibarius
FJ903681 Shewanella algicola
FJ919811 Streptomyces lonarensis
FJVO01000061 Mycobacterium houstonense
FJVQ01000132 Mycobacterium interjectum
FN555708 Chryseomicrobium palamuruense
FN658641 Micromonospora ureilytica
FN658649 Micromonospora noduli
FN658651 Micromonospora vinacea
FR775967 Aeromonas rivipollensis
GQ889491 Virgibacillus jeotgali
GU434268 Kribbella pittospori
HG315692 Halopiger goleimassiliensis
HG324050 Achromobacter agilis
HG324051 Achromobacter pestifer
HG324052 Achromobacter kerstersii
HG324053 Achromobacter deleyi
HG326647 Kibdelosporangium banguiense
HG326877 HG326877_s
HG421033 Formosimonas limnophila
HG799487 Alteribacillus alkaliphilus
HG916852 Rhizobium favelukesii
HG942367 Mucilaginibacter fluminis
HM193518 Ammoniphilus resinae
HQ267983 Streptomyces rhizosphaerihabitans
HQ379738 Endothiovibrio diazotrophicus
HQ433443 Oceanobacillus longus
JF346427 Kocuria oceani
JF721990 Labilibacter aurantiacus
JF922305 Sphingomonas lutea
jgi.1011111 Moraxella cuniculi
jgi.1013926 Desulfobacterium vacuolatum
jgi.1021496 Pseudomonas xanthomarina
jgi.1035896 Fibrobacter intestinalis
jgi.1035905 Eubacterium yurii subsp. yurii
jgi.1035911 Mycoplasma testudineum
jgi.1035923 Mycoplasma verecundum
jgi.1035950 Nitrosomonas europaea
jgi.1035962 Anaerorhabdus furcosa
jgi.1035965 Thermoleophilum album
jgi.1035968 Legionella maceachernii
jgi.1035986 Porphyromonas circumdentaria
jgi.1035989 Prosthecobacter fusiformis
jgi.1035995 Geobacter thiogenes
jgi.1035998 Campylobacter helveticus
jgi.1036001 Thiothrix eikelboomii
jgi.1041366 Asticcacaulis taihuensis
jgi.1041375 Belnapia rosea
jgi.1041378 Bradyrhizobium daqingense
jgi.1041381 Bradyrhizobium huanghuaihaiense
jgi.1041384 Bradyrhizobium yuanmingense
jgi.1041390 Extensimonas vulgaris
jgi.1041423 Idiomarina indica
jgi.1041426 Lacibacter cauensis
jgi.1041429 Luteimonas cucumeris
jgi.1041432 Lysobacter ruishenii
jgi.1041438 Massilia lurida
jgi.1041444 Mesorhizobium tianshanense
jgi.1041447 Microvirga guangxiensis
jgi.1041453 Paracoccus sulfuroxidans
jgi.1041465 Rhizobium loessense
jgi.1041477 Sphingobium faniae
jgi.1042830 Tindallia magadiensis
jgi.1042836 Anaerovirgula multivorans
jgi.1042845 Anoxybacillus pushchinoensis
jgi.1047187 Roseibium hamelinense
jgi.1047190 Geobacter argillaceus
jgi.1047196 Entomoplasma freundtii
jgi.1047199 Altererythrobacter ishigakiensis
jgi.1047202 Acholeplasma morum
jgi.1047208 Devosia enhydra
jgi.1047220 Mucilaginibacter frigoritolerans
jgi.1047262 Acetobacter peroxydans
jgi.1048854 Marivirga sericea
jgi.1048863 Actinokineospora diospyrosa
jgi.1048875 Lentzea californiensis
jgi.1048884 Kibdelosporangium aridum subsp. aridum
jgi.1048893 Arenibacter troitsensis
jgi.1048902 Bosea thiooxidans
jgi.1048908 Prauserella flava
jgi.1048911 Prauserella alba
jgi.1048914 Prauserella salsuginis
jgi.1048917 Prauserella aidingensis
jgi.1048923 Prauserella halophila
jgi.1048926 Williamsia maris
jgi.1048929 Williamsia deligens
jgi.1048932 Williamsia serinedens
jgi.1048938 Olleya aquimaris
jgi.1048941 Ohtaekwangia kribbensis
jgi.1048944 Ohtaekwangia koreensis
jgi.1048956 Planktotalea frisia
jgi.1048962 Mameliella alba
jgi.1048965 Rhodobacter capsulatus
jgi.1048968 Salegentibacter salegens
jgi.1048971 Albidovulum inexpectatum
jgi.1048974 Gelidibacter algens
jgi.1048977 Roseinatronobacter thiooxidans
jgi.1048980 Elizabethkingia miricola
jgi.1048989 Nonlabens xylanidelens
jgi.1049001 Cereibacter changlensis
jgi.1049004 Defluviimonas denitrificans
jgi.1049007 Algoriphagus chordae
jgi.1049013 Mucilaginibacter oryzae
jgi.1049016 Larkinella arboricola
jgi.1049022 Arcicella aurantiaca
jgi.1049028 Pedobacter luteus
jgi.1049034 Formosa spongicola
jgi.1049040 Algoriphagus ratkowskyi
jgi.1049043 Algoriphagus alkaliphilus
jgi.1049052 Parapedobacter luteus
jgi.1049055 Hydrotalea sandarakina
jgi.1049067 Salegentibacter holothuriorum
jgi.1049070 Algoriphagus yeomjeoni
jgi.1049073 Maribacter polysiphoniae
jgi.1049076 Maribacter arcticus
jgi.1049079 Chitinophaga skermanii
jgi.1052904 Rhizobium hainanense
jgi.1052907 Rhizobium lusitanum
jgi.1052910 Rhizobium miluonense
jgi.1052913 Rhizobium multihospitium
jgi.1053042 Krasilnikoviella flava
jgi.1053054 Xanthobacter autotrophicus
jgi.1055162 Desulfonauticus submarinus
jgi.1055165 Niabella drilacis
jgi.1055180 Dyadobacter koreensis
jgi.1055186 Actinopolyspora xinjiangensis
jgi.1055189 Jannaschia helgolandensis
jgi.1055195 Jannaschia pohangensis
jgi.1055198 Sulfitobacter marinus
jgi.1055213 Reichenbachiella faecimaris
jgi.1055261 Sulfitobacter brevis
jgi.1055264 Roseovarius tolerans
jgi.1055267 Pseudoruegeria lutimaris
jgi.1055273 Maribius salinus
jgi.1055276 Yangia pacifica
jgi.1055279 Shimia marina
jgi.1055282 Antarctobacter heliothermus
jgi.1055285 Maribius pelagius
jgi.1055288 Thalassococcus halodurans
jgi.1055291 Celeribacter baekdonensis
jgi.1055297 Alkalibacterium subtropicum
jgi.1055303 Celeribacter neptunius
jgi.1055306 Litoreibacter janthinus
jgi.1055309 Litoreibacter albidus
jgi.1055312 Thalassobius maritimus
jgi.1055315 Sulfitobacter dubius
jgi.1055318 Mesorhizobium albiziae
jgi.1055321 Solimonas aquatica
jgi.1055324 Reichenbachiella agariperforans
jgi.1055327 Frateuria terrea
jgi.1055333 Chitinophaga eiseniae
jgi.1055345 Acidovorax delafieldii
jgi.1055354 Halorubrum sodomense
jgi.1055357 Gemmobacter aquatilis
jgi.1055360 Paracoccus aminovorans
jgi.1055363 Citreicella thiooxidans
jgi.1055366 Marinovum algicola
jgi.1055369 Paracoccus alkenifer
jgi.1055372 Pseudovibrio ascidiaceicola
jgi.1055375 Acidovorax valerianellae
jgi.1055378 Tropicimonas isoalkanivorans
jgi.1055387 Litorimicrobium taeanense
jgi.1055390 Citreicella aestuarii
jgi.1055399 Spongiibacterium flavum
jgi.1055408 Chryseolinea serpens
jgi.1055411 Chitinophaga niabensis
jgi.1055420 Algibacter pectinivorans
jgi.1055423 Palleronia marisminoris
jgi.1055549 Thalassobius aestuarii
jgi.1057946 Halorubrum xinjiangense
jgi.1057956 Halobacterium jilantaiense
jgi.1057962 Zhouia amylolytica
jgi.1057966 Halomonas gudaonensis
jgi.1057970 Aquisalimonas asiatica
jgi.1057972 Marinobacter gudaonensis
jgi.1057974 Halorubrum aquaticum
jgi.1057990 Filomicrobium insigne
jgi.1058010 Thermus arciformis
jgi.1058016 Hydrocarboniphaga daqingensis
jgi.1058018 Micrococcus terreus
jgi.1058020 Nocardioides terrae
jgi.1058024 Marinobacter zhejiangensis
jgi.1058034 Marinobacterium sediminicola
jgi.1058038 Erythrobacter nanhaisediminis
jgi.1058048 Pseudoalteromonas lipolytica
jgi.1058052 Halogeometricum limi
jgi.1058054 Haloplanus vescus
jgi.1058060 Roseicitreum antarcticum
jgi.1058064 Hymenobacter psychrophilus
jgi.1058066 Natronorubrum sediminis
jgi.1058068 Pseudomonas bauzanensis
jgi.1058070 Ruegeria marina
jgi.1058074 Sphingomonas rubra
jgi.1058078 Cohaesibacter marisflavi
jgi.1058080 Tessaracoccus oleiagri
jgi.1058084 Flavobacterium urumqiense
jgi.1058094 Haloplanus aerogenes
jgi.1058096 Candidimonas bauzanensis
jgi.1058108 Pelagibacterium luteolum
jgi.1058856 Aquimonas voraii
jgi.1058858 Desulfovibrio mexicanus
jgi.1058864 Micromonospora halophytica
jgi.1058868 Micromonospora tulbaghiae
jgi.1058870 Micromonospora humi
jgi.1058872 Micromonospora carbonacea
jgi.1058874 Micromonospora mirobrigensis
jgi.1058876 Micromonospora chaiyaphumensis
jgi.1058878 Micromonospora marina
jgi.1058882 Geodermatophilus ruber
jgi.1058888 Fontimonas thermophila
jgi.1058892 Loktanella tamlensis
jgi.1058894 Shimia haliotis
jgi.1058896 Roseovarius lutimaris
jgi.1058898 Loktanella salsilacus
jgi.1058900 Loktanella fryxellensis
jgi.1058904 Sulfitobacter litoralis
jgi.1058906 Loktanella koreensis
jgi.1058912 Pontibacter akesuensis
jgi.1058914 Siphonobacter aquaeclarae
jgi.1058922 Dolosicoccus paucivorans
jgi.1058926 Bosea lathyri
jgi.1058930 Methylophaga sulfidovorans
jgi.1058932 Rhodothermus profundi
jgi.1058936 Bizionia echini
jgi.1058938 Zunongwangia mangrovi
jgi.1058942 Spirosoma endophyticum
jgi.1058944 Maribacter orientalis
jgi.1058946 Maribacter aquivivus
jgi.1058952 Pseudozobellia thermophila
jgi.1058956 Algoriphagus faecimaris
jgi.1058966 Lutibacter flavus
jgi.1058968 Lutibacter maritimus
jgi.1058972 Epibacterium ulvae
jgi.1058978 Sulfitobacter pontiacus
jgi.1058980 Pedobacter piscium
jgi.1059000 Desulfomicrobium apsheronum
jgi.1059006 Chitinophaga rupis
jgi.1059010 Algoriphagus hitonicola
jgi.1059012 Pedobacter nyackensis
jgi.1059018 Leeuwenhoekiella palythoae
jgi.1059022 Maribacter stanieri
jgi.1059034 Mucilaginibacter polytrichastri
jgi.1059036 Pedobacter nutrimenti
jgi.1067946 Maricaulis salignorans
jgi.1067966 Halostagnicola kamekurae
jgi.1067970 Flexibacter ruber
jgi.1067972 Loktanella pyoseonensis
jgi.1067974 Roseivivax sediminis
jgi.1067976 Sulfitobacter delicatus
jgi.1067986 Roseivivax roseus
jgi.1067996 Marinilactibacillus piezotolerans
jgi.1068000 jgi.1068000_s
jgi.1068008 Salinihabitans flavidus
jgi.1068014 Winogradskyella thalassocola
jgi.1068020 Acidovorax konjaci
jgi.1068022 Acidovorax wautersii
jgi.1068026 Robiginitalea myxolifaciens
jgi.1068028 Algoriphagus aquimarinus
jgi.1068034 Paracoccus alcaliphilus
jgi.1068038 Clostridium cocleatum
jgi.1068048 Pseudarcicella hirudinis
jgi.1068050 Cloacibacterium normanense
jgi.1068052 Pedobacter insulae
jgi.1068054 Pedobacter metabolipauper
jgi.1068056 Acidovorax citrulli
jgi.1068058 Acidovorax cattleyae
jgi.1068066 Poseidonocella sedimentorum
jgi.1068082 Hyphomicrobium facile subsp. facile
jgi.1068086 Syntrophus gentianae
jgi.1068094 Actinomadura madurae
jgi.1071142 Halomonas pantelleriensis
jgi.1071160 Kosakonia arachidis
jgi.1071162 Flavobacterium glycines
jgi.1071168 Methylobacillus rhizosphaerae
jgi.1071170 Methylobacterium gossipiicola
jgi.1071174 Methylobacterium phyllostachyos
jgi.1071178 Methylobacterium pseudosasicola
jgi.1071180 Methylophilus rhizosphaerae
jgi.1071184 Mucilaginibacter gossypii
jgi.1071208 Rhodanobacter glycinis
jgi.1071222 Bradyrhizobium arachidis
jgi.1071236 Burkholderia caballeronis
jgi.1071256 Aureimonas phyllosphaerae
jgi.1071278 Alteribacillus bidgolensis
jgi.1071284 Alteribacillus iranensis
jgi.1071290 Cyclobacterium halophilum
jgi.1071292 Haloarchaeobius iranensis
jgi.1071296 Halopenitus malekzadehii
jgi.1076134 Halomicrobium zhouii
jgi.1076134b Halomicrobium zhouii
jgi.1076136 Microbulbifer yueqingensis
jgi.1076140 Brevundimonas viscosa
jgi.1076144 Arthrobacter cupressi
jgi.1076148 Albidovulum xiamenense
jgi.1076152 Pseudorhodobacter antarcticus
jgi.1076156 Meridianimaribacter flavus
jgi.1076160 Roseovarius nanhaiticus
jgi.1076166 Aequorivita viscosa
jgi.1076168 Algoriphagus zhangzhouensis
jgi.1076172 Albimonas pacifica
jgi.1076174 Mycetocola miduiensis
jgi.1076178 Muricauda antarctica
jgi.1076180 Arenitalea lutea
jgi.1076190 Fabibacter pacificus
jgi.1076194 Tenuibacillus multivorans
jgi.1076200 Cryobacterium psychrotolerans
jgi.1076204 Salinicoccus halodurans
jgi.1076208 Phycicoccus cremeus
jgi.1076210 Lishizhenia tianjinensis
jgi.1076222 Dongia mobilis
jgi.1076234 Sunxiuqinia elliptica
jgi.1076236 Marinobacter daqiaonensis
jgi.1076240 Halolamina pelagica
jgi.1076244 Virgibacillus salinus
jgi.1076252 Chryseobacterium taihuense
jgi.1076256 Paenibacillus typhae
jgi.1076260 Nocardioides szechwanensis
jgi.1076262 Nocardioides psychrotolerans
jgi.1076264 Cryobacterium luteum
jgi.1076268 Cryobacterium flavum
jgi.1076272 Streptomyces glauciniger
jgi.1076282 Streptomyces paucisporeus
jgi.1076288 Streptosporangium subroseum
jgi.1076292 Glycomyces sambucus
jgi.1076294 Herbiconiux ginsengi
jgi.1076302 Glycomyces harbinensis
jgi.1076308 Saccharopolyspora jiangxiensis
jgi.1076312 Verrucosispora sediminis
jgi.1076316 Amycolatopsis marina
jgi.1084674 Rosenbergiella nectarea
jgi.1084690 Thauera chlorobenzoica
jgi.1084692 Halorientalis persicus
jgi.1084694 Halorientalis regularis
jgi.1084700 Limimonas halophila
jgi.1084702 Marinobacter persicus
jgi.1084706 Ornithinibacillus halophilus
jgi.1085010 Prauserella marina
jgi.1085012 Yuhushiella deserti
jgi.1085014 Asanoa hainanensis
jgi.1085022 Nocardiopsis flavescens
jgi.1085024 Mycobacterium litorale
jgi.1085040 Friedmanniella flava
jgi.1085042 Actinoplanes atraurantiacus
jgi.1085050 Nonomuraea solani
jgi.1085052 Xiangella phaseoli
jgi.1085054 Streptomyces wuyuanensis
jgi.1085058 Alloactinosynnema album
jgi.1085066 Actinopolymorpha cephalotaxi
jgi.1085070 Sinosporangium album
jgi.1085072 Terribacillus aidingensis
jgi.1085076 Haladaptatus litoreus
jgi.1085088 Nonomuraea jiangxiensis
jgi.1085731 Clostridium uliginosum
jgi.1085733 Desulfosporosinus hippei
jgi.1085735 Jannaschia seohaensis
jgi.1085737 Pasteurella skyensis
jgi.1085739 Lutimaribacter saemankumensis
jgi.1085743 Ulvibacter litoralis
jgi.1085745 Bosea robiniae
jgi.1085753 Hydrogenivirga caldilitoris
jgi.1085759 Desulfomicrobium norvegicum
jgi.1085761 Thermoflavimicrobium dichotomicum
jgi.1085765 Hasllibacter halocynthiae
jgi.1085769 Terribacillus halophilus
jgi.1085771 Litoreibacter meonggei
jgi.1085773 Litoreibacter halocynthiae
jgi.1085777 Loktanella rosea
jgi.1085779 Halolactibacillus miurensis
jgi.1085781 Halolactibacillus halophilus
jgi.1085783 Actinobaculum suis
jgi.1085787 Marininema halotolerans
jgi.1085789 Lihuaxuella thermophila
jgi.1085793 Pedobacter steynii
jgi.1085795 Hyunsoonleella jejuensis
jgi.1085797 Sphingobacterium lactis
jgi.1085801 Myroides phaeus
jgi.1085803 Psychroflexus halocasei
jgi.1085805 Pedobacter ruber
jgi.1085807 Riemerella columbipharyngis
jgi.1085809 Clostridium fimetarium
jgi.1085813 Roseivivax halotolerans
jgi.1085825 Bryocella elongata
jgi.1085827 Reinekea marinisedimentorum
jgi.1085831 Actinoplanes philippinensis
jgi.1085835 Pedobacter terrae
jgi.1085837 Parapedobacter composti
jgi.1085839 Chryseobacterium oleae
jgi.1085841 Pseudospirillum japonicum
jgi.1085843 Pontibaca methylaminivorans
jgi.1085845 Kushneria avicenniae
jgi.1085847 Flaviramulus basaltis
jgi.1085849 Psychrobacillus psychrodurans
jgi.1085851 Chryseobacterium defluvii
jgi.1085853 Chryseobacterium daecheongense
jgi.1085857 Chryseobacterium taeanense
jgi.1085859 Chryseobacterium soldanellicola
jgi.1085863 Chryseobacterium taichungense
jgi.1085865 Chryseobacterium wanjuense
jgi.1085873 Chryseobacterium oranimense
jgi.1085875 Chryseobacterium jejuense
jgi.1085877 Chryseobacterium hungaricum
jgi.1085879 Chryseobacterium humi
jgi.1085881 Paracoccus isoporae
jgi.1085887 Chryseobacterium culicis
jgi.1085889 Jhaorihella thermophila
jgi.1085893 Acidovorax soli
jgi.1085895 Chryseobacterium frigidisoli
jgi.1085897 Planctomicrobium piriforme
jgi.1085899 Amycolatopsis sacchari
jgi.1085901 Amycolatopsis rubida
jgi.1085903 Amycolatopsis pretoriensis
jgi.1085905 Kutzneria buriramensis
jgi.1089303 Flexibacter flexilis
jgi.1089306 Marinococcus luteus
jgi.1089309 Propionibacterium cyclohexanicum
jgi.1095734 Lysobacter enzymogenes
jgi.1095740 Campylobacter lari subsp. lari
jgi.1095748 Mycoplasma auris
jgi.1095752 Facklamia miroungae
jgi.1095756 Acidiphilium rubrum
jgi.1095758 Halanaerobium kushneri
jgi.1095760 Mycoplasma mustelae
jgi.1095762 Paenibacillus macquariensis subsp. macquariensis
jgi.1095764 Mucilaginibacter lappiensis
jgi.1095766 Paracoccus thiocyanatus
jgi.1095768 Azoarcus tolulyticus
jgi.1095776 Microbispora rosea subsp. rosea
jgi.1095778 Tetrasphaera remsis
jgi.1095784 Streptococcus equi subsp. equi
jgi.1096110 Neisseria elongata subsp. elongata
jgi.1096471 Insolitispirillum peregrinum subsp. integrum
jgi.1096475 jgi.1096475_s
jgi.1096479 jgi.1096479_s
jgi.1096481 Thiocapsa roseopersicina
jgi.1096485 Belliella pelovolcani
jgi.1096489 Alicyclobacillus vulcanalis
jgi.1096491 Granulicatella balaenopterae
jgi.1096495 Asanoa ishikariensis
jgi.1096501 Kroppenstedtia eburnea
jgi.1096505 Rhodobacter vinaykumarii
jgi.1096507 Rhodobacter megalophilus
jgi.1096509 Rhodobacter aestuarii
jgi.1096511 Granulicella rosea
jgi.1096515 Donghicola eburneus
jgi.1096517 Roseivivax lentus
jgi.1096519 Loktanella litorea
jgi.1096523 Salimicrobium salexigens
jgi.1096525 Salimicrobium flavidum
jgi.1096527 Poseidonocella pacifica
jgi.1096529 Tropicimonas sediminicola
jgi.1096537 Filimonas lacunae
jgi.1096541 Granulicella pectinivorans
jgi.1096545 Xenorhabdus japonica
jgi.1096551 Corynebacterium afermentans subsp. afermentans
jgi.1096557 Xenorhabdus mauleonii
jgi.1096563 Gemmobacter megaterium
jgi.1096567 Marinobacterium stanieri
jgi.1096569 Paracoccus saliphilus
jgi.1096571 Ekhidna lutea
jgi.1096579 Xenorhabdus koppenhoeferi
jgi.1096583 Chryseobacterium gambrini
jgi.1096585 Chryseobacterium pallidum
jgi.1096587 Chryseobacterium ureilyticum
jgi.1096589 Chryseobacterium piscicola
jgi.1096603 Pedobacter alluvionis
jgi.1096605 Zobellia uliginosa
jgi.1096607 Chryseobacterium balustinum
jgi.1096611 Chryseobacterium indoltheticum
jgi.1096613 Chryseobacterium scophthalmum
jgi.1096615 Chryseobacterium joostei
jgi.1096617 Chryseobacterium shigense
jgi.1096621 Chryseobacterium chaponense
jgi.1096623 Pricia antarctica
jgi.1096627 Maribacter ulvicola
jgi.1096629 Oleibacter marinus
jgi.1096633 Chryseobacterium hominis
jgi.1096635 Chryseobacterium treverense
jgi.1096637 Corynebacterium appendicis
jgi.1096639 Neptunomonas antarctica
jgi.1096645 Micromonospora avicenniae
jgi.1102270 Anaerobium acetethylicum
jgi.1102276 Methylocapsa palsarum
jgi.1102284 Rhodococcus kyotonensis
jgi.1102286 Rhodococcus maanshanensis
jgi.1102288 Rhodococcus triatomae
jgi.1102290 Rhodococcus tukisamuensis
jgi.1102298 Thalassobacillus cyri
jgi.1102316 Devosia crocina
jgi.1102330 Ectothiorhodosinus mongolicus
jgi.1102332 Ectothiorhodospira magna
jgi.1102342 Rhodopseudomonas pseudopalustris
jgi.1102344 Rhodospira trueperi
jgi.1102346 Rhodovibrio sodomensis
jgi.1102348 Roseospirillum parvum
jgi.1102352 Thiocystis minor
jgi.1102360 Delftia lacustris
jgi.1102364 Chitinophaga costaii
jgi.1102366 Mucilaginibacter pineti
jgi.1102370 Rhizobium pusense
jgi.1102380 Acinetobacter boissieri
jgi.1102382 Acinetobacter puyangensis
jgi.1102384 Acinetobacter kookii
jgi.1102388 Acinetobacter albensis
jgi.1102396 Acinetobacter kyonggiensis
jgi.1102398 Acinetobacter apis
jgi.1102400 Algoriella xinjiangensis
jgi.1102412 Bacillus lonarensis
jgi.1102418 Bacillus caseinilyticus
jgi.1102424 Pelagirhabdus alkalitolerans
jgi.1102426 Cellulosimicrobium aquatile
jgi.1102428 Devosia lucknowensis
jgi.1102430 Edaphobacillus lindanitolerans
jgi.1102434 Luteimonas tolerans
jgi.1102438 Parapedobacter indicus
jgi.1102440 Parapedobacter koreensis
jgi.1102442 Pontibacter chinhatensis
jgi.1102444 Pontibacter indicus
jgi.1102446 Pontibacter lucknowensis
jgi.1102448 Pontibacter ramchanderi
jgi.1104867 Cupriavidus alkaliphilus
jgi.1104875 Cupriavidus plantarum
jgi.1107617 Pseudonocardia thermophila
jgi.1107619 Streptoalloteichus hindustanus
jgi.1107621 Roseovarius litoreus
jgi.1107623 Algoriphagus halophilus
jgi.1107629 Cryptosporangium aurantiacum
jgi.1107633 Sulfurivirga caldicuralii
jgi.1107635 Thermocrinis minervae
jgi.1107645 Oceanicola litoreus
jgi.1107647 Roseovarius pacificus
jgi.1107649 Lutimaribacter pacificus
jgi.1107651 Cruoricaptor ignavus
jgi.1107655 Clostridium algidicarnis
jgi.1107657 Clostridium amylolyticum
jgi.1107661 Actinomadura meyerae
jgi.1107663 Actinoplanes xinjiangensis
jgi.1107669 Paracoccus solventivorans
jgi.1107671 Agromyces cerinus subsp. cerinus
jgi.1107673 Flavobacterium flevense
jgi.1107675 Flavobacterium saccharophilum
jgi.1107681 Flavobacterium pectinovorum
jgi.1107683 Flexibacter aurantiacus
jgi.1107685 Flavobacterium limicola
jgi.1107687 Flavobacterium frigidimaris
jgi.1107689 Flavobacterium fryxellicola
jgi.1107691 Flavobacterium micromati
jgi.1107693 Flavobacterium granuli
jgi.1107695 Flavobacterium defluvii
jgi.1107701 Flavobacterium terrae
jgi.1107703 Flavobacterium cucumis
jgi.1107705 Sphingobacterium composti2
jgi.1107707 Flavobacterium weaverense
jgi.1107711 Flavobacterium segetis
jgi.1107713 Gillisia mitskevichiae
jgi.1107715 Flavobacterium fluvii
jgi.1107717 Aliifodinibius roseus
jgi.1107719 Labrenzia suaedae
jgi.1107729 Salegentibacter echinorum
jgi.1107731 Flavobacterium araucananum
jgi.1107737 Chryseobacterium carnipullorum
jgi.1107739 Flavobacterium fontis
jgi.1107745 Octadecabacter temperatus
jgi.1107753 Cnuella takakiae
jgi.1107755 Chryseobacterium takakiae
jgi.1107759 Mariniphaga anaerophila
jgi.1107761 Bacteroides luti
jgi.1107763 Tangfeifania diversioriginum
jgi.1107767 Myroides xuanwuensis
jgi.1107771 Chitinophaga jiangningensis
jgi.1107773 Chryseobacterium arachidis
jgi.1107775 Chryseobacterium contaminans
jgi.1107777 Chryseobacterium zeae
jgi.1107781 Sediminitomix flava
jgi.1107785 Loktanella atrilutea
jgi.1107787 Roseovarius marisflavi
jgi.1107789 Ruegeria intermedia
jgi.1107791 Pseudopelagicola gijangensis
jgi.1107793 Wenxinia saemankumensis
jgi.1107795 Litoreibacter ascidiaceicola
jgi.1107797 Wenyingzhuangia marina
jgi.1107894 Rhodococcus kroppenstedtii
jgi.1107896 Micromonospora pattaloongensis
jgi.1107898 Geodermatophilus nigrescens
jgi.1107902 Citreimonas salinaria
jgi.1107904 Jatrophihabitans endophyticus
jgi.1107908 Aquimarina intermedia
jgi.1107910 Rubrimonas cliftonensis
jgi.1107912 Pedobacter hartonius
jgi.1107916 Marininema mesophilum
jgi.1107918 Marivita hallyeonensis
jgi.1107922 Chryseobacterium molle
jgi.1107924 Thermophagus xiamenensis
jgi.1107930 Albimonas donghaensis
jgi.1107932 Aidingimonas halophila
jgi.1107934 Marinobacterium lutimaris
jgi.1107936 Myxococcus fulvus
jgi.1107938 Stigmatella aurantiaca
jgi.1107940 Myxococcus xanthus
jgi.1107942 Stigmatella erecta
jgi.1107968 Halobiforma haloterrestris
jgi.1107970 Tenacibaculum mesophilum
jgi.1107974 Flavobacterium degerlachei
jgi.1107976 Flavobacterium frigoris
jgi.1107980 Pseudovibrio denitrificans
jgi.1107986 Flavobacterium aquidurense
jgi.1107994 Acetomicrobium flavidum
jgi.1107996 Caldicoprobacter faecalis
jgi.1108002 Halohasta litchfieldiae
jgi.1108010 Flavobacterium haoranii
jgi.1108012 Ruegeria mobilis
jgi.1108014 Lentibacter algarum
jgi.1108016 Lewinella agarilytica
jgi.1108022 Lutibacter oricola
jgi.1108024 Winogradskyella jejuensis
jgi.1108026 Hydrobacter penzbergensis
jgi.1108030 Flavobacterium akiainvivens
jgi.1108032 Flavobacterium dankookense
jgi.1108034 Flavobacterium cutihirudinis
jgi.1108040 Flavobacterium urocaniciphilum
jgi.1108042 Mangrovibacterium diazotrophicum
jgi.1108046 Salipiger nanhaiensis
jgi.1108048 Roseivivax marinus
jgi.1108050 Ruegeria halocynthiae
jgi.1108052 Parafilimonas terrae
jgi.1108054 Sediminibacterium goheungense
jgi.1108058 Loktanella sediminum
jgi.1108060 Olleya namhaensis
jgi.1108062 Parabacteroides chinchillae
jgi.1108064 Loktanella maricola
jgi.1108068 Cribrihabitans marinus
jgi.1108070 Celeribacter marinus
jgi.1108074 Jannaschia faecimaris
jgi.1108076 Roseovarius azorensis
jgi.1118276 Pseudoxanthomonas indica
jgi.1118282 Sphingomonas histidinilytica
jgi.1118284 Sphingomonas indica
jgi.1118286 Sphingomonas laterariae
jgi.1118288 Sphingopyxis flava
jgi.1118290 Sphingopyxis indica
jgi.1118292 Sphingopyxis ummariensis
jgi.1118294 Pseudomonas panipatensis
jgi.1118298 Flavobacterium lindanitolerans
jgi.1118300 Novosphingobium mathurense
jgi.1118302 Novosphingobium panipatense
jgi.1118304 Pontibacter ummariensis
jgi.1118306 Pseudomonas delhiensis
jgi.1118318 Noviherbaspirillum suwonense
jgi.1118324 Desulfonatronum zhilinae
jgi.1118330 Belliella buryatensis
jgi.1118336 Agreia pratensis
jgi.1118338 jgi.1118338_s
jgi.1118340 jgi.1118340_s
jgi.1118344 Plantibacter flavus
jgi.1118350 Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis
jgi.1118354 Rathayibacter iranicus
jgi035914 Mycoplasma agassizii
jgi058880 Micromonospora matsumotoense
JH815225 JH815225_s
JHEP02000033 Bordetella pseudohinzii
JIAL01000001 Acidobacterium ailaaui
JN210566 Chromobacterium alkanivorans
JN615417 Gordonia didemni
JN620360 Algibacter alginicilyticus
JN620409 Allofrancisella frigidaquae
JN620412 Allofrancisella inopinata
JN624304 Paludibacterium purpuratum
JN873308 Streptomyces tremellae
JN896611 Nocardia zapadnayensis
JN989306 Streptomyces ovatisporus
JQ082124 Bacterioplanoides pacificum
JQ082140 Marinicella pacifica
JQ836668 Micromonospora mangrovi
JQ862603 Streptomyces chitinivorans
JQ955678 Mucilaginibacter puniceus
JRJE01000018 Thalassospira australica
JRWG01000018 Vitellibacter aquimaris
JWTM01000507 Marispirochaeta associata
JX233496 Tumebacillus soli
JX272928 Hymenobacter marinus
JX844498 Aquaticitalea lipolytica
KB906566 Thioalkalivibrio jannaschii
KC336212 Streptomyces canalis
KC493987 Agromyces binzhouensis
KC589216 Paenibacillus eucommiae
KC771428 Streptomyces fuscichromogenes
KC835077 Paenibacillus silvae
KC835079 Paenibacillus segetis
KC875233 Kroppenstedtia sanguinis
KC875234 Kroppenstedtia pulmonis
KC918822 Salinigranum salinum
KC918832 Halomarina salina
KC959224 Streptomonospora tuzyakensis
KC959569 Microbacterium gilvum
KF309177 Dankookia rubra
KF312887 Winogradskyella sediminis
KF447772 Flintibacter butyricus
KF494813 Micromonospora profundi
KF551166 Rhizobium gei
KF591692 Desulfotomaculum profundi
KF591693 Desulfotomaculum aquiferis
KF612582 Aquimarina versatilis
KF631222 Hymenobacter coalescens
KF701619 Brachybacterium aquaticum
KF726142 Chenggangzhangella methanolivorans
KF732819 Idiomarina tyrosinivorans
KF766957 Defluviitalea raffinosedens
KF790633 Deinococcus arenae
KF793922 Microbacterium aureliae
KF840370 Brevitalea aridisoli
KF862489 Hymenobacter rubidus
KF887910 Streptosporangium lutulentum
KF915798 Phycicoccus ginsengisoli
KF923804 Streptomyces bryophytorum
KF924607 Altererythrobacter aurantiacus
KF956806 Streptosporangium corydalis
KF976731 Nocardiopsis mwathae
KF982694 Streptosporangium fenghuangense
KF990993 Catellatospora vulcania
KF997862 Paenibacillus liaoningensis
KJ000798 Erwinia teleogrylli
KJ136650 Scopulibacillus daqui
KJ137882 Anaeromicrobium sediminis
KJ361470 Crenalkalicoccus roseus
KJ461518 Flavisolibacter tropicus
KJ469373 Chelatococcus reniformis
KJ572789 Paenibacillus arachidis
KJ575074 Pseudogracilibacillus marinus
KJ599648 Altererythrobacter buctensis
KJ627768 Brevibacillus halotolerans
KJ644242 Halorubrum pallidum
KJ689297 Halolamina litorea
KJ722458 Anoxybacillus geothermalis
KJ728849 Polaribacter lacunae
KJ755850 Phytomonospora cypria
KJ755879 Mucilaginibacter psychrotolerans
KJ780745 Promicromonospora kermanensis
KJ789957 Microbulbifer echini
KJ829342 Streptomyces lacrimifluminis
KJ831094 Pandoraea terrae
KJ873241 Mycobacterium malmesburyense
KJ938705 Corynebacterium lowii
KJ938709 Corynebacterium oculi
KJ941155 Lentibacillus kimchii
KJ957195 Flavobacterium jejuense
KJ999759 Haloprofundus marisrubri
KM000836 Streptosporangium jiaoheense
KM000840 Streptosporangium taraxaci
KM066107 Bacillus urumqiensis
KM068159 Halostella salina
KM073965 Pedobacter humi
KM083132 Rufibacter quisquiliarum
KM083134 Caenimicrobium hargitense
KM114215 Aurantimonas endophytica
KM199855 Parvularcula flava
KM203869 Hymenobacter glacieicola
KM203871 Agarivorans aestuarii
KM216314 Mycobacterium helvum
KM216315 Mycobacterium sarraceniae
KM260652 Paenibacillus salinicaeni
KM261818 Lactococcus garvieae subsp. bovis
KM359703 Plantactinospora soyae
KM396265 Actinoplanes subglobosus
KM406782 Raineyella antarctica
KM453740 Alcanivorax nanhaiticus
KM659878 Arenimicrobium luteum
KM873051 Massilia psychrophila
KM978206 Paenibacillus solani
KN039946 Streptomyces luteus
KN151106 Pectobacterium parmentieri
KP013180 Polymorphobacter glacialis
KP013181 Polaromonas eurypsychrophila
KP050495 Streptomyces kronopolitis
KP052777 Halofilum ochraceum
KP063901 Seohaeicola zhoushanensis
KP064570 Rhizorhabdus dicambivorans
KP119861 Moheibacter stercoris
KP120975 Helicobacter apri
KP126826 Flavihumibacter sediminis
KP128918 Arthrobacter ginkgonis
KP162062 Actibacterium ureilyticum
KP170489 Corticibacterium populi
KP172215 Sedimentitalea todarodis
KP172592 Sphingomonas zeicaulis
KP202830 Haloparvum sedimenti
KP208749 Luteimonas arsenica
KP208837 Catellatospora paridis
KP214056 Ancylomarina subtilis
KP223255 Desulfonatronospira sulfatiphila
KP229518 Paludifilum halophilum
KP259553 Bacillus depressus
KP259554 Halomonas lutescens
KP264571 Mycoplasma ciconiae
KP265300 Fictibacillus halophilus
KP274055 Roseomonas arcticisoli
KP276149 Corynebacterium pollutisoli
KP306892 Pseudomonas turukhanskensis
KP317497 Bacillus maritimus
KP322014 Peptococcus simiae
KP340805 Sporolactobacillus pectinivorans
KP410678 Pseudoruegeria aestuarii
KP638490 Brevitalea deliciosa
KP644745 Mycobacterium arcueilense
KP657487 Desulfitispora elongata
KP670329 Mycobacterium paraintracellulare
KP676904 Mycobacterium lutetiense
KP676919 Mycobacterium montmartrense
KP704270 Lutibacter profundi
KP721485 Ochrobactrum endophyticum
KP761690 Vicinamibacter silvestris
KP779619 Altererythrobacter sediminis
KP784804 Streptomyces formicae
KP784807 Streptomyces camponoticapitis
KP861851 Pontibacter mucosus
KP861852 Algoriphagus roseus
KP889099 Agathobaculum butyriciproducens
KP896689 Sulfurovum riftiae
KP898733 Tepidibacillus decaturensis
KP899144 Psychromicrobium silvestre
KP899234 Nakamurella silvestris
KP938221 Paraburkholderia pallidirosea
KP938953 Dyella humi
KP954690 Bacillus lindianensis
KP972468 Borrelia mayonii
KP972626 Nocardia jiangsuensis
KP974819 Spirosoma pulveris
KP976094 Thalassobaculum fulvum
KP990658 Enterobacter tabaci
KP994349 Chelatococcus composti
KP997219 Altererythrobacter rigui
KQ948008 Streptomyces curacoi
KR024033 Spirosoma aerophilum
KR025522 Flexivirga oryzae
KR061432 Mesonia sediminis
KR078254 Taibaiella soli
KR080555 Pontibacter locisalis
KR080701 Polaribacter marinaquae
KR080702 Shewanella gelidii
KR106591 Nonomuraea zeae
KR108283 Rubrivirga profundi
KR149811 Salilacibacter albus
KR184574 Jatrophihabitans huperziae
KR232271 Flavobacterium tyrosinilyticum
KR233159 Martelella suaedae
KR233160 Martelella limonii
KR261651 Microbispora camponoti
KR261652 Actinocorallia lasiicapitis
KR296798 Oryzomicrobium terrae
KR349722 Serpentinicella alkaliphila
KR364735 Enterorhabdus muris
KR364741 Bacteroides caecimuris
KR364746 Blautia caecimuris
KR364749 Acutalibacter muris
KR364760 Cuneatibacter caecimuris
KR364764 Irregularibacter muris
KR364770 Muricomes intestini
KR364771 Longicatena caecimuris
KR364774 Frisingicoccus caecimuris
KR364783 Pasteurella caecimuris
KR364784 Muribaculum intestinale
KR492890 Amylibacter ulvae
KR528480 Hyunsoonleella rubra
KR559733 Aliifodinibius halophilus
KR604722 Marinicrinis sediminis
KR610332 Kocuria subflava
KR610522 Filimonas zeae
KR610524 Pedobacter zeae
KR610526 Motilimonas eburnea
KR674127 Pontibacter rugosus
KR698371 Lysobacter humi
KR709258 Pseudoalteromonas fenneropenaei
KR712272 Sphingobium hydrophobicum
KR780052 Filimonas aurantiibacter
KR809872 Carboxylicivirga flava
KR812546 Sediminibacterium aquarii
KR869780 Pseudactinotalea terrae
KR967368 Alcaligenes endophyticus
KT000268 Clostridium guangxiense
KT000387 Sphingomonas qilianensis
KT001243 Lysobacter erysipheiresistens
KT003984 Dyadobacter endophyticus
KT032154 Niabella pedocola
KT032156 Pedobacter humicola
KT036432 Dermabacter jinjuensis
KT180227 Maliponia aquimaris
KT184595 Pseudaeromonas pectinilytica
KT191026 Phenylobacterium panacis
KT208368 Dactylosporangium solaniradicis
KT216265 Corynebacterium faecale
KT220418 Mumia xiangluensis
KT223144 Flavobacterium tistrianum
KT228275 Flexivirga lutea
KT248536 Marinobacterium zhoushanense
KT254068 Akkermansia glycaniphila
KT273904 Runella palustris
KT273906 Emticicia paludis
KT278764 Deinococcus saudiensis
KT301938 Rhodococcus pedocola
KT301939 Rhodococcus humicola
KT301941 Variovorax humicola
KT306825 Lysobacter cavernae
KT309085 Sphingomonas aquatica
KT309087 Phenylobacterium aquaticum
KT314237 Corynebacterium uropygiale
KT318606 Humibacter soli
KT321369 Sphingoaurantiacus capsulatus
KT326766 Aureimonas galii
KT345712 Devosia elaeis
KT347096 Spirosoma soli
KT359554 Leucobacter populi
KT364255 Endozoicomonas ascidiicola
KT381578 Methylovulum psychrotolerans
KT384169 Marinirhabdus gelatinilytica
KT438833 Pullulanibacillus camelliae
KT444698 Sulfitobacter faviae
KT444699 Psychrobacter pocilloporae
KT449732 Pseudomonas oceani
KT581020 Tsukamurella serpentis
KT581436 Patulibacter brassicae
KT589975 Kordia ulvae
KT591707 Racemicystis crocea
KT592306 Flavobacterium terriphilum
KT595938 Arsenicitalea aurantiaca
KT607985 Paraburkholderia caffeinilytica
KT633950 Verrucosispora sonchi
KT634253 Paracoccus acridae
KT694343 Microlunatus nigridraconis
KT717623 Halorhabdus rudnickae
KT719299 Domibacillus antri
KT719408 Pontibacter virosus
KT727029 Gelatiniphilus marinus
KT750335 Flavobacterium humicola
KT750339 Novosphingobium flavum
KT751086 Amycolatopsis albispora
KT751307 Ruficoccus amylovorans
KT756666 Microbacterium faecale
KT781407 Shewanella inventionis
KT783480 Wukongibacter baidiensis
KT806079 Aureimonas pseudogalii
KT824779 Clostridium neuense
KT884900 Novosphingobium naphthae
KT885190 Novosphingobium lotistagni
KT886062 Altererythrobacter salegens
KT886063 Bacillus oryzisoli
KT886066 Prevotella colorans
KT892940 Corynebacterium guangdongense
KT895607 Glycomyces lacisalsi
KT900238 Pseudoalteromonas profundi
KT906300 Altererythrobacter soli
KT935486 Sphingobacterium chuzhouense
KT935587 Abyssicoccus albus
KT944033 Lutimaribacter marinistellae
KT950742 Niabella aquatica
KT950743 Sphingobacterium jejuense
KT950744 Panacibacter ginsenosidivorans
KT951843 Chromobacterium rhizoryzae
KT962169 Niastella hibisci
KT962171 Lysobacter rhizophilus
KT962840 Nocardioides flavus
KT966463 Spongiibacter taiwanensis
KT981892 Lentibacillus populi
KT985055 Pseudorhodobacter sinensis
KT985057 Pseudorhodobacter aquaticus
KT985058 Flavobacterium orientale
KT988029 Populibacterium corticicola
KT988031 Corticicoccus populi
KT989434 Echinicola rosea
KT989505 Actinomadura gamaensis
KT992465 Taeania maliponensis
KT992690 Dickeya fangzhongdai
KU042077 Lipingzhangella halophila
KU043523 Breznakia blatticola
KU050693 Paenibacillus aceti
KU051627 Dissulfurirhabdus thermomarina
KU051698 Hoyosella rhizosphaerae
KU052686 Flavobacterium fulvum
KU052688 Flavobacterium pedocola
KU140414 Paraphotobacterium marinum
KU141338 Agromyces aureus
KU159576 Planomonospora corallina
KU161105 Lactobacillus colini
KU167714 Psychroflexus aestuariivivens
KU167715 Pseudoroseicyclus aestuarii
KU168417 Friedmanniella endophytica
KU174197 Euzebyella marina
KU179043 Sphingomonas faucium
KU179044 Pedobacter vanadiisoli
KU189201 Undibacterium arcticum
KU189221 Rhodococcus sovatensis
KU195301 Streptomyces indoligenes
KU195387 Microbaculum marinum
KU198338 Saccharibacillus qingshengii
KU201960 Sphingobacterium zeae
KU201961 Isoptericola cucumis
KU201962 Paenibacillus cucumis
KU242749 Actinophytocola algeriensis
KU248164 Humibacter aquilariae
KU253627 Aureimonas glaciei
KU294728 Varunaivibrio sulfuroxidans
KU296190 Massilia pinisoli
KU296959 Dyella nitratireducens
KU306340 Calorithrix insularis
KU311004 Altererythrobacter aerius
KU312690 Sphingomonas naphthae
KU312691 Arvibacter flaviflagrans
KU341406 Lacibacter nakdongensis
KU356942 Actinomadura adrarensis
KU358715 Olivibacter composti
KU358716 Chryseobacterium endophyticum
KU379664 Pedobacter lycopersici
KU379667 Pseudoflavitalea rhizosphaerae
KU505213 Niabella hibiscisoli
KU507204 Roseivirga maritima
KU507536 Devosia confluentis
KU510085 Lacinutrix cladophorae
KU511278 Saccharomonospora xiaoerkulensis
KU517232 Yimella radicis
KU517448 Oceanihabitans sediminis
KU522242 Loktanella marina
KU523566 Bowmanella dokdonensis
KU529276 Arcticibacterium luteifluviistationis
KU535673 Pedobacter psychrotolerans
KU535675 Sphingomonas prati
KU563147 Fulvivirga lutimaris
KU589293 Desulfotomaculum ferrireducens
KU593480 Mucilaginibacter pedocola
KU593484 Lysobacter firmicutimachus
KU593506 Streptosporangium becharense
KU645983 Wenzhouxiangella sediminis
KU647633 Echinicola strongylocentroti
KU664659 Thermodesulfobium acidiphilum
KU667249 Piscinibacter defluvii
KU667250 Zeaxanthinibacter aestuarii
KU671052 Marimonas arenosa
KU681513 Thermodesulfatator autotrophicus
KU695464 Soortia roseihalophila
KU695571 Undibacterium danionis
KU696538 Paracoccus aestuariivivens
KU696539 Colwellia sediminilitoris
KU696540 Tenacibaculum sediminilitoris
KU696541 Gramella sediminilitoris
KU714929 Pleomorphochaeta caudata
KU719509 Nonlabens halophilus
KU719510 Tropicimonas arenosa
KU719511 Maribacter arenosus
KU724142 Bradyrhizobium stylosanthis
KU726543 Tepidibacillus infernus
KU738893 Micropepsis pineolensis
KU746271 Flavobacterium luticocti
KU746272 Flavobacterium cloacae
KU748636 Coetzeea brasiliensis
KU758880 Hymenobacter seoulensis
KU843548 Microbacterium diaminobutyricum
KU845305 Desulfobulbus oligotrophicus
KU850940 Phytoplasma meliae
KU860457 Nocardiopsis akesuensis
KU865352 Neoehrlichia australis
KU865447 Neoehrlichia arcana
KU865587 Mucilaginibacter antarcticus
KU865685 Deinococcus ruber
KU865686 Deinococcus persicinus
KU865688 Spirosoma swuense
KU878871 Rothia aerolata
KU878872 Jeotgalicoccus schoeneichii
KU878873 Mucilaginibacter phyllosphaerae
KU879057 Paenibacillus aceris
KU923830 Pseudotenacibaculum haliotis
KU926270 Silicimonas algicola
KU933253 Saccharothrix isguenensis
KU933342 Macrococcus canis
KU940252 Nocardioides intraradicalis
KU954547 Longibacter salinarum
KU992915 Kibdelosporangium metalli
KU992916 Nocardiopsis rhizosphaerae
KU997023 Micromonospora parathelypteridis
KU999999 Harryflintia acetispora
KX002012 Algoriphagus iocasae
KX009022 Paenibacillus sinopodophylli
KX009025 Paenibacillus qinlingensis
KX010419 Marinifilum albidiflavum
KX014806 Flavihumibacter stibioxidans
KX014810 Pelobium manganitolerans
KX021819 Streptomyces litoralis
KX024844 Marinitoga arctica
KX025140 Flavobacterium inkyongense
KX057479 Methylobacillus methanolivorans
KX063622 Marinobacter salinus
KX073749 Octadecabacter ponticola
KX073750 Litorisediminivivens gilvus
KX082815 Chryseobacterium montanum
KX084062 Lewinella aquimaris
KX094417 Frigoribacterium salinisoli
KX119420 Streptomyces capparidis
KX128908 Herbihabitans rhizosphaerae
KX129819 Roseomonas nepalensis
KX129820 Chryseobacterium nepalense
KX129821 Noviherbaspirillum agri
KX129901 Rhizobium oryziradicis
KX129915 Altererythrobacter confluentis
KX129916 Demequina litorisediminis
KX139009 Terrimonas crocea
KX139010 Hymenobacter rutilus
KX146464 Hoyosella altamirensis
KX146486 Haoranjiania flava
KX151661 Flexivirga endophytica
KX151664 Mesorhizobium sediminum
KX155775 Psychroflexus saliphilus
KX158678 Flavobacterium eburneum
KX185933 Chryseobacterium lineare
KX185934 Luteolibacter flavescens
KX187338 Paenibacillus hispanicus
KX196453 Paenibacillus oryzae
KX198137 Pontibacter litorisediminis
KX198138 Maribacter litorisediminis
KX215153 Novosphingobium guangzhouense
KX230531 Huakuichenia soli
KX247636 Microvirga soli
KX250270 Microbacterium sorbitolivorans
KX258757 Lysinibacillus alkalisoli
KX263317 Flavobacterium hibisci
KX268598 Roseitalea porphyridii
KX268605 Roseovarius confluentis
KX268606 Algoriphagus aestuariicola
KX355166 Aliidiomarina soli
KX356313 Brevibacterium sediminis
KX369544 Fimbriiglobus ruber
KX371568 Sporosalibacterium tautonense
KX426600 Aliidongia dinghuensis
KX427102 Paracoccus contaminans
KX427103 Pseudoduganella danionis
KX430825 Dyella flagellata
KX430826 Dyella acidisoli
KX443485 Racemicystis persica
KX450231 Thermodesulfitimonas autotrophica
KX450475 Colwellia mytili
KX450477 Polaribacter haliotis
KX523193 Saccharibacillus endophyticus
KX530203 Pontibacter aydingkolensis
KX531008 Nitratireductor lacus
KX578604 Algoriphagus litorisediminis
KX578605 Primorskyibacter aestuariivivens
KX581041 Cohnella lubricantis
KX601688 Kribbella deserti
KX611467 Pedobacter jamesrossensis
KX611475 Pedobacter lithocola
KX611477 Pedobacter mendelii
KX611481 Pedobacter petrophilus
KX641473 Roseovarius aestuariivivens
KX668183 Lutibacter litorisediminis
KX689228 Allostreptomyces psammosilenae
KX815990 Nocardioides cavernae
KX898252 Brevundimonas canariensis
KY003162 Bacillus capparidis
KY072724 Bacillus terrae
LASA01000059 Endozoicomonas arenosclerae
LC005449 Tanticharoenia aidae
LC008304 Streptomyces krungchingensis
LC009417 Marinobacter halotolerans
LC010781 Thiomicrospira hydrogeniphila
LC021525 Lysobacter maris
LC026279 Streptomyces adustus
LC027115 Actinoplanes bogorensis
LC027464 Acidicapsa acidisoli
LC031774 Phytohabitans kaempferiae
LC032355 Algitalea ulvae
LC042213 Cellulosimicrobium marinum
LC042214 Kocuria pelophila
LC052784 Wenyingzhuangia aestuarii
LC054224 Polygonibacillus indicireducens
LC054227 Fermentibacillus polygoni
LC055784 Paenibacillus cisolokensis
LC060680 Vibrio algivorus
LC060906 Spongiiferula fulva
LC060907 Spongiimicrobium salis
LC061279 Paenibacillus silagei
LC062711 Caenibacillus caldisaponilyticus
LC065367 Nocardioides pakistanensis
LC066536 Ascidiimonas aurantiaca
LC069041 Streptomyces verrucosisporus
LC072670 Gordonia hongkongensis
LC073309 Streptomyces palmae
LC082228 Butyricicoccus faecihominis
LC094463 Achromobacter aloeverae
LC094494 Lactobacillus ixorae
LC101490 Aureisphaera salina
LC101916 Cribrihabitans pelagius
LC102854 Helicobacter canicola
LC103184 Nocardia shinanonensis
LC109314 Halobium palmae
LC110387 Nocardiopsis sediminis
LC120802 Actinorhabdospora filicis
LC120818 Flavobacterium aquicola
LC125208 Gilvimarinus japonicus
LC125632 Streptomyces phyllanthi
LC126428 Actinomadura montaniterrae
LC127008 Nocardioides baekrokdamisoli
LC127059 Enterococcus saigonensis
LC127220 Iodidimonas muriae
LC131141 Sulfuriflexus mobilis
LC148306 Deinococcus seoulensis
LC148616 Nonomuraea purpurea
LC148843 Krasilnikoviella muralis
LC153096 Hymenobacter nivis
LC153750 Oharaeibacter diazotrophicus
LFZW01000001 Bacillus loiseleuriae
LHQM01000004 Streptococcus phocae subsp. phocae
LILF01000056 Staphylococcus haemolyticus
LM999900 Balneicella halophila
LN515531 Methanobacterium formicicum
LN614381 Halodesulfovibrio spirochaetisodalis
LN626270 Geodermatophilus pulveris
LN626274 Blastococcus capsensis
LN650666 Paracoccus cavernae
LN651199 Brevundimonas balnearis
LN794846 Labrenzia salina
LN811386 Microvirga massiliensis
LN812102 Risungbinella massiliensis
LN812814 Uliginosibacterium paludis
LN827662 Salipaludibacillus aurantiacus
LN830270 Planctobacterium marinum
LN831790 Streptomyces leeuwenhoekii
LN832063 Rhizobium azooxidifex
LN846834 Mycobacterium oryzae
LN846938 Vibrio tapetis subsp. quintayensis
LN849949 Thalassotalea euphylliae
LN849950 Flavobacterium verecundum
LN864675 Sphingomonas piscinae
LN864925 Deinococcus budaensis
LN866628 Jeotgalibacillus alkaliphilus
LN866629 Salinicoccus amylolyticus
LN868252 Herbivorax saccincola
LN872943 Pontibacillus salipaludis
LN879436 Luteimonas padinae
LN886701 Bergeyella porcorum
LN887956 Aeromicrobium choanae
LN890294 Novosphingobium bradum
LN890295 Flectobacillus fontis
LN890296 Chitinibacter fontanus
LN901323 Legionella saoudiensis
LN908891 Rhodovulum algae
LN997816 Lunatimonas salinarum
LNCD01000038 Rhizobium altiplani
LNQB01000024 Ensifer saheli
LNQC01000019 Ensifer americanus
LOBC01000053 Bacillus wiedmannii
LPUX01000030 Ensifer glycinis
LPVD01000002 Bacillus axarquiensis
LQRT01000041 Aquimarina aggregata
LRMM01000126 Rufibacter ruber
LRPE01000019 Acinetobacter lactucae
LRRU01000009 Pseudoalteromonas gelatinilytica
LRUC01000011 Celeribacter ethanolicus
LRUF01000013 Pseudoalteromonas arabiensis
LSAZ01000028 Bacillus nakamurai
LSFM01000028 Polaribacter vadi
LT009496 Rhodobacter sediminis
LT009499 Roseomonas rubra
LT009500 Comamonas sediminis
LT158233 Piscinibacterium candidicorallinum
LT545978 Microvirgula curvata
LT545981 Shinella curvata
LT545982 Skermanella rosea
LT578364 Spiribacter roseus
LT595715 Jeotgalibaca porci
LT595716 Jeotgalibaca arthritidis
LT601574 Tersicoccus solisilvae
LT615140 Citrobacter europaeus
LTAV01000043 Marinomonas aquimarina
LTAW01000025 Marinomonas atlantica
LTAX01000041 Marinomonas gallaica
LTBC01000042 Moorella mulderi
LUAW01000011 Acinetobacter pragensis
LUKK01000013 Campylobacter hepaticus
LUVZ01000011 Chryseobacterium cucumeris
LWAF01000031 Fervidobacterium thailandense
LWHM01000024 Pseudohongiella nitratireducens
LWHO01000015 Propionibacterium namnetense
LXIE01000025 Vitellibacter soesokkakensis
LYBW01000060 Ensifer alkalisoli
LYPP01000001 Croceicoccus marinus
LYWY01000009 Croceicoccus pelagius
LYWZ01000022 Croceicoccus mobilis
MBDL01000001 Acinetobacter celticus
MJAT01000019 Desulfuribacillus stibiiarsenatis
MJIC01000016 Alteromonas lipolytica
PRJEB10631 Herbinix luporum


Removed Genome Projects

Project Accession Taxon Name Strain Name Status
GCF_000007565.1 AE015451_s KT2440 DUPLICATED
GCF_000176935.2 Paraburkholderia phenoliruptrix CCGE1001 DUPLICATED
GCF_000293885.1 Pseudomonas sp. NCIMB 11764 DUPLICATED
GCF_000297075.2 Pseudomonas sp. CECT 5344 DUPLICATED
GCF_000298175.1 Austwickia chelonae NBRC 105200 DUPLICATED
GCF_000285455.1 Alistipes timonensis JC136 DUPLICATED
GCA_000753375.1 Rickettsia aeschlimannii MC16 DUPLICATED
GCF_000687435.1 Defluviimonas indica 20V17 DUPLICATED
GCF_000689195.1 Sphaerotilus natans subsp. natans DSM 6575 DUPLICATED
GCF_000690395.1 Bordetella parapertussis B20-10725633 DUPLICATED
GCF_000612075.1 Aeromonas dhakensis YL17 DUPLICATED
GCF_000294675.1 Alicyclobacillus hesperidum URH17-3-68 DUPLICATED
GCF_000310125.1 Thauera mechernichensis 27 DUPLICATED
GCF_000280925.2 Myxococcus sp. contaminant ex DSM 436 DUPLICATED
GCF_000648735.1 Pseudomonas avellanae ICMP 18884 DUPLICATED
GCF_000310165.1 Thauera humireducens 63 DUPLICATED
GCF_000353265.1 Thermoanaerobacter thermohydrosulfuricus WC1 DUPLICATED
GCF_000300515.1 Nitratireductor indicus C115 DUPLICATED
GCF_000258575.1 Stenotrophomonas sp. N1 DUPLICATED
GCF_000961955.1 Hymenobacter mucosus AT01-02 DUPLICATED
GCF_000284875.1 Gluconobacter japonicus NBRC 101659 DUPLICATED
GCF_000807415.1 JYMH_s 35734 DUPLICATED
GCF_000310105.1 Pseudoalteromonas fuliginea Bsw20308 DUPLICATED
GCF_000833105.1 Clostridium beijerinckii 59B DUPLICATED
GCF_000215795.3 Pseudomonas aeruginosa HB15 DUPLICATED
GCF_000705275.1 Campylobacter hyointestinalis subsp. hyointestinalis DSM 19053 DUPLICATED
GCF_000390145.1 Salinivibrio costicola subsp. costicola ATCC 33508 CONTAMINATED
GCF_000968885.1 Escherichia fergusonii GTA-1504-5-RBA-P2 DUPLICATED
GCF_000968895.1 Escherichia fergusonii GTA-294-5-RBA-P2 DUPLICATED
GCF_000968905.1 Escherichia fergusonii GTA-1753-4-RBA-P5 DUPLICATED
GCF_000969645.1 Iodobacter sp. B9-8 DUPLICATED
GCF_000708265.1 Pedobacter petrophilus R20-19 DUPLICATED
GCF_000708695.1 Pseudomonas sp. ATCC 17400 DUPLICATED
GCF_000971275.1 Devosia psychrophila Cr7-05 DUPLICATED
GCF_000971975.1 Paenibacillus algorifonticola XJ259 DUPLICATED
GCF_000710345.1 JHEL_s S6 DUPLICATED
GCF_000710405.1 Streptomyces purpeofuscus MBT66 DUPLICATED
GCF_000712315.1 Sulfitobacter pseudonitzschiae H3 DUPLICATED
GCF_000715505.1 Thioclava dalianensis DLFJ1-1 DUPLICATED
GCF_000415325.1 Enterococcus faecalis SB2C-2 DUPLICATED
GCF_000416825.1 Pseudomonas avellanae ICMP 19100 DUPLICATED
GCF_000719115.1 Lentzea albidocapillata NRRL B-24057 DUPLICATED
GCF_000417695.1 KE360208_s 10_1398_11 DUPLICATED
GCF_000417735.1 Chlamydia avium 10_881_SC42 DUPLICATED
GCF_000418855.1 KQ089779_s MC6000 DUPLICATED
GCF_000611675.1 Flavobacterium succinicans LMG 10402 DUPLICATED
GCF_000611815.1 Frankia casuarinae Thr DUPLICATED
GCF_000611875.1 Tatumella ptyseos UCD-D_suzukii DUPLICATED
GCF_000613045.1 Photobacterium kishitanii ANT-2200 DUPLICATED
GCF_000613785.1 Prevotella oulorum JCM 14966 DUPLICATED
GCF_000614145.1 Bacteroides faecichinchillae JCM 17102 DUPLICATED
GCF_000614165.1 Bacteroides stercorirosoris JCM 17103 DUPLICATED
GCF_000614285.1 Prevotella scopos JCM 17725 DUPLICATED
GCF_000614355.1 Porphyromonas cangingivalis JCM 15983 DUPLICATED
GCF_000724705.1 Acidiphilium multivorum JA12-A1 DUPLICATED
GCF_000463075.1 Lactobacillus sp. EGD-AQ4 DUPLICATED
GCF_000449425.1 Clostridioides sp. CD160 DUPLICATED
GCF_000450985.1 Clostridioides sp. P28 DUPLICATED
GCF_000305715.1 Vibrio harveyi HENC-01 DUPLICATED
GCF_000463545.1 Staphylococcus arlettae EGD-HP3 DUPLICATED
GCF_000305755.1 Vibrio owensii HENC-03 DUPLICATED
GCF_000462445.1 Escherichia coli B94 DUPLICATED
GCF_000462465.1 Escherichia coli B95 DUPLICATED
GCF_000733275.1 Enterobacter asburiae EGD-HP1 DUPLICATED
GCF_000465615.1 Serratia nematodiphila EGD-HP20 DUPLICATED
GCF_000465555.1 AP012551_s EGD-AAK13 DUPLICATED
GCF_000735105.1 Epilithonimonas lactis LMG 24401 DUPLICATED
GCF_000737195.1 Sciscionella sp. SE31 DUPLICATED
GCF_000498515.1 Flavobacterium saliperosum S13 DUPLICATED
GCF_000739715.1 BBJC_s alg1 DUPLICATED
GCF_000465835.1 Ochrobactrum intermedium EGD-AQ16 DUPLICATED
GCF_000466445.1 Flavonifractor plautii ATCC BAA-442 DUPLICATED
GCF_000466465.1 KE992700_s KLE 1755 DUPLICATED
GCF_000503735.1 Frankia casuarinae CcI6 DUPLICATED
GCF_000469445.1 KI271778_s KLE 1745 DUPLICATED
GCF_000266985.1 CP009549_s MSMB43 DUPLICATED
GCF_000313955.1 Lysinibacillus fusiformis ZB2 DUPLICATED
GCF_000634555.1 JFKR_s scB245a_521A19 DUPLICATED
GCF_000472325.1 Brevibacillus halotolerans PE36 DUPLICATED
GCF_000506785.1 Clostridium diolis NRRL B-598 DUPLICATED
GCF_000509245.1 Porphyromonas crevioricanis JCM 15906 DUPLICATED
GCF_000473955.1 Coprobacter fastidiosus NSB1 DUPLICATED
GCF_000318235.1 AY005028_s F0370 DUPLICATED
GCF_000318255.1 Capnocytophaga ochracea F0488 DUPLICATED
GCF_000318275.1 AM420201_s F0381 DUPLICATED
GCF_000318315.1 Capnocytophaga ochracea F0483 DUPLICATED
GCF_000318335.1 CAGY_s F0379 DUPLICATED
GCA_000715825.1 Goodfellowiella coeruleoviolacea NRRL B-24058 DUPLICATED
GCF_000751315.1 Escherichia coli BW25113 DUPLICATED
GCA_000717095.1 Streptomyces regensis NRRL WC-3744 DUPLICATED
GCF_000756415.1 Piscirickettsia salmonis B1-32597 DUPLICATED
GCF_000756435.1 Piscirickettsia salmonis A1-15972 DUPLICATED
GCF_000334195.1 Vibrio campbellii CAIM 519 DUPLICATED
GCA_000979205.1 Methanosarcina mazei 1.H.A.2.7 CONTAMINATED
GCF_000759715.1 Lysinimicrobium mangrovi NBRC 105856 DUPLICATED
GCF_000761375.1 Comamonas thiooxydans DS1 CONTAMINATED
GCF_000337775.1 Haloarcula vallismortis ATCC 29715 DUPLICATED
GCF_000763845.1 Paracoccus sanguinis 5503 DUPLICATED
GCF_000763905.1 Paracoccus halophilus JCM 14014 DUPLICATED
GCF_000444115.1 Pseudomonas avellanae NCPPB 2598 DUPLICATED
GCF_000446265.1 Escherichia coli C166_11 DUPLICATED
GCF_000657795.1 Bordetella pseudohinzii 8-296-03 LOW_QUALITY
GCA_000784335.1 Halopiger salifodinae KCY07-B2 DUPLICATED
GCF_000455885.1 Fusobacterium hwasookii ChDC F174 DUPLICATED
GCF_000455905.1 Fusobacterium hwasookii ChDC F206 DUPLICATED
GCF_000455925.1 Fusobacterium hwasookii ChDC F300 DUPLICATED
GCF_000787795.1 Streptacidiphilus jiangxiensis NBRC 100920 DUPLICATED
GCA_001038565.1 Bacillus pseudalcaliphilus DSM 8725 CONTAMINATED
GCF_000343165.1 Leptospira interrogans RGA DUPLICATED
GCF_000498775.1 Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. pneumoniae LAU-EC1 DUPLICATED
GCF_000499825.1 Methylocystis rosea SB2 DUPLICATED
GCF_000801755.1 Enterobacter asburiae E20 DUPLICATED
GCF_000511155.1 Pseudomonas sp. FH5 DUPLICATED
GCF_000159795.1 Xanthomonas vasicola NCPPB 702 DUPLICATED
GCF_000512315.1 Morganella morganii subsp. morganii EGD-HP17 DUPLICATED
GCF_000157035.1 Parabacteroides distasonis 2_1_7 DUPLICATED
GCF_000516615.1 Acinetobacter dijkshoorniae CI78 DUPLICATED
GCF_000006785.1 Streptococcus pyogenes M1 GAS DUPLICATED
GCF_000299315.1 Microbacterium sp. 2011-R4 DUPLICATED
GCF_000280635.1 Mycobacterium abscessus subsp. abscessus M156 DUPLICATED
GCF_000195615.1 Bacteroides clarus YIT 12056 DUPLICATED
GCF_000520835.1 Chryseobacterium indologenes NBRC 14944 DUPLICATED
GCF_000522545.1 Paraburkholderia caribensis MBA4 DUPLICATED
GCF_000220155.1 Thermophagus xiamenensis HS1 DUPLICATED
GCF_000308355.2 Nocardia asteroides NBRC 15531 DUPLICATED
GCF_000283015.1 Arenitalea lutea P7-3-5 DUPLICATED
GCF_000285355.1 Pseudomonas protegens Wayne1 DUPLICATED
GCF_000292285.1 Pseudomonas sp. S13.1.2 DUPLICATED
GCF_000295955.1 ALXE_s A4 DUPLICATED
GCF_000877395.1 Jannaschia aquimarina GSW-M26 DUPLICATED
GCA_001047035.1 Dysgonomonas macrotermitis JCM 19375 DUPLICATED
GCF_000392485.1 Lactobacillus plantarum subsp. plantarum P-8 DUPLICATED
GCF_000931935.1 Dethiosulfatarculus sandiegensis SPR DUPLICATED
GCF_000314165.1 HG326877_s BIGS0008 CONTAMINATED
GCF_000935665.1 Pseudomonas amygdali CFBP 4219 DUPLICATED
GCF_000937355.1 Escherichia coli 46A_L2 CONTAMINATED
GCA_000695035.1 Vibrio alginolyticus JCM 18904 DUPLICATED
GCA_000695055.1 Vibrio antiquarius JCM 18905 DUPLICATED
GCF_000260575.1 Mycobacterium abscessus subsp. abscessus M154 DUPLICATED
GCF_000469945.1 Paenibacillus humicus P22 DUPLICATED
GCF_001182825.1 LFYO_s X13SY08 DUPLICATED
GCF_001186155.1 Planococcus versutus L10.15 DUPLICATED
GCA_001189335.1 Paraburkholderia schumannianae UZHbot8 CONTAMINATED
GCA_001189515.1 CP012069_s F0089 DUPLICATED
GCF_000145765.1 Pseudomonas amygdali 301020 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001579685.1 Streptomyces scabiei 96-06 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001331235.1 Bordetella pertussis B341 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001331395.1 Bordetella pertussis B092 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001331615.1 Bordetella pertussis B085 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001331675.1 Bordetella pertussis B075 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001331695.1 Bordetella pertussis B090 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001331855.1 Bordetella pertussis B069 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001583845.1 Bacillus cereus FSL W8-0767 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001332155.1 Bordetella pertussis B327 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_000598405.1 Bacteroides fragilis 3397 T10 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001332195.1 Bordetella pertussis B263 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001332375.1 Bordetella pertussis B305 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001332435.1 Bordetella pertussis B251 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001332555.1 Bordetella pertussis B187 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001332575.1 Bordetella pertussis B316 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001586675.1 Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica ADRDL-LA-9-2013 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001332695.1 Bordetella pertussis B334 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001332755.1 Bordetella pertussis B303 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001332795.1 Bordetella pertussis B293 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001332875.1 Bordetella pertussis B290 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001333155.1 Bordetella pertussis B277 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001333195.1 Bordetella pertussis B278 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001333295.1 Bordetella pertussis B302 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001333415.1 Bordetella pertussis B295 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001333455.1 Bordetella pertussis B050 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001333575.1 Bordetella pertussis B136 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001589285.1 Sorangium cellulosum So0008-312 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001333755.1 Bordetella pertussis B164 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001589295.1 Sorangium cellulosum So0163 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001333855.1 Bordetella pertussis B007 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001333895.1 Bordetella pertussis B010 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001592485.1 Escherichia coli 2611-1/85 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001592525.1 Escherichia coli 4522-1/89 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001592545.1 Escherichia coli EC175/02 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001592575.1 Escherichia coli EC402/03 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001592595.1 Escherichia coli EC404/03 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_000412575.2 Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. pneumoniae B5055 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_000936165.1 Escherichia coli E7C3 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_000936715.1 Escherichia coli E8C1 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001613935.1 Amycolatopsis regifaucium GY080 DUPLICATED
GCF_000941455.1 Klebsiella variicola B8C2 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001617385.1 Rhodanobacter denitrificans FW104-R3 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001185545.1 Vibrio harveyi 2415-05 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001373095.1 Bacteroides fragilis 4g8B LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001373135.1 Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron 2e6A LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001373215.1 Escherichia coli 207A_L2 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001189335.2 Paraburkholderia schumannianae UZHbot8 CONTAMINATED
GCF_900043105.1 Streptococcus salivarius subsp. salivarius 2842STDY5753512 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_000231645.1 Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica S5-403 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_000244455.2 Leptospira interrogans Verdun HP LOW_QUALITY
GCF_000257685.2 Bradyrhizobium elkanii 587 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_000267585.2 Escherichia coli TW09195 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_000268805.2 Yersinia pestis PY-54 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001592505.1 Escherichia coli 3481-1/85 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001400235.1 Pseudomonas syringae ICMP17001 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001401065.1 Pseudomonas avellanae ICMP16929 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001401555.1 Xanthomonas euvesicatoria LMG 27970 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001401605.1 Xanthomonas fuscans subsp. fuscans LMG 826 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001401655.1 Xanthomonas citri subsp. citri LMG 9322 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001403735.1 Jannaschia rubra CECT 5088 DUPLICATED
GCF_001415685.1 Acinetobacter pittii ABBL111 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001415895.1 Acinetobacter pittii ABBL128 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001416065.1 Acinetobacter pittii ABBL120 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001416705.1 Acinetobacter baumannii ABOB07 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001418395.1 Streptomyces prasinopilosus NRRL B-24621 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001418475.1 Streptomyces ossamyceticus NRRL B-3822 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001418645.1 Streptomyces neyagawaensis NRRL B-3092 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001418715.1 Thermococcus thioreducens DSM 14981 DUPLICATED
GCF_001419695.1 Streptomyces prasinopilosus NRRL B-2711 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001419765.1 Streptomyces torulosus NRRL B-3889 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001419795.1 Streptomyces niveiscabiei NRRL B-24457 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001431365.1 Salegentibacter mishustinae KCTC 12263 DUPLICATED
GCF_001276275.1 Burkholderia cenocepacia C14 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001432825.1 Acinetobacter baumannii ABBL013 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001432865.1 Acinetobacter baumannii ABBL027 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001432965.1 Acinetobacter baumannii ABBL035 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001433075.1 Acinetobacter baumannii ABBL028 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001433355.1 Acinetobacter baumannii ABBL051 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001434215.1 Lactobacillus parakefiri DSM 10551 CONTAMINATED
GCF_001437265.1 Pediococcus parvulus DSM 20332 CONTAMINATED
GCF_001437405.1 Pediococcus ethanolidurans DSM 22301 DUPLICATED
GCF_001441635.1 Roseovarius indicus B108 DUPLICATED
GCF_001445535.1 Mycobacterium tuberculosis AH26_28866 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001292505.1 Campylobacter coli RC008 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001294325.1 Streptomyces gibsonii NRRL F-6602 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001298675.1 Acidovorax caeni R-24608 DUPLICATED
GCF_001457575.1 Clostridium difficile NCTC 13307 DUPLICATED
GCF_001458355.1 Thalassobius gelatinovorus CECT 4357 DUPLICATED
GCF_001458415.1 Tropicibacter multivorans CECT 7557 DUPLICATED
GCF_001304815.1 Nocardia sp. IFM 0761 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001467175.1 Pseudomonas sp. ABAC61 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001312665.1 Rhodococcus sp. JCM 9793 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001312925.1 Rhodococcus sp. JCM 9789 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001485415.1 Myroides odoratimimus CCUG 39352 CONTAMINATED
GCF_001316325.1 Methanobacterium formicicum JCM 10132 DUPLICATED
GCF_001316635.1 KQ089779_s 9501453777 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001317085.1 KQ089779_s 946252515 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001317285.1 KQ089779_s 950165859 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001317445.1 KQ089779_s 950166381 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001317455.1 KQ089779_s 950163360 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001318125.1 Mycobacterium tuberculosis A09901284 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001546055.1 Paenibacillus jilunlii DSM 23019 DUPLICATED
GCF_001546095.1 Paenibacillus riograndensis CAR114 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001550215.1 Streptomyces scabiei 85-08 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001550225.1 Streptomyces scabiei 95-18 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001550235.1 Streptomyces scabiei 96-08 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001550245.1 Streptomyces scabiei 84-34 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001550295.1 Streptomyces scabiei 96-15 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001550315.1 Streptomyces sp. 96-12 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001550325.1 Streptomyces europaeiscabiei 89-04 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001566435.1 Bacillus sp. MB.16 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001566535.1 Bacillus anthracis MB.22 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001569825.1 Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica NGUA15 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001571325.1 Delftia tsuruhatensis NBRC 16741 DUPLICATED
GCF_001571445.1 CP002870_s MO2 LOW_QUALITY
GCF_001572115.1 Streptomyces scabiei 84-232 LOW_QUALITY
GCA_001331095.1 Bordetella pertussis B144 LOW_QUALITY
GCA_001332855.1 Bordetella pertussis B291 LOW_QUALITY
GCA_001333095.1 Bordetella pertussis B112 LOW_QUALITY
GCA_001589185.1 Sorangium cellulosum So0011-07 LOW_QUALITY
GCA_001333715.1 Bordetella pertussis B021 LOW_QUALITY
GCA_001593695.1 Leisingera aquimarina F5 LOW_QUALITY
GCA_001343615.1 Streptococcus pneumoniae 19F LOW_QUALITY
GCA_001602525.1 Flavobacterium chilense LMG 26360 DUPLICATED
GCA_001160225.1 Mycobacterium sp. 401416 LOW_QUALITY
GCA_001344035.1 Streptococcus pneumoniae SMRU1799 LOW_QUALITY
GCA_001349875.1 Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus BSAR732 LOW_QUALITY
GCA_001612615.1 Nocardia amikacinitolerans NBRC 108937 DUPLICATED
GCA_001614315.1 Halofilum ochraceum XJ16 DUPLICATED
GCA_001617425.1 Rhodanobacter sp. FW510-R12 LOW_QUALITY
GCA_001617985.1 Stenotrophomonas maltophilia SM16 LOW_QUALITY
GCA_001373195.1 Escherichia coli 57A_A7 LOW_QUALITY
GCA_001623255.1 Pseudovibrio axinellae Ad2 DUPLICATED
GCA_000178775.1 Escherichia coli EC4205 LOW_QUALITY
GCA_000193715.2 Clostridium difficile 6534 LOW_QUALITY
GCA_000219155.2 Escherichia coli H112180541 LOW_QUALITY
GCA_001589215.1 Sorangium cellulosum So0007-03 LOW_QUALITY
GCA_000558905.2 Vibrio parahaemolyticus V-223/04 LOW_QUALITY
GCA_000305735.2 Vibrio harveyi HENC-02 LOW_QUALITY
GCA_001401595.1 Xanthomonas axonopodis LMG 982 LOW_QUALITY
GCA_001413795.1 Shigella sonnei RU1 BHI5 LOW_QUALITY
GCA_001268065.1 Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus DEU47 LOW_QUALITY
GCA_000336365.1 Serratia plymuthica C-1 DUPLICATED
GCA_000336385.1 Lysobacter sp. HS124 DUPLICATED
GCA_001276615.1 Achromatium palustre WMS3 LOW_QUALITY
GCA_001277855.1 CP000154_s YUPP-8 LOW_QUALITY
GCA_001445715.1 Escherichia coli 937 LOW_QUALITY
GCA_001294395.1 Streptomyces sp. NRRL WC-3753 LOW_QUALITY
GCA_001458455.1 Chrysosporum ovalisporum UAM-MAO LOW_QUALITY
GCA_001471065.1 Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. pneumoniae KLP25 LOW_QUALITY
GCA_001471085.2 Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. pneumoniae KLP41 LOW_QUALITY
GCA_001471145.1 Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. pneumoniae KLP26 LOW_QUALITY
GCA_001471155.2 Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. pneumoniae KLP28 LOW_QUALITY
GCA_001471175.1 Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. pneumoniae KLP16 LOW_QUALITY
GCA_001314605.1 JMLY_s HL-58 DUPLICATED
GCA_001314815.1 JAFX_s HL-49 DUPLICATED
GCA_001506105.1 Stenotrophomonas maltophilia SM41 LOW_QUALITY
GCA_001317125.1 Enterobacter asburiae ST252:950126202 LOW_QUALITY
GCA_001516595.1 Stenotrophomonas sp. SM45 LOW_QUALITY
GCA_001556315.1 Porphyrobacter donghaensis CCH19-E1 LOW_QUALITY
GCA_001556475.1 Methylobacterium sp. CCH5-D2 LOW_QUALITY
GCA_001556675.1 Xylophilus ampelinus CCH5-B3 LOW_QUALITY
GCA_001556805.1 Porphyrobacter donghaensis CCH12-G6 LOW_QUALITY
GCA_001557085.1 Sphingomonas sp. CCH15-A1 LOW_QUALITY
GCA_001032685.1 Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. pneumoniae CHS194 REMOVED
GCA_001033375.1 Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. pneumoniae CHS237 REMOVED
GCA_001037845.1 KI535633_s BIDMC100 REMOVED
GCA_001134945.1 Streptococcus pneumoniae 19B REMOVED
GCA_001220485.1 Yersinia enterocolitica subsp. enterocolitica YE30/03 REMOVED


Added Genome Projects

Project Accession Taxon Name Strain Name
GCF_000565345.1 Salinivibrio costicola subsp. costicola LMG 11651
GCA_000696385.1 Vibrio metoecus OP3H
GCF_001418385.1 Streptomyces alboniger NRRL B-1832
GCF_001695575.1 Vibrio europaeus PP-638
jgi.1118340.1 jgi.1118340_s VKM Ac-2052
jgi.1118338.1 jgi.1118338_s VKM Ac-1783
jgi.1102272.1 Alicycliphilus sp. EPL6
jgi.1118332.1 Anoxynatronum sp. Su22
jgi.1104869.1 Aquiluna sp. UB-MaderosW2red
jgi.1118334.1 Arthrobacter sp. VKM Ac-2550
jgi.1104865.1 Burkholderia sp. TNe-862
jgi.1071268.1 Burkholderia sp. JS23
jgi.1118326.1 Desulfovibrio sp. K3S
jgi.1085040.1 Friedmanniella flava CGMCC 4.6856
jgi.1058000.1 Halolactibacillus alkaliphilus CGMCC 1.6843
jgi.1071270.1 Kosakonia sp. S29
jgi.1102320.1 Paenibacillus sp. BL24
jgi.1071192.1 Paenibacillus sp. BL9
jgi.1102318.1 Pantoea sp. Si-M154
jgi.1118356.1 Rathayibacter sp. VKM Ac-2121
jgi.1084684.1 Sanguibacter sp. ISLP-3
jgi.1071260.1 Sphingomonas sp. JS21-1
jgi.1071202.1 Stenotrophomonas sp. SC-N050
jgi.1107643.1 Blastococcus sp. DSM 46842
jgi.1068016.1 Blastococcus sp. DSM 46838
jgi.1049001.1 Cereibacter changlensis DSM 18774
jgi.1096475.1 jgi.1096475_s DSM 45219
jgi.1095770.1 Pasteurella multocida subsp. gallicida ATCC 51689
jgi.1076196.1 Acetanaerobacterium elongatum CGMCC 1.5012
jgi.1102388.1 Acinetobacter albensis ANC 4874
jgi.1102398.1 Acinetobacter apis ANC 5114
jgi.1102380.1 Acinetobacter boissieri ANC 4422
jgi.1102384.1 Acinetobacter kookii ANC 4667
jgi.1102396.1 Acinetobacter kyonggiensis ANC 5109
jgi.1102376.1 Acinetobacter marinus ANC 3700
jgi.1102390.1 Acinetobacter bohemicus ANC 5076
jgi.1102382.1 Acinetobacter puyangensis ANC 4466
jgi.1102394.1 Acinetobacter refrigeratoris ANC 5078
jgi.1085042.1 Actinoplanes atraurantiacus CGMCC 4.6857
jgi.1085066.1 Actinopolymorpha cephalotaxi CPCC 202808
jgi.1076166.1 Aequorivita viscosa CGMCC 1.11023
jgi.1076230.1 Aestuariibacter aggregatus CGMCC 1.8995
jgi.1118336.1 Agreia pratensis VKM Ac-2510
jgi.1085062.1 Agromyces flavus CPCC 202695
jgi.1076172.1 Albimonas pacifica CGMCC 1.11030
jgi.1102400.1 Algoriella xinjiangensis XJ109
jgi.1076168.1 Algoriphagus zhangzhouensis CGMCC 1.11027
jgi.1057940.1 Alkalimonas amylolytica CGMCC 1.3430
jgi.1085058.1 Alloactinosynnema album CPCC 201030
jgi.1071274.1 Alloactinosynnema album IBRC-M 10655
jgi.1058116.1 Amphibacillus marinus CGMCC 1.10434
jgi.1076316.1 Amycolatopsis marina CGMCC 4.3568
jgi.1085064.1 Amycolatopsis xylanica CPCC 202699
jgi.1102270.1 Anaerobium acetethylicum GluBS11
jgi.1042836.1 Anaerovirgula multivorans SCA
jgi.1042845.1 Anoxybacillus pushchinoensis K1
jgi.1057970.1 Aquisalimonas asiatica CGMCC 1.6291
jgi.1071146.1 Arachidicoccus rhizosphaerae Vu-144
jgi.1058056.1 Arenibacter nanhaiticus CGMCC 1.8863
jgi.1076180.1 Arenitalea lutea CGMCC 1.12213
jgi.1076144.1 Arthrobacter cupressi CGMCC 1.10783
jgi.1085014.1 Asanoa hainanensis CGMCC 4.5593
jgi.1041366.1 Asticcacaulis taihuensis CGMCC 1.3431
jgi.1071254.1 Aureimonas jatrophae L7-484
jgi.1071256.1 Aureimonas phyllosphaerae L9-753
jgi.1102418.1 Bacillus caseinilyticus SP
jgi.1058114.1 Bacillus daliensis CGMCC 1.10369
jgi.1071284.1 Alteribacillus iranensis DSM 23995
jgi.1102412.1 Bacillus lonarensis 25nlg
jgi.1041369.1 Bacillus nanhaiisediminis CGMCC 1.10116
jgi.1041372.1 Bacillus oceanisediminis CGMCC 1.10115
jgi.1071286.1 Bacillus persicus DSM 25386
jgi.1071152.1 Bacillus rhizosphaerae SC-N012
jgi.1052865.1 Bacillus sp. V-76
jgi.1118330.1 Belliella buryatensis 5C
jgi.1041375.1 Belnapia rosea CGMCC 1.10758
jgi.1057992.1 Bhargavaea beijingensis CGMCC 1.6762
jgi.1057994.1 Bhargavaea ginsengi CGMCC 1.6763
jgi.1052838.1 Bifidobacterium bohemicum R-53250
jgi.1052835.1 Bifidobacterium sp. R-52791
jgi.1071222.1 Bradyrhizobium arachidis LMG 26795
jgi.1041378.1 Bradyrhizobium daqingense CGMCC 1.10947
jgi.1041381.1 Bradyrhizobium huanghuaihaiense CGMCC 1.10948
jgi.1052898.1 Bradyrhizobium sp. ERR11
jgi.1071224.1 Bradyrhizobium sp. Gha
jgi.1071226.1 Bradyrhizobium sp. Ghvi
jgi.1071228.1 Bradyrhizobium sp. R5
jgi.1071230.1 Bradyrhizobium sp. Rc2d
jgi.1071232.1 Bradyrhizobium sp. Rc3b
jgi.1052901.1 Bradyrhizobium yuanmingense CCBAU1007
jgi.1041384.1 Bradyrhizobium yuanmingense CGMCC 1.3531
jgi.1076140.1 Brevundimonas viscosa CGMCC 1.10683
jgi.1071236.1 Burkholderia caballeronis LMG 26416
jgi.1058096.1 Candidimonas bauzanensis CGMCC 1.10190
jgi.1085046.1 Cellulomonas marina CGMCC 4.6945
jgi.1102426.1 Cellulosimicrobium aquatile 3bp
jgi.1102364.1 Chitinophaga costaii A37T2
jgi.1084672.1 Chryseobacterium limigenitum SUR2
jgi.1076252.1 Chryseobacterium taihuense CGMCC 1.10941
jgi.1118350.1 Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis VKM Ac-1403
jgi.1058078.1 Cohaesibacter marisflavi CGMCC 1.9157
jgi.1076232.1 Colwellia chukchiensis CGMCC 1.9127
jgi.1076268.1 Cryobacterium flavum CGMCC 1.11215
jgi.1076266.1 Cryobacterium levicorallinum CGMCC 1.11211
jgi.1076264.1 Cryobacterium luteum CGMCC 1.11210
jgi.1076200.1 Cryobacterium psychrotolerans CGMCC 1.5382
jgi.1104867.1 Cupriavidus alkaliphilus ASC-732
jgi.1104875.1 Cupriavidus plantarum ASC-64
jgi.1071290.1 Cyclobacterium halophilum IBRC-M 10761
jgi.1057960.1 Cyclobacterium lianum CGMCC 1.6102
jgi.1058100.1 Deinococcus reticulitermitis CGMCC 1.10218
jgi.1102360.1 Delftia lacustris LMG 24775
jgi.1102358.1 Delftia tsuruhatensis LMG 29104
jgi.1118324.1 Desulfonatronum zhilinae Al915-01
jgi.1102316.1 Devosia crocina IPL20
jgi.1102428.1 Devosia lucknowensis L15
jgi.1058098.1 Devosia psychrophila CGMCC 1.10210
jgi.1076220.1 Dokdonella immobilis CGMCC 1.7659
jgi.1076222.1 Dongia mobilis CGMCC 1.7660
jgi.1071158.1 Duganella sacchari Sac-22
jgi.1102430.1 Edaphobacillus lindanitolerans MNA4
jgi.1058038.1 Erythrobacter nanhaisediminis CGMCC 1.7715
jgi.1041390.1 Extensimonas vulgaris CGMCC 1.10977
jgi.1076190.1 Fabibacter pacificus CGMCC 1.12402
jgi.1057990.1 Filomicrobium insigne CGMCC 1.6497
jgi.1041393.1 Flavobacterium anhuiense CGMCC 1.6859
jgi.1041396.1 Flavobacterium caeni CGMCC 1.7031
jgi.1041402.1 Flavobacterium cheniae CGMCC 1.6844
jgi.1041405.1 Flavobacterium glaciei CGMCC 1.5380
jgi.1071162.1 Flavobacterium glycines Gm-149
jgi.1118298.1 Flavobacterium lindanitolerans IP-10
jgi.1041408.1 Flavobacterium marinum CGMCC 1.10825
jgi.1058086.1 Flavobacterium noncentrifugens CGMCC 1.10076
jgi.1057938.1 Flavobacterium omnivorum CGMCC 1.2747
jgi.1076242.1 Flavobacterium phragmitis CGMCC 1.10370
jgi.1041411.1 Flavobacterium saliperosum CGMCC 1.3801
jgi.1058050.1 Flavobacterium sinopsychrotolerans CGMCC 1.8704
jgi.1041414.1 Flavobacterium tiangeerense CGMCC 1.6847
jgi.1102432.1 Flavobacterium ummariense DS-12
jgi.1058084.1 Flavobacterium urumqiense CGMCC 1.9230
jgi.1076192.1 Flavobacterium xinjiangense CGMCC 1.2749
jgi.1058082.1 Flavobacterium xueshanense CGMCC 1.9227
jgi.1041417.1 Frateuria terrea CGMCC 1.7053
jgi.1071134.1 Geobacillus thermantarcticus M1
jgi.1052844.1 Gilliamella sp. R-53144
jgi.1052847.1 Gilliamella sp. R-53248
jgi.1076302.1 Glycomyces harbinensis CGMCC 4.3516
jgi.1076292.1 Glycomyces sambucus CGMCC 4.3147
jgi.1076138.1 Gracilibacillus kekensis CGMCC 1.10681
jgi.1057954.1 Gracilibacillus orientalis CGMCC 1.4250
jgi.1058040.1 Gracilibacillus ureilyticus CGMCC 1.7727
jgi.1085076.1 Haladaptatus litoreus CGMCC 1.7737
jgi.1085090.1 Halobacillus aidingensis CGMCC 1.3703
jgi.1057950.1 Halobacillus dabanensis CGMCC 1.3704
jgi.1071294.1 Halobacillus karajensis DSM 14948
jgi.1057956.1 Halobacterium jilantaiense CGMCC 1.5337
jgi.1058088.1 Halobellus clavatus CGMCC 1.10118
jgi.1058110.1 Halobellus limi CGMCC 1.10331
jgi.1058052.1 Halogeometricum limi CGMCC 1.8711
jgi.1058042.1 Halogeometricum rufum CGMCC 1.7736
jgi.1058092.1 Halogranum amylolyticum CGMCC 1.10121
jgi.1058090.1 Halogranum gelatinilyticum CGMCC 1.10119
jgi.1058044.1 Halogranum rubrum CGMCC 1.7738
jgi.1076240.1 Halolamina pelagica CGMCC 1.10329
jgi.1076134.1 Halomicrobium zhouii CGMCC 1.10457
jgi.1057986.1 Halomonas arcis CGMCC 1.6494
jgi.1057996.1 Halomonas caseinilytica CGMCC 1.6773
jgi.1057976.1 Halomonas daqingensis CGMCC 1.6443
jgi.1057966.1 Halomonas gudaonensis CGMCC 1.6133
jgi.1058008.1 Halomonas korlensis CGMCC 1.6981
jgi.1057984.1 Halomonas saccharevitans CGMCC 1.6493
jgi.1057978.1 Halomonas shengliensis CGMCC 1.6444
jgi.1057988.1 Halomonas subterranea CGMCC 1.6495
jgi.1058004.1 Halomonas xianhensis CGMCC 1.6848
jgi.1058046.1 Halopelagius inordinatus CGMCC 1.7739
jgi.1076188.1 Halopelagius longus CGMCC 1.12397
jgi.1076182.1 Halopiger salifodinae CGMCC 1.12284
jgi.1058094.1 Haloplanus aerogenes CGMCC 1.10124
jgi.1058054.1 Haloplanus vescus CGMCC 1.8712
jgi.1057974.1 Halorubrum aquaticum CGMCC 1.6377
jgi.1057946.1 Halorubrum xinjiangense CGMCC 1.3527
jgi.1085074.1 Haloterrigena daqingensis CGMCC 1.8909
jgi.1076294.1 Herbiconiux ginsengi CGMCC 4.3491
jgi.1058016.1 Hydrocarboniphaga daqingensis CGMCC 1.7049
jgi.1084682.1 Hydrogenimonas thermophila EP1-55-1
jgi.1076198.1 Hydrogenoanaerobacterium saccharovorans CGMCC 1.5070
jgi.1058064.1 Hymenobacter psychrophilus CGMCC 1.8975
jgi.1041423.1 Idiomarina indica CGMCC 1.10824
jgi.1058032.1 Idiomarina maritima CGMCC 1.7285
jgi.1084680.1 Izhakiella capsodis N6PO6
jgi.1076228.1 Jeotgalicoccus halophilus CGMCC 1.8911
jgi.1071160.1 Kosakonia arachidis Ah-143
jgi.1041426.1 Lacibacter cauensis CGMCC 1.7271
jgi.1052823.1 Lactobacillus apis R-53131
jgi.1052820.1 Lactobacillus sp. R-53102
jgi.1076298.1 Lechevalieria fradiae CGMCC 4.3506
jgi.1076306.1 Lechevalieria xinjiangensis CGMCC 4.3525
jgi.1057948.1 Lentibacillus halodurans CGMCC 1.3702
jgi.1076270.1 Lentzea flaviverrucosa CGMCC 4.578
jgi.1085086.1 Lentzea jiangxiensis CGMCC 4.6609
jgi.1052832.1 Leuconostocaceae sp. R-53105
jgi.1084700.1 Limimonas halophila DSM 25584
jgi.1076210.1 Lishizhenia tianjinensis CGMCC 1.7005
jgi.1041429.1 Luteimonas cucumeris CGMCC 1.10821
jgi.1102434.1 Luteimonas tolerans UM1
jgi.1041432.1 Lysobacter ruishenii CGMCC 1.10136
jgi.1076216.1 Mameliella alba CGMCC 1.7290
jgi.1076250.1 Marinobacter antarcticus CGMCC 1.10835
jgi.1076236.1 Marinobacter daqiaonensis CGMCC 1.9167
jgi.1057972.1 Marinobacter gudaonensis CGMCC 1.6294
jgi.1058022.1 Marinobacter mobilis CGMCC 1.7059
jgi.1057998.1 Marinobacter pelagius CGMCC 1.6775
jgi.1057982.1 Marinobacter segnicrescens CGMCC 1.6489
jgi.1058024.1 Marinobacter zhejiangensis CGMCC 1.7061
jgi.1058034.1 Marinobacterium sediminicola CGMCC 1.7287
jgi.1041435.1 Massilia flava CGMCC 1.10685
jgi.1041438.1 Massilia lurida CGMCC 1.10822
jgi.1076258.1 Massilia namucuonensis CGMCC 1.11014
jgi.1076176.1 Massilia yuzhufengensis CGMCC 1.12041
jgi.1076156.1 Meridianimaribacter flavus CGMCC 1.10957
jgi.1041441.1 Mesorhizobium qingshengii CGMCC 1.12097
jgi.1041444.1 Mesorhizobium tianshanense CGMCC 1.2546
jgi.1071168.1 Methylobacillus rhizosphaerae Ca-68
jgi.1071170.1 Methylobacterium gossipiicola Gh-105
jgi.1071172.1 Methylobacterium phyllosphaerae CBMB27
jgi.1071174.1 Methylobacterium phyllostachyos BL47
jgi.1071178.1 Methylobacterium pseudosasicola BL36
jgi.1057980.1 Methylobacterium salsuginis CGMCC 1.6474
jgi.1102276.1 Methylocapsa palsarum NE2
jgi.1071180.1 Methylophilus rhizosphaerae CBMB127
jgi.1058028.1 Microbulbifer donghaiensis CGMCC 1.7063
jgi.1076246.1 Microbulbifer marinus CGMCC 1.10657
jgi.1076136.1 Microbulbifer yueqingensis CGMCC 1.10658
jgi.1058018.1 Micrococcus terreus CGMCC 1.7054
jgi.1041447.1 Microvirga guangxiensis CGMCC 1.7666
jgi.1071184.1 Mucilaginibacter gossypii Gh-67
jgi.1071186.1 Mucilaginibacter gossypiicola Gh-48
jgi.1102366.1 Mucilaginibacter pineti M47C3B
jgi.1076178.1 Muricauda antarctica CGMCC 1.12174
jgi.1076170.1 Muricauda zhangzhouensis CGMCC 1.11028
jgi.1076174.1 Mycetocola miduiensis CGMCC 1.11101
jgi.1085024.1 Mycobacterium litorale CGMCC 4.5724
jgi.1058066.1 Natronorubrum sediminis CGMCC 1.8981
jgi.1076154.1 Nitratireductor indicus CGMCC 1.10953
jgi.1076142.1 Nocardioides alpinus CGMCC 1.10697
jgi.1076262.1 Nocardioides psychrotolerans CGMCC 1.11156
jgi.1076260.1 Nocardioides szechwanensis CGMCC 1.11147
jgi.1058020.1 Nocardioides terrae CGMCC 1.7056
jgi.1085022.1 Nocardiopsis flavescens CGMCC 4.5723
jgi.1085088.1 Nonomuraea jiangxiensis CGMCC 4.6533
jgi.1085020.1 Nonomuraea maritima CGMCC 4.5681
jgi.1085050.1 Nonomuraea solani CGMCC 4.7037
jgi.1085082.1 Nonomuraea wenchangensis CGMCC 4.5598
jgi.1118318.1 Noviherbaspirillum suwonense DSM 26001
jgi.1118300.1 Novosphingobium mathurense SM117
jgi.1118302.1 Novosphingobium panipatense SM16
jgi.1041450.1 Novosphingobium taihuense CGMCC 1.3432
jgi.1076150.1 Georgenia satyanarayanai CGMCC 1.10826
jgi.1084704.1 Oceanobacillus limi IBRC-M 10780
jgi.1058102.1 Paenibacillus algorifonticola CGMCC 1.10223
jgi.1076146.1 Paenibacillus catalpae CGMCC 1.10784
jgi.1076238.1 Paenibacillus jilunlii CGMCC 1.10239
jgi.1084678.1 Paenibacillus naphthalenovorans PR-N1
jgi.1058106.1 Paenibacillus sophorae CGMCC 1.10238
jgi.1118322.1 Paenibacillus sp. 11
jgi.1076162.1 Paenibacillus taihuensis CGMCC 1.10966
jgi.1058062.1 Paenibacillus tianmuensis CGMCC 1.8946
jgi.1076256.1 Paenibacillus typhae CGMCC 1.11012
jgi.1058036.1 Paracoccus chinensis CGMCC 1.7655
jgi.1057964.1 Paracoccus halophilus CGMCC 1.6117
jgi.1041453.1 Paracoccus sulfuroxidans CGMCC 1.5364
jgi.1102438.1 Parapedobacter indicus RK1
jgi.1102440.1 Parapedobacter koreensis Jip14
jgi.1057952.1 Pediococcus ethanolidurans CGMCC 1.3889
jgi.1058108.1 Pelagibacterium luteolum CGMCC 1.10267
jgi.1102424.1 Pelagirhabdus alkalitolerans S5
jgi.1076208.1 Phycicoccus cremeus CGMCC 1.6963
jgi.1058002.1 Planomicrobium glaciei CGMCC 1.6846
jgi.1118344.1 Plantibacter flavus VKM Ac-2504
jgi.1071258.1 Pleomorphomonas diazotrophica R5-392
jgi.1102442.1 Pontibacter chinhatensis LP51
jgi.1102444.1 Pontibacter indicus LP100
jgi.1102446.1 Pontibacter lucknowensis DM9
jgi.1102448.1 Pontibacter ramchanderi LP43
jgi.1118304.1 Pontibacter ummariensis NKM1
jgi.1085010.1 Prauserella marina CGMCC 4.5506
jgi.1058048.1 Pseudoalteromonas lipolytica CGMCC 1.8499
jgi.1058068.1 Pseudomonas bauzanensis CGMCC 1.9095
jgi.1118306.1 Pseudomonas delhiensis RLD-1
jgi.1041459.1 Pseudomonas duriflava CGMCC 1.6858
jgi.1118294.1 Pseudomonas panipatensis Esp-1
jgi.1076276.1 Pseudonocardia ammonioxydans CGMCC 4.1877
jgi.1076290.1 Pseudonocardia oroxyli CGMCC 4.3143
jgi.1076152.1 Pseudorhodobacter antarcticus CGMCC 1.10836
jgi.1118276.1 Pseudoxanthomonas indica P15
jgi.1076186.1 Pustulibacterium marinum CGMCC 1.12333
jgi.1118354.1 Rathayibacter iranicus VKM Ac-1602
jgi.1052904.1 Rhizobium hainanense CCBAU 57015
jgi.1041465.1 Rhizobium loessense CGMCC 1.3401
jgi.1052907.1 Rhizobium lusitanum P1-7
jgi.1052910.1 Rhizobium miluonense HAMBI 2971
jgi.1052913.1 Rhizobium multihospitium HAMBI 2975
jgi.1102370.1 Rhizobium pusense LMG 25623
jgi.1052919.1 Rhizobium sp. HBR26
jgi.1076214.1 Rhizobium tibeticum CGMCC 1.7071
jgi.1071208.1 Rhodanobacter glycinis MO64
jgi.1102284.1 Rhodococcus kyotonensis JCM 23211
jgi.1102286.1 Rhodococcus maanshanensis DSM 44675
jgi.1102290.1 Rhodococcus tukisamuensis JCM 11308
jgi.1058060.1 Roseicitreum antarcticum CGMCC 1.8894
jgi.1084674.1 Rosenbergiella nectarea 8N4
jgi.1076160.1 Roseovarius nanhaiticus CGMCC 1.10961
jgi.1058070.1 Ruegeria marina CGMCC 1.9108
jgi.1085060.1 Saccharopolyspora antimicrobica CPCC 201259
jgi.1076308.1 Saccharopolyspora jiangxiensis CGMCC 4.3529
jgi.1076310.1 Saccharopolyspora shandongensis CGMCC 4.3530
jgi.1102420.1 Salibacterium halotolerans S7
jgi.1085096.1 Salinibacillus kushneri CGMCC 1.3566
jgi.1076204.1 Salinicoccus halodurans CGMCC 1.6501
jgi.1102410.1 Salisediminibacterium haloalkalitolerans 10nlg
jgi.1085098.1 Salisediminibacterium halotolerans CGMCC 1.7654
jgi.1076206.1 Sediminibacillus albus CGMCC 1.6502
jgi.1076202.1 Sediminibacillus halophilus CGMCC 1.6199
jgi.1041471.1 Sinomicrobium oceani CGMCC 1.12145
jgi.1085070.1 Sinosporangium album CPCC 201354
jgi.1052850.1 Snodgrassella sp. R-53583
jgi.1041477.1 Sphingobium faniae CGMCC 1.7749
jgi.1041480.1 Sphingobium wenxiniae CGMCC 1.7748
jgi.1118282.1 Sphingomonas histidinilytica UM2
jgi.1118284.1 Sphingomonas indica Dd16
jgi.1118286.1 Sphingomonas laterariae LNB2
jgi.1058074.1 Sphingomonas rubra CGMCC 1.9113
jgi.1071262.1 Sphingomonas sp. S5-249
jgi.1071266.1 Sphingomonas sp. S7-754
jgi.1118288.1 Sphingopyxis flava R11H
jgi.1118290.1 Sphingopyxis indica DS15
jgi.1118292.1 Sphingopyxis ummariensis UI2
jgi.1085084.1 Streptacidiphilus jiangxiensis CGMCC 4.1857
jgi.1076300.1 Streptomyces alni CGMCC 4.3510
jgi.1076272.1 Streptomyces glauciniger CGMCC 4.1858
jgi.1076278.1 Streptomyces guanduensis CGMCC 4.2022
jgi.1085028.1 Streptomyces indicus CGMCC 4.5727
jgi.1076274.1 Streptomyces jietaisiensis CGMCC 4.1859
jgi.1076282.1 Streptomyces paucisporeus CGMCC 4.2025
jgi.1085038.1 Streptomyces qinglanensis CGMCC 4.6825
jgi.1076304.1 Streptomyces radiopugnans CGMCC 4.3519
jgi.1076284.1 Streptomyces rubidus CGMCC 4.2026
jgi.1085054.1 Streptomyces wuyuanensis CGMCC 4.7042
jgi.1076280.1 Streptomyces yanglinensis CGMCC 4.2023
jgi.1076314.1 Streptomyces yunnanensis CGMCC 4.3555
jgi.1076286.1 Streptosporangium canum CGMCC 4.2126
jgi.1076288.1 Streptosporangium subroseum CGMCC 4.2132
jgi.1076234.1 Sunxiuqinia elliptica CGMCC 1.9156
jgi.1076194.1 Tenuibacillus multivorans CGMCC 1.3442
jgi.1085072.1 Terribacillus aidingensis CGMCC 1.8913
jgi.1058080.1 Tessaracoccus oleiagri CGMCC 1.9159
jgi.1084690.1 Thauera chlorobenzoica 3CB-1
jgi.1058010.1 Thermus arciformis CGMCC 1.6992
jgi.1076184.1 Thioclava dalianensis CGMCC 1.12325
jgi.1076312.1 Verrucosispora sediminis CGMCC 4.3550
jgi.1058026.1 Vibrio hangzhouensis CGMCC 1.7062
jgi.1085080.1 Virgibacillus chiguensis CGMCC 1.6496
jgi.1076244.1 Virgibacillus salinus CGMCC 1.10449
jgi.1076224.1 Virgibacillus subterraneus CGMCC 1.7734
jgi.1052829.1 Weissella hellenica R-53116
jgi.1052826.1 Weissella sp. R-53094
jgi.1085068.1 Williamsia sterculiae CPCC 203464
jgi.1085052.1 Xiangella phaseoli CGMCC 4.7038
jgi.1085012.1 Yuhushiella deserti CGMCC 4.5579
jgi.1057962.1 Zhouia amylolytica CGMCC 1.6114
jgi.1035920.1 Acetoanaerobium noterae ATCC 35199
jgi.1047262.1 Acetobacter peroxydans ATCC 12874
jgi.1107994.1 Acetomicrobium flavidum DSM 20664
jgi.1047202.1 Acholeplasma morum ATCC 33211
jgi.1035938.1 Acholeplasma oculi ATCC 27350
jgi.1095756.1 Acidiphilium rubrum ATCC 35905
jgi.1068032.1 Acidovorax anthurii DSM 16745
jgi.1068060.1 Acidovorax caeni DSM 19327
jgi.1068058.1 Acidovorax cattleyae DSM 17101
jgi.1068056.1 Acidovorax citrulli DSM 17060
jgi.1055345.1 Acidovorax delafieldii DSM 64
jgi.1068020.1 Acidovorax konjaci DSM 7481
jgi.1085893.1 Acidovorax soli DSM 25157
jgi.1055375.1 Acidovorax valerianellae DSM 16619
jgi.1068022.1 Acidovorax wautersii DSM 27981
jgi.1085783.1 Actinobaculum suis DSM 20639
jgi.1048863.1 Actinokineospora diospyrosa DSM 44255
jgi.1048881.1 Actinokineospora globicatena DSM 44256
jgi.1055183.1 Actinokineospora terrae DSM 44260
jgi.1068096.1 Actinomadura echinospora DSM 43163
jgi.1068094.1 Actinomadura madurae DSM 43067
jgi.1107661.1 Actinomadura meyerae DSM 44715
jgi.1085831.1 Actinoplanes philippinensis DSM 43019
jgi.1107663.1 Actinoplanes xinjiangensis DSM 45184
jgi.1055204.1 Actinopolyspora alba DSM 45004
jgi.1055207.1 Actinopolyspora mzabensis DSM 45460
jgi.1055339.1 Actinopolyspora righensis DSM 45501
jgi.1055186.1 Actinopolyspora xinjiangensis DSM 46732
jgi.1048878.1 Actinosynnema pretiosum subsp. pretiosum DSM 44132
jgi.1055237.1 Aerococcus suis DSM 21500
jgi.1107671.1 Agromyces cerinus subsp. cerinus DSM 8595
jgi.1107932.1 Aidingimonas halophila DSM 19219
jgi.1048971.1 Albidovulum inexpectatum DSM 12048
jgi.1049088.1 Albidovulum xiamenense DSM 24422
jgi.1107930.1 Albimonas donghaensis DSM 17890
jgi.1068012.1 Algibacter lectus DSM 15365
jgi.1055420.1 Algibacter pectinivorans DSM 25730
jgi.1049043.1 Algoriphagus alkaliphilus DSM 22703
jgi.1068028.1 Algoriphagus aquimarinus DSM 23399
jgi.1049007.1 Algoriphagus chordae DSM 19830
jgi.1058956.1 Algoriphagus faecimaris DSM 23095
jgi.1107623.1 Algoriphagus halophilus DSM 15292
jgi.1059010.1 Algoriphagus hitonicola DSM 19315
jgi.1068030.1 Algoriphagus locisalis DSM 23445
jgi.1058908.1 Algoriphagus ornithinivorans DSM 15282
jgi.1049040.1 Algoriphagus ratkowskyi DSM 22686
jgi.1049070.1 Algoriphagus yeomjeoni DSM 23446
jgi.1067988.1 Alicyclobacillus hesperidum DSM 12489
jgi.1085751.1 Alicyclobacillus macrosporangiidus DSM 17980
jgi.1096489.1 Alicyclobacillus vulcanalis DSM 16176
jgi.1071272.1 Aliicoccus persicus IBRC-M10081
jgi.1107717.1 Aliifodinibius roseus DSM 21986
jgi.1108028.1 Alistipes timonensis DSM 25383
jgi.1055300.1 Alkalibacterium gilvum DSM 25751
jgi.1055222.1 Alkalibacterium pelagium DSM 19183
jgi.1055225.1 Alkalibacterium putridalgicola DSM 19182
jgi.1055297.1 Alkalibacterium subtropicum DSM 23664
jgi.1055228.1 Alkalibacterium thalassium DSM 19181
jgi.1049085.1 Alkalitalea saponilacus DSM 24412
jgi.1071276.1 Alloactinosynnema iranicum IBRC-M 10403
jgi.1102328.1 Allochromatium warmingii DSM 173
jgi.1047199.1 Altererythrobacter ishigakiensis ATCC BAA-2084
jgi.1071278.1 Alteribacillus bidgolensis IBRC-M10614
jgi.1071280.1 Alteribacillus persepolensis DSM 21632
jgi.1085903.1 Amycolatopsis pretoriensis DSM 44654
jgi.1068368.1 Amycolatopsis regifaucium DSM 45072
jgi.1085901.1 Amycolatopsis rubida DSM 44637
jgi.1068098.1 Amycolatopsis saalfeldensis DSM 44993
jgi.1085899.1 Amycolatopsis sacchari DSM 44468
jgi.1035929.1 Anaeroplasma bactoclasticum ATCC 27112
jgi.1035962.1 Anaerorhabdus furcosa ATCC 25662
jgi.1068078.1 Aneurinibacillus thermoaerophilus DSM 10154
jgi.1055282.1 Antarctobacter heliothermus DSM 11445
jgi.1058940.1 Aquimarina amphilecti DSM 25232
jgi.1107908.1 Aquimarina intermedia DSM 17527
jgi.1058954.1 Aquimarina spongiae DSM 22623
jgi.1058856.1 Aquimonas voraii DSM 16957
jgi.1049022.1 Arcicella aurantiaca DSM 22214
jgi.1048899.1 Arenibacter echinorum DSM 23522
jgi.1048896.1 Arenibacter palladensis DSM 17539
jgi.1048893.1 Arenibacter troitsensis DSM 19835
jgi.1096495.1 Asanoa ishikariensis DSM 44718
jgi.1096575.1 Austwickia chelonae DSM 44178
jgi.1095768.1 Azoarcus tolulyticus ATCC 51758
jgi.1053039.1 Azospirillum brasilense DSM 1690
jgi.1052940.1 Azotobacter vinelandii DSM 279
jgi.1071288.1 Bacillus salsus IBRC-M10078
jgi.1108008.1 Bacteroides clarus DSM 22519
jgi.1107749.1 Bacteroides faecichinchillae DSM 26883
jgi.1107761.1 Bacteroides luti DSM 26991
jgi.1107751.1 Bacteroides stercorirosoris DSM 26884
jgi.1096485.1 Belliella pelovolcani DSM 46698
jgi.1058936.1 Bizionia echini DSM 23925
jgi.1058962.1 Bizionia paragorgiae DSM 23842
jgi.1068046.1 Blastococcus sp. DSM 46786
jgi.1058926.1 Bosea lathyri DSM 26656
jgi.1067984.1 Bosea lupini DSM 26673
jgi.1085745.1 Bosea robiniae DSM 26672
jgi.1085747.1 Bosea sp. DSM 18164
jgi.1048902.1 Bosea thiooxidans DSM 9653
jgi.1085825.1 Bryocella elongata DSM 22489
jgi.1107996.1 Caldicoprobacter faecalis DSM 20678
jgi.1035998.1 Campylobacter helveticus ATCC 51209
jgi.1095782.1 Campylobacter hyointestinalis subsp. hyointestinalis ATCC 35217
jgi.1095740.1 Campylobacter lari subsp. lari ATCC 35221
jgi.1058920.1 Carnobacterium iners DSM 28070
jgi.1055291.1 Celeribacter baekdonensis DSM 27375
jgi.1108070.1 Celeribacter marinus DSM 100036
jgi.1055303.1 Celeribacter neptunius DSM 26471
jgi.1058934.1 Cellulophaga baltica DSM 24729
jgi.1049210.1 Cellulophaga tyrosinoxydans DSM 21164
jgi.1035977.1 Cetobacterium ceti ATCC 700028
jgi.1107779.1 Chishuiella changwenlii DSM 27989
jgi.1055336.1 Chitinophaga arvensicola DSM 3695
jgi.1055333.1 Chitinophaga eiseniae DSM 22224
jgi.1055216.1 Chitinophaga filiformis DSM 527
jgi.1048998.1 Chitinophaga ginsengisegetis DSM 18108
jgi.1107771.1 Chitinophaga jiangningensis DSM 27406
jgi.1055411.1 Chitinophaga niabensis DSM 24787
jgi.1059006.1 Chitinophaga rupis DSM 21039
jgi.1049079.1 Chitinophaga skermanii DSM 23857
jgi.1107773.1 Chryseobacterium arachidis DSM 27619
jgi.1096607.1 Chryseobacterium balustinum DSM 16775
jgi.1107737.1 Chryseobacterium carnipullorum DSM 25581
jgi.1096621.1 Chryseobacterium chaponense DSM 23145
jgi.1107775.1 Chryseobacterium contaminans DSM 27621
jgi.1085887.1 Chryseobacterium culicis DSM 23031
jgi.1085853.1 Chryseobacterium daecheongense DSM 15235
jgi.1085851.1 Chryseobacterium defluvii DSM 14219
jgi.1085895.1 Chryseobacterium frigidisoli DSM 26000
jgi.1096583.1 Chryseobacterium gambrini DSM 18014
jgi.1096633.1 Chryseobacterium hominis DSM 19326
jgi.1085879.1 Chryseobacterium humi DSM 21580
jgi.1085877.1 Chryseobacterium hungaricum DSM 19684
jgi.1096609.1 Chryseobacterium indologenes DSM 16777
jgi.1096611.1 Chryseobacterium indoltheticum DSM 16778
jgi.1085875.1 Chryseobacterium jejuense DSM 19299
jgi.1096615.1 Chryseobacterium joostei DSM 16927
jgi.1107922.1 Chryseobacterium molle DSM 18016
jgi.1085839.1 Chryseobacterium oleae DSM 25575
jgi.1085873.1 Chryseobacterium oranimense DSM 19055
jgi.1096585.1 Chryseobacterium pallidum DSM 18015
jgi.1096589.1 Chryseobacterium piscicola DSM 21068
jgi.1107757.1 Chryseobacterium polytrichastri DSM 26899
jgi.1096613.1 Chryseobacterium scophthalmum DSM 16779
jgi.1096617.1 Chryseobacterium shigense DSM 17126
jgi.1085859.1 Chryseobacterium soldanellicola DSM 17072
jgi.1085857.1 Chryseobacterium taeanense DSM 17071
jgi.1085863.1 Chryseobacterium taichungense DSM 17453
jgi.1107755.1 Chryseobacterium takakiae DSM 26898
jgi.1096635.1 Chryseobacterium treverense DSM 22251
jgi.1096587.1 Chryseobacterium ureilyticum DSM 18017
jgi.1085865.1 Chryseobacterium wanjuense DSM 17724
jgi.1107777.1 Chryseobacterium zeae DSM 27623
jgi.1055408.1 Chryseolinea serpens DSM 24574
jgi.1055390.1 Citreicella aestuarii DSM 22011
jgi.1055426.1 Citreicella marina DSM 26424
jgi.1055363.1 Citreicella thiooxidans DSM 10146
jgi.1107902.1 Citreimonas salinaria DSM 26880
jgi.1068050.1 Cloacibacterium normanense DSM 15886
jgi.1107655.1 Clostridium algidicarnis DSM 15099
jgi.1107657.1 Clostridium amylolyticum DSM 21864
jgi.1107659.1 Clostridium caenicola DSM 19027
jgi.1068038.1 Clostridium cocleatum DSM 1551
jgi.1107631.1 Clostridium fallax DSM 2631
jgi.1085809.1 Clostridium fimetarium DSM 9179
jgi.1068062.1 Clostridium frigidicarnis DSM 12271
jgi.1068064.1 Clostridium gasigenes DSM 12272
jgi.1107906.1 KE993550_s DSM 4029
jgi.1085731.1 Clostridium uliginosum DSM 12992
jgi.1107753.1 Cnuella takakiae DSM 26897
jgi.1108038.1 Coprobacter fastidiosus DSM 26242
jgi.1096551.1 Corynebacterium afermentans subsp. afermentans DSM 44280
jgi.1096637.1 Corynebacterium appendicis DSM 44531
jgi.1108068.1 Cribrihabitans marinus DSM 29340
jgi.1107651.1 Cruoricaptor ignavus DSM 25479
jgi.1107629.1 Cryptosporangium aurantiacum DSM 46144
jgi.1107627.1 Cycloclasticus sp. DSM 27168
jgi.1048950.1 Cytophaga xylanolytica DSM 6779
jgi.1049004.1 Defluviimonas denitrificans DSM 18921
jgi.1108020.1 Defluviimonas indica DSM 24802
jgi.1058988.1 Dendrosporobacter quercicolus DSM 1736
jgi.1058918.1 Desemzia incerta DSM 20581
jgi.1013926.1 Desulfobacterium vacuolatum DSM 3385
jgi.1084676.1 Desulfoluna spongiiphila AA1
jgi.1059000.1 Desulfomicrobium apsheronum DSM 5918
jgi.1085759.1 Desulfomicrobium norvegicum DSM 1741
jgi.1055162.1 Desulfonauticus submarinus DSM 15269
jgi.1085733.1 Desulfosporosinus hippei DSM 8344
jgi.1058858.1 Desulfovibrio mexicanus DSM 13116
jgi.1058922.1 Dolosicoccus paucivorans DSM 15742
jgi.1096515.1 Donghicola eburneus DSM 29127
jgi.1055180.1 Dyadobacter koreensis DSM 19938
jgi.1048935.1 Dyadobacter psychrophilus DSM 22270
jgi.1055210.1 Dyadobacter soli DSM 25329
jgi.1107769.1 Dysgonomonas macrotermitis DSM 27370
jgi.1102330.1 Ectothiorhodosinus mongolicus M9
jgi.1102332.1 Ectothiorhodospira magna B7-7
jgi.1096571.1 Ekhidna lutea DSM 19307
jgi.1048980.1 Elizabethkingia miricola DSM 14571
jgi.1095750.1 Enterobacter kobei ATCC BAA-260
jgi.1047196.1 Entomoplasma freundtii ATCC 51999
jgi.1058972.1 Epibacterium ulvae DSM 24752
jgi.1059024.1 Epilithonimonas lactis DSM 19921
jgi.1035902.1 Eubacterium coprostanoligenes ATCC 51222
jgi.1035944.1 Eubacterium ruminantium ATCC 17233
jgi.1035959.1 Eubacterium uniforme ATCC 35992
jgi.1035905.1 Eubacterium yurii subsp. yurii ATCC 43714
jgi.1095752.1 Facklamia miroungae ATCC BAA-466
jgi.1067958.1 Ferrimonas sediminum DSM 23317
jgi.1055159.1 Fervidobacterium changbaicum DSM 17883
jgi.1035896.1 Fibrobacter intestinalis ATCC 43854
jgi.1096537.1 Filimonas lacunae DSM 21054
jgi.1085847.1 Flaviramulus basaltis DSM 18180
jgi.1108030.1 Flavobacterium akiainvivens DSM 25510
jgi.1107986.1 Flavobacterium aquidurense DSM 18293
jgi.1107731.1 Flavobacterium araucananum DSM 24704
jgi.1107733.1 Flavobacterium chilense DSM 24724
jgi.1107703.1 Flavobacterium cucumis DSM 18830
jgi.1108034.1 Flavobacterium cutihirudinis DSM 25795
jgi.1108032.1 Flavobacterium dankookense DSM 25687
jgi.1107695.1 Flavobacterium defluvii DSM 17963
jgi.1107974.1 Flavobacterium degerlachei DSM 15718
jgi.1107673.1 Flavobacterium flevense DSM 1076
jgi.1107715.1 Flavobacterium fluvii DSM 19978
jgi.1107739.1 Flavobacterium fontis DSM 25660
jgi.1107687.1 Flavobacterium frigidimaris DSM 15937
jgi.1107976.1 Flavobacterium frigoris DSM 15719
jgi.1107689.1 Flavobacterium fryxellicola DSM 16209
jgi.1108004.1 Flavobacterium gillisiae DSM 22376
jgi.1107693.1 Flavobacterium granuli DSM 17797
jgi.1108010.1 Flavobacterium haoranii DSM 22807
jgi.1107685.1 Flavobacterium limicola DSM 15094
jgi.1107691.1 Flavobacterium micromati DSM 17659
jgi.1107681.1 Flavobacterium pectinovorum DSM 6368
jgi.1010994.1 Flavobacterium psychrophilum DSM 3660
jgi.1107675.1 Flavobacterium saccharophilum DSM 1811
jgi.1107711.1 Flavobacterium segetis DSM 19741
jgi.1107956.1 Flavobacterium succinicans DSM 4002
jgi.1107701.1 Flavobacterium terrae DSM 18829
jgi.1108040.1 Flavobacterium urocaniciphilum DSM 27078
jgi.1107707.1 Flavobacterium weaverense DSM 19727
jgi.1107677.1 Flavobacterium xanthum DSM 3661
jgi.1107683.1 Flexibacter aurantiacus DSM 6792
jgi.1089303.1 Flexibacter flexilis DSM 6793
jgi.1067970.1 Flexibacter ruber DSM 9560
jgi.1068072.1 Fontibacillus panacisegetis DSM 28129
jgi.1048905.1 Fontibacter flavus DSM 22241
jgi.1058888.1 Fontimonas thermophila DSM 23609
jgi.1049034.1 Formosa spongicola DSM 22637
jgi.1068000.1 jgi.1068000_s DSM 45899
jgi.1035953.1 Fusobacterium naviforme ATCC 25832
jgi.1048974.1 Gelidibacter algens DSM 12408
jgi.1035947.1 Gemmiger formicilis ATCC 27749
jgi.1055357.1 Gemmobacter aquatilis DSM 3857
jgi.1096563.1 Gemmobacter megaterium DSM 26375
jgi.1047190.1 Geobacter argillaceus ATCC BAA-1139
jgi.1035995.1 Geobacter thiogenes ATCC BAA-34
jgi.1107898.1 Geodermatophilus nigrescens DSM 45408
jgi.1067948.1 Geodermatophilus poikilotrophi DSM 44209
jgi.1058882.1 Geodermatophilus ruber DSM 45317
jgi.1058884.1 Geodermatophilus saharensis DSM 45423
jgi.1107713.1 Gillisia mitskevichiae DSM 19839
jgi.1048872.1 Goodfellowiella coeruleoviolacea DSM 43935
jgi.1096491.1 Granulicatella balaenopterae DSM 15827
jgi.1096541.1 Granulicella pectinivorans DSM 21001
jgi.1096511.1 Granulicella rosea DSM 18704
jgi.1047223.1 Haemophilus ducreyi ATCC 33940
jgi.1095758.1 Halanaerobium kushneri ATCC 700103
jgi.1071292.1 Haloarchaeobius iranensis IBRC-M 10013
jgi.1107954.1 Haloarcula vallismortis DSM 3756
jgi.1071136.1 Halobacillus alkaliphilus FP5
jgi.1107960.1 Halobaculum gomorrense DSM 9297
jgi.1107968.1 Halobiforma haloterrestris DSM 13078
jgi.1108002.1 Halohasta litchfieldiae DSM 22187
jgi.1085781.1 Halolactibacillus halophilus DSM 17073
jgi.1085779.1 Halolactibacillus miurensis DSM 17074
jgi.1071142.1 Halomonas pantelleriensis AAP
jgi.1071144.1 Halomonas sinaiensis Sharm
jgi.1071296.1 Halopenitus malekzadehii IBRC-M10418
jgi.1071298.1 Halopenitus persicus IBRC10041
jgi.1067962.1 Halopiger aswanensis DSM 13151
jgi.1084692.1 Halorientalis persicus IBRC-M 10043
jgi.1084694.1 Halorientalis regularis IBRC-M 10760
jgi.1055354.1 Halorubrum sodomense DSM 3755
jgi.1067966.1 Halostagnicola kamekurae DSM 22427
jgi.1084696.1 Halovenus aranensis IBRC-M10015
jgi.1085765.1 Hasllibacter halocynthiae DSM 29318
jgi.1048953.1 Hwanghaeicola aestuarii DSM 22009
jgi.1108026.1 Hydrobacter penzbergensis DSM 25353
jgi.1085753.1 Hydrogenivirga caldilitoris DSM 16510
jgi.1049055.1 Hydrotalea sandarakina DSM 23241
jgi.1058910.1 Hymenobacter actinosclerus DSM 15310
jgi.1068036.1 Hymenobacter arizonensis DSM 17870
jgi.1068082.1 Hyphomicrobium facile subsp. facile DSM 1565
jgi.1085795.1 Hyunsoonleella jejuensis DSM 21035
jgi.1067990.1 Ignavigranum ruoffiae DSM 15695
jgi.1096471.1 Insolitispirillum peregrinum subsp. integrum DSM 11589
jgi.1067998.1 Isobaculum melis DSM 13760
jgi.1096513.1 Jannaschia aquimarina DSM 28248
jgi.1108074.1 Jannaschia faecimaris DSM 100420
jgi.1055189.1 Jannaschia helgolandensis DSM 14858
jgi.1055195.1 Jannaschia pohangensis DSM 19073
jgi.1058902.1 Jannaschia rubra DSM 16279
jgi.1085735.1 Jannaschia seohaensis DSM 25227
jgi.1107904.1 Jatrophihabitans endophyticus DSM 45627
jgi.1085889.1 Jhaorihella thermophila DSM 23413
jgi.1048884.1 Kibdelosporangium aridum subsp. aridum DSM 43828
jgi.1059020.1 Kriegella aquimaris DSM 19886
jgi.1096501.1 Kroppenstedtia eburnea DSM 45196
jgi.1085845.1 Kushneria avicenniae DSM 23439
jgi.1085905.1 Kutzneria buriramensis DSM 45791
jgi.1107719.1 Labrenzia suaedae DSM 22153
jgi.1049016.1 Larkinella arboricola DSM 21851
jgi.1048860.1 Lechevalieria flava DSM 43885
jgi.1059018.1 Leeuwenhoekiella palythoae DSM 19859
jgi.1035968.1 Legionella maceachernii ATCC 35300
jgi.1084698.1 Lentibacillus persicus DSM 22530
jgi.1108014.1 Lentibacter algarum DSM 24677
jgi.1055168.1 Lentzea albida DSM 44437
jgi.1048887.1 Lentzea albidocapillata DSM 44073
jgi.1048875.1 Lentzea californiensis DSM 43393
jgi.1055171.1 Lentzea violacea DSM 44796
jgi.1067950.1 Lentzea waywayandensis DSM 44232
jgi.1095742.1 Leptospira interrogans ATCC 43642
jgi.1108016.1 Lewinella agarilytica DSM 24740
jgi.1085789.1 Lihuaxuella thermophila DSM 46701
jgi.1095746.1 Listeria ivanovii subsp. londoniensis ATCC 49954
jgi.1055309.1 Litoreibacter albidus DSM 26922
jgi.1107795.1 Litoreibacter ascidiaceicola DSM 100566
jgi.1085773.1 Litoreibacter halocynthiae DSM 29467
jgi.1055306.1 Litoreibacter janthinus DSM 26921
jgi.1085771.1 Litoreibacter meonggei DSM 29466
jgi.1055387.1 Litorimicrobium taeanense DSM 22007
jgi.1107785.1 Loktanella atrilutea DSM 29326
jgi.1058900.1 Loktanella fryxellensis DSM 16213
jgi.1058906.1 Loktanella koreensis DSM 17925
jgi.1096519.1 Loktanella litorea DSM 29433
jgi.1108064.1 Loktanella maricola DSM 29128
jgi.1067972.1 Loktanella pyoseonensis DSM 21424
jgi.1085777.1 Loktanella rosea DSM 29591
jgi.1058898.1 Loktanella salsilacus DSM 16199
jgi.1108058.1 Loktanella sediminum DSM 28715
jgi.1085815.1 Loktanella sp. DSM 29012
jgi.1058892.1 Loktanella tamlensis DSM 26879
jgi.1058966.1 Lutibacter flavus DSM 27993
jgi.1058968.1 Lutibacter maritimus DSM 24450
jgi.1108022.1 Lutibacter oricola DSM 24956
jgi.1107649.1 Lutimaribacter pacificus DSM 29620
jgi.1085739.1 Lutimaribacter saemankumensis DSM 28010
jgi.1096641.1 Lysinimicrobium mangrovi DSM 24868
jgi.1095734.1 Lysobacter enzymogenes ATCC 29487
jgi.1108042.1 Mangrovibacterium diazotrophicum DSM 27148
jgi.1058946.1 Maribacter aquivivus DSM 16478
jgi.1049076.1 Maribacter arcticus DSM 23546
jgi.1058944.1 Maribacter orientalis DSM 16471
jgi.1049073.1 Maribacter polysiphoniae DSM 23514
jgi.1059016.1 Maribacter sedimenticola DSM 19840
jgi.1059022.1 Maribacter stanieri DSM 19891
jgi.1096627.1 Maribacter ulvicola DSM 15366
jgi.1055285.1 Maribius pelagius DSM 26893
jgi.1055273.1 Maribius salinus DSM 26892
jgi.1067946.1 Maricaulis salignorans DSM 16077
jgi.1067996.1 Marinilactibacillus piezotolerans DSM 16108
jgi.1055219.1 Marinilactibacillus psychrotolerans DSM 19582
jgi.1085787.1 Marininema halotolerans DSM 45789
jgi.1107916.1 Marininema mesophilum DSM 45610
jgi.1107759.1 Mariniphaga anaerophila DSM 26910
jgi.1010802.1 Marinobacterium georgiense DSM 11526
jgi.1107934.1 Marinobacterium lutimaris DSM 22012
jgi.1096567.1 Marinobacterium stanieri DSM 7027
jgi.1084702.1 Marinobacter persicus IBRC-M 10445
jgi.1089306.1 Marinococcus luteus DSM 23126
jgi.1055366.1 Marinovum algicola DSM 10251
jgi.1048854.1 Marivirga sericea DSM 4125
jgi.1107918.1 Marivita hallyeonensis DSM 29431
jgi.1055432.1 Melghirimyces thermohalophilus DSM 45514
jgi.1048986.1 Mesonia algae DSM 15361
jgi.1059026.1 Mesonia phycicola DSM 21425
jgi.1055318.1 Mesorhizobium albiziae DSM 21822
jgi.1058930.1 Methylophaga sulfidovorans DSM 11578
jgi.1095776.1 Microbispora rosea subsp. rosea ATCC 12950
jgi.1096645.1 Micromonospora avicenniae DSM 45758
jgi.1058872.1 Micromonospora carbonacea DSM 43168
jgi.1058876.1 Micromonospora chaiyaphumensis DSM 45246
jgi.1058860.1 Micromonospora haikouensis DSM 45626
jgi.1058864.1 Micromonospora halophytica DSM 43171
jgi.1058870.1 Micromonospora humi DSM 45647
jgi.1058878.1 Micromonospora marina DSM 45555
jgi.1058874.1 Micromonospora mirobrigensis DSM 44830
jgi.1107896.1 Micromonospora pattaloongensis DSM 45245
jgi.1058866.1 Micromonospora saelicesensis DSM 44871
jgi.1058868.1 Micromonospora tulbaghiae DSM 45142
jgi.1053003.1 Moorella thermoacetica DSM 12993
jgi.1011111.1 Moraxella cuniculi DSM 21768
jgi.1047220.1 Mucilaginibacter frigoritolerans ATCC BAA-1854
jgi.1095764.1 Mucilaginibacter lappiensis ATCC BAA-1855
jgi.1049013.1 Mucilaginibacter oryzae DSM 19975
jgi.1059034.1 Mucilaginibacter polytrichastri DSM 26907
jgi.1095748.1 Mycoplasma auris ATCC 51348
jgi.1095760.1 Mycoplasma mustelae ATCC 35214
jgi.1035911.1 Mycoplasma testudineum ATCC 700618
jgi.1035923.1 Mycoplasma verecundum ATCC 27862
jgi.1059032.1 Myroides guanonis DSM 26542
jgi.1055402.1 Myroides marinus DSM 23048
jgi.1047232.1 Myroides odoratimimus ATCC BAA-634
jgi.1085801.1 Myroides phaeus DSM 23313
jgi.1107767.1 Myroides xuanwuensis DSM 27251
jgi.1107936.1 Myxococcus fulvus DSM 16525
jgi.1055201.1 Myxococcus virescens DSM 2260
jgi.1107940.1 Myxococcus xanthus DSM 16526
jgi.1055384.1 Natribacillus halophilus DSM 21771
jgi.1067952.1 Natrinema salaciae DSM 25055
jgi.1068092.1 Natronobacterium texcoconense DSM 24767
jgi.1067980.1 Natronorubrum texcoconense DSM 25211
jgi.1096110.1 Neisseria elongata subsp. elongata ATCC 25295
jgi.1096639.1 Neptunomonas antarctica DSM 22306
jgi.1055165.1 Niabella drilacis DSM 25811
jgi.1035950.1 Nitrosomonas europaea ATCC 25978
jgi.1053006.1 Nocardia amikacinitolerans DSM 45535
jgi.1053009.1 Nocardia amikacinitolerans DSM 45536
jgi.1053012.1 Nocardia amikacinitolerans DSM 45537
jgi.1053015.1 Nocardia amikacinitolerans DSM 45538
jgi.1053018.1 Nocardia amikacinitolerans DSM 45539
jgi.1107920.1 Nocardia asteroides DSM 43373
jgi.1048989.1 Nonlabens xylanidelens DSM 16809
jgi.1049037.1 Oceanicella actignis DSM 22673
jgi.1107645.1 Oceanicola litoreus DSM 29440
jgi.1048890.1 Oceanimonas baumannii DSM 15594
jgi.1036007.1 Oceanospirillum multiglobuliferum ATCC 33336
jgi.1107745.1 Octadecabacter temperatus DSM 26878
jgi.1048944.1 Ohtaekwangia koreensis DSM 25262
jgi.1048941.1 Ohtaekwangia kribbensis DSM 25221
jgi.1096629.1 Oleibacter marinus DSM 24913
jgi.1068090.1 Oleiphilus messinensis DSM 13489
jgi.1048938.1 Olleya aquimaris DSM 24464
jgi.1108060.1 Olleya namhaensis DSM 28881
jgi.1084706.1 Ornithinibacillus halophilus IBRC-M 10683
jgi.1095762.1 Paenibacillus macquariensis subsp. macquariensis ATCC 23464
jgi.1055423.1 Palleronia marisminoris DSM 26347
jgi.1048959.1 Parabacteroides chartae DSM 24967
jgi.1108062.1 Parabacteroides chinchillae DSM 29073
jgi.1068034.1 Paracoccus alcaliphilus DSM 8512
jgi.1055369.1 Paracoccus alkenifer DSM 11593
jgi.1055360.1 Paracoccus aminovorans DSM 8537
jgi.1052946.1 Paracoccus denitrificans DSM 15418
jgi.1068024.1 Paracoccus homiensis DSM 17862
jgi.1085881.1 Paracoccus isoporae DSM 22220
jgi.1052949.1 Paracoccus pantotrophus DSM 1403
jgi.1052952.1 Paracoccus pantotrophus DSM 11073
jgi.1096569.1 Paracoccus saliphilus DSM 18447
jgi.1108066.1 Paracoccus sanguinis DSM 29303
jgi.1107669.1 Paracoccus solventivorans DSM 6637
jgi.1095766.1 Paracoccus thiocyanatus ATCC 700171
jgi.1108052.1 Parafilimonas terrae DSM 28286
jgi.1085837.1 Parapedobacter composti DSM 22900
jgi.1049052.1 Parapedobacter luteus DSM 22899
jgi.1085737.1 Pasteurella skyensis DSM 24204
jgi.1058982.1 Pedobacter africanus DSM 12126
jgi.1096603.1 Pedobacter alluvionis DSM 19624
jgi.1058948.1 Pedobacter caeni DSM 16990
jgi.1048983.1 Pedobacter cryoconitis DSM 14825
jgi.1107912.1 Pedobacter hartonius DSM 19033
jgi.1068052.1 Pedobacter insulae DSM 18684
jgi.1049028.1 Pedobacter luteus DSM 22385
jgi.1068054.1 Pedobacter metabolipauper DSM 19035
jgi.1059036.1 Pedobacter nutrimenti DSM 27372
jgi.1059012.1 Pedobacter nyackensis DSM 19625
jgi.1058980.1 Pedobacter piscium DSM 11725
jgi.1058998.1 Pedobacter rhizosphaerae DSM 18610
jgi.1085805.1 Pedobacter ruber DSM 24536
jgi.1058996.1 Pedobacter soli DSM 18609
jgi.1085793.1 Pedobacter steynii DSM 19110
jgi.1058984.1 Pedobacter suwonensis DSM 18130
jgi.1085835.1 Pedobacter terrae DSM 17933
jgi.1068044.1 Pelosinus propionicus DSM 13327
jgi.1068076.1 Peptococcus niger DSM 20475
jgi.1053021.1 Phaeospirillum fulvum DSM 114
jgi.1053024.1 Phaeospirillum fulvum DSM 115
jgi.1053027.1 Phaeospirillum fulvum DSM 117
jgi.1035983.1 Pilibacter termitis ATCC BAA-1030
jgi.1085146.1 Piscibacillus halophilus DSM 21633
jgi.1067992.1 Pisciglobus halotolerans DSM 27630
jgi.1085897.1 Planctomicrobium piriforme DSM 26348
jgi.1055342.1 Planifilum fulgidum DSM 44945
jgi.1048956.1 Planktotalea frisia DSM 23709
jgi.1055405.1 Pleomorphobacterium xiamenense DSM 24423
jgi.1085843.1 Pontibaca methylaminivorans DSM 21219
jgi.1058912.1 Pontibacter akesuensis DSM 18820
jgi.1035971.1 Porphyromonas cangingivalis ATCC 700135
jgi.1035986.1 Porphyromonas circumdentaria ATCC 51356
jgi.1035980.1 Porphyromonas crevioricanis ATCC 55563
jgi.1096527.1 Poseidonocella pacifica DSM 29316
jgi.1068066.1 Poseidonocella sedimentorum DSM 29315
jgi.1048917.1 Prauserella aidingensis DSM 45266
jgi.1048911.1 Prauserella alba DSM 44590
jgi.1048908.1 Prauserella flava DSM 45265
jgi.1048923.1 Prauserella halophila DSM 44617
jgi.1048914.1 Prauserella salsuginis DSM 45264
jgi.1036010.1 Prevotella oulorum ATCC 43324
jgi.1107727.1 Prevotella scopos DSM 22613
jgi.1096623.1 Pricia antarctica DSM 23421
jgi.1053042.1 Krasilnikoviella flava DSM 21481
jgi.1053045.1 Promicromonospora thailandica DSM 26652
jgi.1053048.1 Promicromonospora umidemergens DSM 22081
jgi.1089309.1 Propionibacterium cyclohexanicum DSM 16859
jgi.1068042.1 Propionispora vibrioides DSM 13305
jgi.1035989.1 Prosthecobacter fusiformis ATCC 25309
jgi.1068048.1 Pseudarcicella hirudinis DSM 25647
jgi.1021496.1 Pseudomonas xanthomarina DSM 18231
jgi.1107617.1 Pseudonocardia thermophila DSM 43832
jgi.1107791.1 Pseudopelagicola gijangensis DSM 100564
jgi.1055267.1 Pseudoruegeria lutimaris DSM 25294
jgi.1085841.1 Pseudospirillum japonicum DSM 7165
jgi.1055372.1 Pseudovibrio ascidiaceicola DSM 16392
jgi.1096561.1 Pseudovibrio axinellae DSM 24994
jgi.1107980.1 Pseudovibrio denitrificans DSM 17465
jgi.1058952.1 Pseudozobellia thermophila DSM 19858
jgi.1085849.1 Psychrobacillus psychrodurans DSM 11713
jgi.1085767.1 Psychrobacillus psychrotolerans DSM 11706
jgi.1085803.1 Psychroflexus halocasei DSM 23581
jgi.1058950.1 Psychroflexus sediminis DSM 19803
jgi.1096479.1 jgi.1096479_s DSM 44207
jgi.1055324.1 Reichenbachiella agariperforans DSM 26134
jgi.1055213.1 Reichenbachiella faecimaris DSM 26133
jgi.1085827.1 Reinekea marinisedimentorum DSM 15388
jgi.1096509.1 Rhodobacter aestuarii DSM 19945
jgi.1048965.1 Rhodobacter capsulatus DSM 1710
jgi.1096507.1 Rhodobacter megalophilus DSM 18937
jgi.1096505.1 Rhodobacter vinaykumarii DSM 18714
jgi.1107894.1 Rhodococcus kroppenstedtii DSM 44908
jgi.1102288.1 Rhodococcus triatomae DSM 44892
jgi.1102342.1 Rhodopseudomonas pseudopalustris DSM 123
jgi.1102344.1 Rhodospira trueperi ATCC 700224
jgi.1058932.1 Rhodothermus profundi DSM 22212
jgi.1102346.1 Rhodovibrio sodomensis DSI
jgi.1085807.1 Riemerella columbipharyngis DSM 24015
jgi.1068026.1 Robiginitalea myxolifaciens DSM 21019
jgi.1047187.1 Roseibium hamelinense ATCC BAA-252
jgi.1048977.1 Roseinatronobacter thiooxidans DSM 13087
jgi.1085813.1 Roseivivax halotolerans DSM 15490
jgi.1096517.1 Roseivivax lentus DSM 29430
jgi.1108048.1 Roseivivax marinus DSM 27511
jgi.1067986.1 Roseivivax roseus DSM 23042
jgi.1067974.1 Roseivivax sediminis DSM 26472/21977
jgi.1102348.1 Roseospirillum parvum 930I
jgi.1108076.1 Roseovarius azorensis DSM 100674
jgi.1055270.1 Roseovarius indicus DSM 26383
jgi.1107621.1 Roseovarius litoreus DSM 28249
jgi.1058896.1 Roseovarius lutimaris DSM 28463
jgi.1107787.1 Roseovarius marisflavi DSM 29327
jgi.1107647.1 Roseovarius pacificus DSM 29589
jgi.1055264.1 Roseovarius tolerans DSM 11457
jgi.1107910.1 Rubrimonas cliftonensis DSM 15345
jgi.1108050.1 Ruegeria halocynthiae DSM 27839
jgi.1107789.1 Ruegeria intermedia DSM 29341
jgi.1108012.1 Ruegeria mobilis DSM 23403
jgi.1058958.1 Salegentibacter agarivorans DSM 23515
jgi.1107729.1 Salegentibacter echinorum DSM 24579
jgi.1049067.1 Salegentibacter holothuriorum DSM 23405
jgi.1049064.1 Salegentibacter mishustinae DSM 23404
jgi.1049061.1 Salegentibacter salarius DSM 23401
jgi.1048968.1 Salegentibacter salegens DSM 5424
jgi.1049058.1 Salegentibacter salinarum DSM 23400
jgi.1055381.1 Salimicrobium album DSM 20748
jgi.1096525.1 Salimicrobium flavidum DSM 23127
jgi.1068084.1 Salimicrobium halophilum DSM 4771
jgi.1096523.1 Salimicrobium salexigens DSM 22782
jgi.1068008.1 Salinihabitans flavidus DSM 27842
jgi.1058960.1 Salinimicrobium catena DSM 23553
jgi.1108046.1 Salipiger nanhaiensis DSM 27508
jgi.1058916.1 Sanguibacter marinus DSM 19083
jgi.1055393.1 Sediminibacterium ginsengisoli DSM 22335
jgi.1108054.1 Sediminibacterium goheungense DSM 28323
jgi.1107781.1 Sediminitomix flava DSM 28229
jgi.1107639.1 Seinonella peptonophila DSM 44666
jgi.1035908.1 Selenihalanaerobacter shriftii ATCC BAA-73
jgi.1095754.1 Shewanella morhuae ATCC BAA-1205
jgi.1058894.1 Shimia haliotis DSM 28453
jgi.1055279.1 Shimia marina DSM 26895
jgi.1068074.1 Sinobaca qinghaiensis DSM 17008
jgi.1058914.1 Siphonobacter aquaeclarae DSM 21668
jgi.1055321.1 Solimonas aquatica DSM 25927
jgi.1049025.1 Soonwooa buanensis DSM 22323
jgi.1095728.1 Sphaerotilus natans subsp. natans ATCC 13338
jgi.1107705.1 Sphingobacterium composti2 DSM 18850
jgi.1085797.1 Sphingobacterium lactis DSM 22361
jgi.1049082.1 Sphingobacterium nematocida DSM 24091
jgi.1049031.1 Sphingobacterium psychroaquaticum DSM 22418
jgi.1049049.1 Sphingobacterium wenxiniae DSM 22789
jgi.1058942.1 Spirosoma endophyticum DSM 26130
jgi.1055399.1 Spongiibacterium flavum DSM 22638
jgi.1058992.1 Sporomusa acidovorans DSM 3132
jgi.1058990.1 Sporomusa malonica DSM 5090
jgi.1052973.1 Sporosarcina newyorkensis DSM 23543
jgi.1052976.1 Sporosarcina newyorkensis DSM 23966
jgi.1107938.1 Stigmatella aurantiaca DSM 17044
jgi.1107942.1 Stigmatella erecta DSM 16858
jgi.1107619.1 Streptoalloteichus hindustanus DSM 44523
jgi.1048866.1 Streptoalloteichus tenebrarius DSM 40477
jgi.1095784.1 Streptococcus equi subsp. equi ATCC 33398
jgi.1055261.1 Sulfitobacter brevis DSM 11443
jgi.1067976.1 Sulfitobacter delicatus DSM 16477
jgi.1055315.1 Sulfitobacter dubius DSM 16472
jgi.1058904.1 Sulfitobacter litoralis DSM 17584
jgi.1055198.1 Sulfitobacter marinus DSM 23422
jgi.1058978.1 Sulfitobacter pontiacus DSM 10014
jgi.1107743.1 Sulfitobacter pseudonitzschiae DSM 26824
jgi.1107633.1 Sulfurivirga caldicuralii DSM 17737
jgi.1068086.1 Syntrophus gentianae DSM 8423
jgi.1107763.1 Tangfeifania diversioriginum DSM 27063
jgi.1107970.1 Tenacibaculum mesophilum DSM 13764
jgi.1085769.1 Terribacillus halophilus DSM 21620
jgi.1068070.1 Terribacillus saccharophilus DSM 21619
jgi.1095778.1 Tetrasphaera remsis ATCC BAA-1496
jgi.1102298.1 Thalassobacillus cyri CCM7597
jgi.1055549.1 Thalassobius aestuarii DSM 15283
jgi.1058976.1 Thalassobius gelatinovorus DSM 5887
jgi.1055312.1 Thalassobius maritimus DSM 28223
jgi.1055288.1 Thalassococcus halodurans DSM 26915
jgi.1055570.1 Baia sp. DSM 45891
jgi.1107900.1 Baia sp. DSM 45892
jgi.1055573.1 Thermoactinomyces vulgaris DSM 43016
jgi.1053033.1 Thermoanaerobacter thermohydrosulfuricus DSM 569
jgi.1053036.1 Thermoanaerobacter thermohydrosulfuricus DSM 7021
jgi.1042833.1 Thermococcus thioreducens OGL-20
jgi.1107635.1 Thermocrinis minervae DSM 19557
jgi.1085761.1 Thermoflavimicrobium dichotomicum DSM 44778
jgi.1035965.1 Thermoleophilum album ATCC 35263
jgi.1107924.1 Thermophagus xiamenensis DSM 19012
jgi.1035899.1 Thermosporothrix hazakensis ATCC BAA-1881
jgi.1096481.1 Thiocapsa roseopersicina DSM 217
jgi.1102350.1 Thiococcus pfennigii 4252
jgi.1102352.1 Thiocystis minor DSM 178
jgi.1036001.1 Thiothrix eikelboomii ATCC 49788
jgi.1042824.1 Tindallia californiensis APO
jgi.1042830.1 Tindallia magadiensis Z-7934
jgi.1059004.1 Tranquillimonas alkanivorans DSM 19547
jgi.1035935.1 Treponema berlinense ATCC BAA-909
jgi.1035932.1 Treponema porcinum ATCC BAA-908
jgi.1055240.1 Trichococcus collinsii DSM 14526
jgi.1055243.1 Trichococcus flocculiformis DSM 2094
jgi.1055258.1 Trichococcus flocculiformis DSM 23957
jgi.1055246.1 Trichococcus palustris DSM 9172
jgi.1055249.1 Trichococcus pasteurii DSM 2381
jgi.1055429.1 Tropicibacter multivorans DSM 26470
jgi.1055378.1 Tropicimonas isoalkanivorans DSM 19548
jgi.1096529.1 Tropicimonas sediminicola DSM 29339
jgi.1085743.1 Ulvibacter litoralis DSM 16195
jgi.1047208.1 Devosia enhydra ATCC 23634
jgi.1107793.1 Wenxinia saemankumensis DSM 100565
jgi.1107797.1 Wenyingzhuangia marina DSM 100572
jgi.1048929.1 Williamsia deligens DSM 44902
jgi.1048926.1 Williamsia maris DSM 44693
jgi.1048932.1 Williamsia serinedens DSM 45037
jgi.1108024.1 Winogradskyella jejuensis DSM 25330
jgi.1068014.1 Winogradskyella thalassocola DSM 15363
jgi.1053054.1 Xanthobacter autotrophicus DSM 432
jgi.1096545.1 Xenorhabdus japonica DSM 16522
jgi.1096579.1 Xenorhabdus koppenhoeferi DSM 18168
jgi.1096557.1 Xenorhabdus mauleonii DSM 17908
jgi.1055276.1 Yangia pacifica DSM 26894
jgi.1096605.1 Zobellia uliginosa DSM 2061
jgi.1047238.1 Zoogloea ramigera ATCC 19544
jgi.1058938.1 Zunongwangia mangrovi DSM 24499
GCF_001651865.1 Ensifer glycinis CCBAU 23380
GCF_001651855.1 Ensifer americanus CFNEI 156
GCF_001651875.1 Ensifer saheli LMG 7837
GCF_001641335.1 Bradyrhizobium stylosanthis BR 446
GCF_001639745.1 Marinomonas gallaica Cmf 17.2
GCF_001639725.1 Marinomonas atlantica Cmf 18.22
GCF_001639695.1 Marinomonas aquimarina CECT 5080
GCF_001729705.1 Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. oharae DSM 16687
GCF_001729725.1 Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. steigerwaltii DSM 16691
GCF_001642025.1 Propionibacterium namnetense NTS31307302
GCF_001641085.1 Vitellibacter soesokkakensis RSSK-12
GCF_001642085.1 Streptococcus pantholopis TA 26
GCF_001653135.1 Pseudoalteromonas neustonica PAMC 28425
GCF_001641615.1 Pseudoalteromonas gelatinilytica NH153
CL_LN879430.1 Herbinix luporum SD1D
GCF_001647275.1 Rufibacter ruber CCM 8646
GCF_001708305.1 Streptococcus himalayensis HTS2
GCF_001683795.1 Akkermansia glycaniphila Pyt
GCF_001661675.1 Croceicoccus marinus E4A9
GCF_001661965.1 Croceicoccus mobilis Ery22
GCF_001661915.1 Croceicoccus pelagius Ery9
GCF_001687475.1 Campylobacter hepaticus HV10
GCA_001662835.1 Thalassospira indica PB8B
GCF_001719065.1 Fervidobacterium thailandense FC2004
GCF_001675045.1 Paenibacillus oryzae 1DrF-4
GCF_001642735.1 Pseudohongiella nitratireducens SCS-49
GCF_001723275.1 Ensifer alkalisoli YIC4027
GCF_001643015.1 Corynebacterium crudilactis JZ16
GCF_001707755.1 Acinetobacter celticus ANC 4603
GCF_001749745.1 Marispirochaeta associata JC231
GCF_001672295.1 Halodesulfovibrio spirochaetisodalis JC271
GCF_001680885.1 Polaribacter vadi LPB0003
CL_ERS1285814.1 Vibrio cholerae ERS1285814
CL_ERS1285815.1 Vibrio cholerae ERS1285815
CL_ERS1285816.1 Vibrio cholerae ERS1285816
CL_ERS1285817.1 Vibrio cholerae ERS1285817
GCF_001758465.1 Alteromonas lipolytica JW12
GCF_001757105.1 Alteromonas confluentis KCTC 42603
GCF_001659725.1 Polynucleobacter wuianus QLW-P1FAT50C-4
CL_ERR1121178.1 Neisseria musculi AP2031
GCA_900092135.1 Raineyella antarctica LZ-22
CL_CP016616.1 Microvirga ossetica V5/3M
GCF_001704115.1 Acinetobacter larvae BRTC-1
CL_CYGX01.1 Paraburkholderia ribeironis STM 7296
CL_CYGY01.1 Paraburkholderia piptadeniae STM 7183
GCF_001870225.1 Gloeomargarita lithophora Alchichica-D10
GCF_001697225.1 Immundisolibacter cernigliae TR3.2
GCF_001831475.1 Flavobacterium crassostreae LPB0076
GCF_001742305.1 Desulfuribacillus stibiiarsenatis MLFW-2
GCF_001614315.2 Halofilum ochraceum XJ16
GCF_001186155.3 Planococcus versutus L10.15